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    • A Hybrid Coordinate Ocean Model for shelf sea simulation 

      Winther, Nina Gjerde; Evensen, Geir (Elsevier, 2006-03-03)
      The general circulation in the North Sea and Skagerrak is simulated using the Hybrid Coordinate Ocean Model (HYCOM). Although HYCOM was originally de- veloped for simulations of the open ocean, it has a design which ...
    • Høgare utdanningstilbod på Vestlandet og i Agder-fylka 

      Byrkjeland, Martin (Stein Rokkan Centre for Social Studies, 2006-05)
      Rapporten presenterer ein oversikt over høgare utdanningstilbod på Vestlandet og i Agder-fylka med særleg vekt på næringsretta tilbod. Utdanning for helse- og sosialsektoren dominerer kandidatproduksjonen. Nest største ...
      Working paper
    • Ice shelf water overflow and bottom water formation in the southern Weddell Sea 

      Foldvik, Arne; Gammelsrød, Tor; Østerhus, Svein; Fahrbach, E.; Rohardt, G.; Schröder, Michael; Nicholls, Keith W.; Padman, L.; Woodgate, R. A. (American Geophysical Union, 2004-02-17)
      Cold shelf waters flowing out of the Filchner Depression in the southern Weddell Sea make a significant contribution to the production of Weddell Sea Bottom Water (WSBW), a precursor to Antarctic Bottom Water (AABW). We ...
      Journal article
    • The Iceland–Faroe inflow of Atlantic water to the Nordic Seas 

      Hansen, Bogi; Østerhus, Svein; Hátún, Hjalmar; Kristiansen, Regin; Larsen, Karin Margretha Húsgarð (Elsevier, 2003-12)
      The flow of Atlantic water between Iceland and the Faroe Islands is one of three current branches flowing from the Atlantic Ocean into the Nordic Seas across the Greenland–Scotland Ridge. By the heat that it carries along, ...
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    • ICT tools in central government 

      Christensen, Tom; Lægreid, Per (Stein Rokkan Centre for Social Studies, 2008-11)
      Dette notatet beskriver utbredelse og bruk av ulike IKT verktøy i norsk sentraladministrasjon. Det fokuseres på «e-government» og «e-domocracy» og på opplevde effekter av IKT på økonomi, kvalitet, åpenhet, samordning, ...
      Working paper
    • Ideas and narrative in Otto of Freising`s Gesta Frederici 

      Bagge, Sverre (Elsevier Science, 1996)
      This article discusses the inner coherence of Otto of Freising's Gesta Frederici and, by implication, the wider question of the ‘mode of perception’ in medieval historiography. Is there any connection between the philosophical ...
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    • Ideology and Propaganda in Sverris saga 

      Bagge, Sverre (Lund University Press, 1993)
      Journal article
    • The impact of ensemble filter definition on the assimilation of temperature profiles in the tropical Pacific 

      Leeuwenburgh, O.; Evensen, Geir; Bertino, Laurent (Royal Meteorological Society, 2005-10)
      The traditional analysis scheme in the Ensemble Kalman Filter (EnKF) uses a stochastic perturbation or randomization of the measurements which ensures a correct variance in the updated ensemble. An alternative so called ...
      Journal article
    • The Impact of Institutional Legacies on Active Ageing Policies: Norway and UK as Contrasting Cases 

      Christensen, Dag Arne; Ervik, Rune; Helgøy, Ingrid (Stein Rokkan Centre for Social Studies, 2003-12)
      Increasingly international organisations, national governments and social actors all over the Western world have embraced the concept of «active ageing». The associated policy packages are seen as better ways to address ...
      Working paper
    • The impact of mean state errors on equatorial Atlantic interannual variability in a climate model 

      Ding, Hui; Keenlyside, Noel; Latif, Mojib; Park, Wonsun; Wahl, Sebastian (American Geophysical Union, 2015-02-23)
      Observations show that the Equatorial Atlantic Zonal Mode (ZM) obeys similar physics to the El Niño Southern Oscillation (ENSO): positive Bjerknes and delayed negative feedbacks. This implies the ZM may be predictable on ...
      Journal article
    • The impact of the wind stress curl in the North Atlantic on the Atlantic inflow to the Norwegian Sea toward the Arctic 

