• Virtue Ethics and Integration in Evidence-Based Practice in Psychology 

      Berg, Henrik (Frontiers Media, 2020-02-18)
      The policy statement for evidence-based practice in psychology is the most important document in contemporary psychotherapy. In its current form, evidence-based practice in psychology gives scientific research precedence ...
      Journal article
    • The technique is never neutral. How methodological choices condition the generation of narratives for sustainability 

      Saltelli, Andrea; van der Sluijs, Jeroen P; Kaiser, Matthias; Reinert, Erik S.; Funtowicz, Silvio Oscar; Giampietro, Mario; Benini, Lorenzo (Elsevier Ltd, 2020-02-01)
      How to tackle uncertainties and ensure quality in integrated assessment for sustainability? To what extent does the choice of the methodology condition the narrative produced by the analysis? The present work argues that ...
      Journal article
    • Technoscience, policy and the new media. Nexus or vortex? 

      Saltelli, Andrea; Boulanger, Paul-Marie (Elsevier, 2020-01)
      Science, technology and policy are today entangled in concurrent crises, rapid transformations and conflicts, which are alimented by an ever-accelerating media system. Existing attempts to capture separate elements of ...
      Journal article
    • Waiting as a redemptive state - The ‘Lampedusa in Hamburg’ and the offer from the Hamburg government 

      Drangsland, Kari Anne Klovholt (Sage, 2020)
      This paper explores an offer of possible legalization that the Hamburg government gave to a group of 350 illegalized West-African migrants in 2013. Based on ethnographic fieldwork carried out in 2017, when the majority of ...
      Journal article
    • The Circular Economy in Europe.Critical Perspectives on Policies and Imaginaries 

      Strand, Roger; Kovacic, Zora; Völker, Thomas (Routledge, 2020)
    • From risk calculations to narratives of danger 

      Funtowicz, Silvio Oscar (Elsevier, 2020)
      The purpose of this perspective article is to provide a broader viewpoint on the contents of this special issue on ‘narratives of change’ and the role of narratives not only for climate risk governance, but also for the ...
      Journal article
    • Hox gene expression during development of the phoronid Phoronopsis harmeri 

      Gasiorowski, Ludwik; Hejnol, Andreas H. (BMC, 2020)
      Background: Phoronida is a small group of marine worm-like suspension feeders, which together with brachiopods and bryozoans form the clade Lophophorata. Although their development is well studied on the morphological ...
      Journal article
    • Ethics of quantification or quantification of ethics? 

      Saltelli, Andrea (Elsevier, 2020)
      Something can be gained by looking at common ethical features of different instances of quantification. While ethics of algorithms is perceived at present as an urgent issue, similar concerns can easily be associated to ...
      Journal article
    • Indicator development as a site of collective imagination? The case of European Commission policies on the circular economy 

      Strand, Roger; Kovacic, Zora; Völker, Thomas (Taylor & Francis, 2020)
      In recent years the concept of the circular economy gained prominence in EU policy-making. The circular economy promotes a future in which linear ‘make-use-dispose’ cultures are replaced by more circular models. In this ...
      Journal article
    • Make Way for the Robots! Human‑ and Machine‑Centricity in Constituting a European Public–Private Partnership 

      Rommetveit, Kjetil; van Dijk, Niels; Gunnarsdóttir, Kristrún (Springer, 2019-09-13)
      This article is an analytic register of recent European efforts in the making of ‘autonomous’ robots to address what is imagined as Europe’s societal challenges. The paper describes how an emerging techno-epistemic network ...
      Journal article
    • A short comment on statistical versus mathematical modelling 

      Saltelli, Andrea (Springer Nature, 2019-08-27)
      Journal article
    • The role of metrics in the governance of the water-energy-food nexus within the European Commission 

      Voelker, Thomas; Blackstock, Kirsty; Kovacic, Zora; Sindt, Jan; Strand, Roger; Waylen, Kerry A. (Elsevier, 2019-08-26)
      Abstract Recent years have witnessed a growing interest in the water-energy-food (WEF) nexus in both academia and policy. This concept draws attention to the link between different environmental and societal domains, and ...
      Journal article
    • A Framework for the Development, Design and Implementation of a Sustained Arctic Ocean Observing System 

