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    • Changes in health complaints after removal of amalgam fillings 

      Sjursen, Therese Thornton; Lygre, Gunvor Bentung; Dalen, Knut; Helland, Vigdis; Lægreid, Torgils; Svahn, Johanna; Lundekvam, Birgitte; Björkman, Lars (Wiley, 2011)
      The aim of the present study was to investigate whether removal of all amalgam fillings was associated with long-term changes in health complaints in a group of patients who attributed subjective health complaints to amalgam ...
      Journal article
    • Mercury in human brain, blood, muscle and toenails in relation to exposure: an autopsy study 

      Björkman, Lars; Lundekvam, Birgitte F.; Lægreid, Torgils; Bertelsen, Bjørn I.; Morild, Inge; Lilleng, Peer Kåre; Lind, Birger; Palm, Brita; Vahter, Marie (BioMed Central, 2007-10-11)
      Background: The main forms of mercury (Hg) exposure in the general population are methylmercury (MeHg) from seafood, inorganic mercury (I-Hg) from food, and mercury vapor (Hg0) from dental amalgam restorations. While the ...
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    • Patients' experiences of changes in health complaints before, during, and after removal of dental amalgam 

      Sjursen, Therese Thornton; Binder, Per-Einar; Lygre, Gunvor Bentung; Helland, Vigdis; Dalen, Knut; Björkman, Lars (Co-Action Publishing, 2015-06-24)
      In this article, we explore how patients with health complaints attributed to dental amalgam experienced and gave meaning to changes in health complaints before, during, and after removal of all amalgam fillings. We conducted ...
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