      Orvik, Kjell Arild; Skagseth, Øystein (American Geophysical Union, 2003-09-04)
      The Norwegian Atlantic Current (NwAC) through the Norwegian Sea serves as a conduit of warm and saline Atlantic water from the North Atlantic to the Arctic Ocean, an important factor for climate and ecology. In this ...
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    • Implementation of Merger: Lessons from the Norwegian Welfare Bureaucracy 

      Askim, Jostein; Christensen, Tom; Fimreite, Anne Lise; Lægreid, Per (Stein Rokkan Centre for Social Studies, 2008-08)
      This paper aims to contribute to scholarly knowledge about public-sector mergers by analyzing a recent merger in the Norwegian welfare bureaucracy. The merger studied is one of the largest oriented reforms in recent ...
      Working paper
    • Implementering av Nav-reformen ved to lokale Nav-kontorer sett fra ansattes perspektiv 

      Grung, Camilla Bysheim; Johnsen, Iren; Hansen, Hans-Tore; Lundberg, Kjetil G.; Syltevik, Liv Johanne (Stein Rokkan Centre for Social Studies, 2014-05)
      Implementation of the labour and welfare reform (Nav) at two local offices seen from the staff’s perspective In this paper the implementation of the labour and welfare reform (Nav) in Norway is studied from the perspective ...
      Working paper
    • The importance of plant macrofossils in the reconstruction of Lateglacial vegetation and climate: examples from Scotland, western Norway, and Minnesota, USA 

      Birks, Hilary H. (Elsevier, 2003-03)
      Lateglacial and early Holocene (ca 14–9000 14C yr BP; 15–10,000 cal yr BP) pollen records are used to make vegetation and climate reconstructions that are the basis for inferring mechanisms of past climate change and for ...
      Journal articlePeer reviewed
    • An improved workflow for image- and laser-based virtual geological outcrop modelling 

      Sima, Aleksandra A. (The University of Bergen, 2013-03-15)
      Photorealistic 3D models, representing an object’s surface geometry textured with conventional photography, are used for visualization, interpretation and spatial measurement in many disparate fields, such as cultural ...
      Doctoral thesis
    • In Silico Detection of Sequence Variations Modifying Transcriptional Regulation 

      Andersen, Malin C.; Engström, Pär G.; Lithwick, Stuart; Lithwick, David; Eriksson, Per; Lenhard, Boris; Wasserman, Wyeth W.; Odeberg, Jacob (PLoS, 2008-01-18)
      Identification of functional genetic variation associated with increased susceptibility to complex diseases can elucidate genes and underlying biochemical mechanisms linked to disease onset and progression. For genes linked ...
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    • Inception of the Northern European Ice Sheet due to contrasting ocean and insolation forcing 

      Risebrobakken, Bjørg; Dokken, Trond Martin; Otterå, Odd Helge; Jansen, Eystein; Gao, Yongqi; Drange, Helge (Elsevier, 2007-01)
      About 115,000 years ago the last interglacial reached its terminus and nucleation of new ice sheet growth was initiated. Evidence from the northernmost Nordic Seas indicate that the inception of the last glacial was ...
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    • Indian Ocean: Validation of the Miami Isopycnic Coordinate Ocean Model and ENSO events during 1958–1998 

      Haugen, Vibeke E.; Johannessen, Ola M.; Evensen, Geir (American Geophysical Union, 2002-05-25)
      In the Indian Ocean, in situ data are sparse both in time and space. Therefore, numerical models are one of the major tools for further understanding of the ocean circulation. We have implemented, validated, and done a 40 ...
      Journal article
    • Individuell plan som virkemiddel for ledelse og samordning av tjenester i kommunene 

      Berven, Nina; Ludvigsen, Kari; Christensen, Dag Arne; Nilssen, Even (Stein Rokkan Centre for Social Studies, 2013-06)
      In this report, commissioned by the Ministry of Local Government and Regional Development, the system of Individual Plans (IP) is evaluated. An individual plan is a right for people with long term and complex health care ...
      Research report
    • Influence of Capillary Pressure on Estimation of Relative Permeability for Immiscible WAG Processes 

      Dale, Elisabeth Iren; Skauge, Arne (The University of Bergen, 2008-04-30)
      Capillary pressure is one of the important parameters when describing flow in porous media. This parameter is nevertheless in some cases neglected, especially if no reliable measured data is available. The purpose of ...
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