      Lee, Craig M.; Starkweather, Sandy; Eicken, Hajo; Timmermans, Mary-Louise; Wilkinson, Jeremy; Sandven, Stein; Dukhovskoy, Dmitry; Gerland, Sebastian; Grebmeier, Jacqueline; Intrieri, Janet M.; Kang, Sung-Ho; McCammon, Molly; Nguyen, An T.; Polyakov, Igor; Rabe, Benjamin; Sagen, Hanne; Seeyave, Sophie; Volkov, Denis; Beszczynska-Möller, Agnieszka; Chafik, Léon; Dzieciuch, Matthew; Goni, Gustavo; Hamre, Torill; King, Andrew Luke; Olsen, Are; Raj, Roshin Pappukutty; Rossby, Thomas; Skagseth, Øystein; Søiland, Henrik; Sørensen, Kai (Frontiers Media, 2019-08-08)
      Rapid Arctic warming drives profound change in the marine environment that have significant socio-economic impacts within the Arctic and beyond, including climate and weather hazards, food security, transportation, ...
      Journal article
    • A non-bilaterian perspective on the development and evolution of animal digestive systems 

      Steinmetz, Patrick (Springer Nature, 2019-08-07)
      Digestive systems and extracellular digestion are key animal features, but their emergence during early animal evolution is currently poorly understood. As the last common ancestor of non-bilaterian animal groups (sponges, ...
      Journal article
    • Ocean FAIR data services 

      Tanhua, Toste; Pouliquen, Sylvie; Hausman, Jessica; O'Brien, Kevin M.; Bricher, Pip; de Bruin, Taco; Buck, Justin J.; Burger, Eugene F.; Carval, Thierry; Casey, Kenneth S.; Diggs, Steve; Giorgetti, Alessandra; Glaves, Helen; Harscoat, Valerie; Kinkade, Danie; Muelbert, Jose H.; Novellino, Antonio; Pfeil, Benjamin; Pulsifer, Peter; van de Putte, Anton P.; Robinson, Erin; Shaap, Dick; Smirnov, Alexander; Smith, Neville; Snowden, Derrick P.; Spears, Tobias; Stall, Shelley; Tacoma, Marten; Thijsse, Peter; Tronstad, Stein; Vandenberghe, Thomas; Wengren, Micha; Wyborn, Lesley; Zhao, Zhiming (Frontiers, 2019-08-07)
      Well-founded data management systems are of vital importance for ocean observing systems as they ensure that essential data are not only collected but also retained and made accessible for analysis and application by current ...
      Journal article
    • 2018 International Atmospheric Rivers Conference : Multi‐disciplinary studies and high‐impact applications of atmospheric rivers 

      Ramos, Alexandre; Wilson, Anna; DeFlorio, Michael; Barnes, Elizabeth A.; Garreaud, Rene; Gorodetskaya, Irina V.; Lavers, David A; Moore, Benjamin; Payne, Ashley; Smallcomb, Chris; Sodemann, Harald; Wehner, Michael; Ralph, Fred Martin (Wiley, 2019-07-26)
      Atmospheric rivers (ARs) play a vital role in shaping the hydroclimate of many regions globally, and can substantially impact water resource management, emergency response planning, and other socioeconomic entities. The ...
      Journal article
    • A nemertean excitatory peptide/CCHamide regulates ciliary swimming in the larvae of Lineus longissimus 

      Thiel, Daniel; Bauknecht, Philipp; Jékely, Gáspár; Hejnol, Andreas (BMC, 2019-07-10)
      Background The trochozoan excitatory peptide (EP) and its ortholog, the arthropod CCHamide, are neuropeptides that are only investigated in very few animal species. Previous studies on different trochozoan species focused ...
      Journal article
    • Embryonic expression of priapulid Wnt genes 

      Hogvall, Mattias; Vellutini, Bruno Cossermelli; Martin-Duran, José M.; Hejnol, Andreas; Budd, Graham E.; Janssen, Ralf (Springer, 2019-07)
      Posterior elongation of the developing embryo is a common feature of animal development. One group of genes that is involved in posterior elongation is represented by the Wnt genes, secreted glycoprotein ligands that signal ...
      Journal article
    • Vakttårnprosjektet. Epidemiologiske data frå legevakt. Samlerapport for 2018 

      Eikeland, Ole Johan; Fotland, Siri-Linn Schmidt; Raknes, Guttorm; Hunskår, Steinar (Nasjonalt kompetansesenter for legevaktmedisin, NORCE Norwegian Research Centre, 2019-06-28)
      Vakttårna sin kontaktrate var i 2018 klart høgare enn dei to føregåande åra, 352,9 pr. tusen innbyggjarar (316,4 i 2017; 317,0 i 2016). Vi ser likevel at vakttårnregistreringane framleis underestimerer tal legevaktkontaktar ...
      Research report
    • Transcription start site mapping using super-low input carrier-CAGE 

      Cvetesic, Nevena; Pahita, Elena; Lenhard, Boris (Journal of Visualized Experiments, 2019-06-26)
      Cap analysis of gene expression (CAGE) is a method used for single-nucleotide resolution detection of RNA polymerase II transcription start sites (TSSs). Accurate detection of TSSs enhances identification and discovery of ...
      Journal article