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    • Surface hydrophilicity: a key factor in developing bone tissue engineering constructs 

      Yassin, Mohammed Ahmed Almain Yousif (The University of Bergen, 2017-02-16)
      Poly(L-lactide-co-ε-caprolactone) (poly(LLA-co-CL)) meets many of the requirements of a scaffolding material for bone tissue engineering, such as adequate biocompatibility, degradability, and tunable properties. ...
      Doctoral thesis
    • Systemic Chemical Desensitization of Peptidergic Sensory Neurons with Resiniferatoxin Inhibits Experimental Periodontitis 

      Breivik, Torbjørn; Gundersen, Yngvar; Gjermo, Per; Fristad, Inge; Opstad, Per Kristian (Bentham Open, 2011)
      Background and objective: The immune system is an important player in the pathophysiology of periodontitis. The brain controls immune responses via neural and hormonal pathways, and brain-neuro-endocrine dysregulation may ...
      Peer reviewedJournal article
    • Tannspor. Tidsbestemmelse og betydning i rettslig sammenheng 

      Refseth, Tonje Rygh; Bekheet, Selia P. (The University of Bergen, 2013-01-24)
      Background: A bitemark can be defined as an injury on the skin or an object, caused by the tooth surfaces of a human or animal. Both loss of epithelium (abrasion) and bruising (haematoma) on skin can be seen after a bitemark ...
      Master thesis
    • Tannutviklingsforstyrrelser i det permanente tannsett som følge av kjemoterapi og strålebehandling 

      Klyve, Børge Samson; Williams, Ingeborg (The University of Bergen, 2009-04-27)
      Flere potensielt dødelige sykdommer og syndromer kan behandles med kjemoterapi og strålebehandling. Etter hvert som behandlingsopplegget for disse pasientene blir bedre øker også langtidsoverlevelsen og dermed også grunnlaget ...
      Master thesis
    • Tilheling etter periapikal kirurgi 

      Haugsdal, Åslaug; Haugen, Ingvill Ese (The University of Bergen, 2009-04-27)
      Målet var å vurdere sluttresultatet klinisk og røntgenologisk eitt år etter utført apicoectomi på Klinikk for Oral Kirurgi og Oral Medisin ved DOF, Universitetet i Bergen. Faktorar som kunne ha innverknad på tilhelinga ...
      Master thesis
    • Toxicity of Khat on Normal Human Oral Cells. In Vitro Studies Using Primary Human Oral Keratinocytes and Fibroblasts in Monolayer and Organotypic Cultures 

      Lukandu, Ochiba Mohammed (The University of Bergen, 2009-01-30)
      Khat is an evergreen shrub of the Celastraceae family grown in parts of the Middle East and Eastern Africa where its use is important for the social and economic wellbeing of the communities. Fresh leaves and shoots of ...
      Doctoral thesis
    • Traumatic dental injuries as reported during school hours in Bergen 

      Skeie, Marit Slåttelid; Evjensvold, Trine; Hoff, Thu Hue; Bårdsen, Asgeir (Wiley, 2015-06)
      Aims: To identify existing guidelines for managing traumatic dental injuries (TDIs) in the schools of Bergen, to ascertain the frequency of occurrence of such injuries, and to estimate the need for further information among ...
      Journal article
    • Using Growth velocity to predict child mortality 

      Schwinger, Catherine; Fadnes, Lars Thore; Van den Broeck, Jan (American Society for Nutrition, 2016)
      Background: Growth assessment based on the WHO child growth velocity standards can potentially be used to predict adverse health outcomes. Nevertheless, there are very few studies on growth velocity to predict mortality. ...
      Journal article
    • Valg av suturmateriale ved oralkirurgiske inngrep 

      Gåskjønli, Randi Pauline; Kloster, Elisa Beate (The University of Bergen, 2012-01-30)
      Suturer spiller en viktig rolle ved sårtilheling. De lukker og stabiliserer sårflater som er separert kirurgisk eller aksidentelt ved traumer, fremmer primær tilheling, og er med på å kontrollere blødning. Ved søk ble ...
      Master thesis
    • Validity and reliability of OIDP and OHIP-14: a survey of Chinese high school students 

      Hongxing, Li; List, Thomas; Nilsson, Ing-Marie; Johansson, Anders; Åstrøm, Anne Nordrehaug (BioMed Central, 2014-12-19)
      Background: To determine the impact of oral diseases on everyday life, measures of oral quality of life are needed. In complementing traditional disease-based measures, they assess the need for oral care to evaluate oral ...
      Journal article
    • Vascularization and Host Response in Bone Tissue Engineering 

      Bartaula-Brevik, Sushma (The University of Bergen, 2016-12-07)
      The major hurdle in the survival of a tissue-engineered construct after implantation is vascularization. Pre-vascularization is one of the proposed methods to achieve vascularization in tissue-engineered constructs. This ...
      Doctoral thesis
    • Vekstfaktorer frigitt fra mesenchymale stamceller og sårtilheling 

      Lie, Karoline Haugen; Arnesen, Camilla Heyerdahl (The University of Bergen, 2018-03-08)
      Background: In light of current research, it may seem that the biggest part of stem cells effect on wound healing is because of the growth factors the stem cells secretes. The mechanisms and effects conditioned medium from ...
      Master thesis
    • Water sorption and solubility of polyamide denture base materials 

      Nguyen, Long Giang; Kopperud, Hilde Beate M.; Øilo, Marit (Taylor & Francis, 2017)
      Purpose: Some patients experience adverse reactions to poly(methyl methacrylate)-based (PMMA) dentures. Polyamide (PA) as an alternative to PMMA has, however, not been well documented with regard to water sorption and water ...
      Journal article
    • X-ray microanalytical studies of initial mineralization in induced heterotopic bone formation in guinea pigs 

      Johannessen, Anne Christine; Nilsen, Rune; Bang, G. (Taylor & Francis, 1981)
      Allogenic demineralized dentin implanted in the abdominal wall of guinea pigs induced heterotopic osteoid and bone formation. Samples of this tissue were frozen at -140° C, freeze-dried at -80° C, infiltrated with Spurr® ...