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    • Taking Power from Knowledge. A Theoretical Framework for the Study of Two Public Sector Reforms 

      Bleiklie, Ivar; Byrkjeflot, Haldor; Østergren, Katarina (Stein Rokkan Centre for Social Studies, 2003-12)
      The paper presents a theoretical framework for studying reforms and organizational change; 1) change as the product of reformers’ intentions, 2) change in institutionalized norms and habits and 3) change as a consequence ...
      Working paper
    • Tannmaterialer og helse: Erfaringer fra klinisk utredning av pasienter med mistanke om bivirkninger fra tannmaterialer 

      Björkman, Lars; Lygre, Gunvor Bentung (Unifob helse. Bivirkningsgruppen for odontologiske biomaterialer, 2006)
      Bivirkningsgruppen for odontologiske biomaterialer er en spesialenhet for spørsmål knyttet til bivirkninger ved materialer som brukes innen tannbehandling. Gruppen er organisert innen ”Universitetsforskning i Bergen” ...
    • Tarrying with Sexual Matters. Thinking Change from Lacan to Badiou 

      Michelsen, Magnus (The University of Bergen, 2018-02-23)
      This dissertation interrogates the significance of Alain Badiou's traversal of the antiphilosophy of Jacques Lacan, and the implications of that traversal for Badiou's thinking on the preconditions for the subject ...
      Doctoral thesis
    • Taxing Europe. The Case for European Taxes in Federal Perspective 

      Menéndez, Augustín José (Stein Rokkan Centre for Social Studies, 2002-12)
      Working paper
    • Teknologi og demokrati. Med norske kommuner på nett! 

      Christensen, Dag Arne; Aars, Jacob (Stein Rokkan Centre for Social Studies, 2002-12)
      This study, supported by the ministry of Local Government and Regional development, maps the way in which Norwegian municipalities use ICT in local democracy. New information and communication technologies have been ...
      Working paper
    • Temporal and spatial variability of the sea surface salinity in the Nordic Seas 

      Furevik, Tore; Bentsen, Mats; Drange, Helge; Johannessen, Johnny A.; Korablev, Alexander (American Geophysical Union, 2002-11-02)
      In this paper, the temporal and spatial variability of the sea surface salinity (SSS) in the Nordic Seas is investigated. The data include a Russian hydrographical database for the Nordic Seas and daily to weekly observations ...
      Journal article
    • Temporal biomass dynamics of an Arctic plankton bloom in response to increasing levels of atmospheric carbon dioxide 

      Schulz, Kai G.; Bellerby, Richard; Brussaard, Corina P.D.; Büdenbender, Jan; Czerny, Jan; Engel, Anja; Fischer, Matthias; Koch-Klavsen, Signe; Krug, Sebastian A.; Lischka, Silke; Ludwig, Andrea; Meyerhöfer, Michael; Nondal, Gisle; Silyakova, Anna; Stuhr, Annegret; Riebesell, Ulf (European Geosciences Union, 2013-01-11)
      Ocean acidification and carbonation, driven by anthropogenic emissions of carbon dioxide (CO2), have been shown to affect a variety of marine organisms and are likely to change ecosystem functioning. High latitudes, ...
      Journal article
    • Testing a Flexible Method to Reduce False Monsoon Onsets 

      Reeve, Mathew Alexander; Spengler, Thomas; Chu, Pao-Shin (PLoS, 2014-08-08)
      To generate information about the monsoon onset and withdrawal we have to choose a monsoon definition and apply it to data. One problem that arises is that false monsoon onsets can hamper our analysis, which is often ...
      Journal article
    • A theoretical approach to glacier equilibrium-line altitudes using meteorological data and glacier massbalance 

      Lie, Øyvind; Dahl, Svein Olaf; Nesje, Atle (Arnold, 2003-05-01)
      Based on a close exponential relationship between mean ablation-season temperature and winter precipitation at the equilibrium-line altitude (ELA) of 10 Norwegian glaciers, three equations are derived. The first equation ...
      Journal article
    • Theoretical equilibrium-line altitudes and glacier buildup sensitivity in southern Norway based on meteorological data in a geographical information system 

      Lie, Øyvind; Dahl, Svein Olaf; Nesje, Atle (Arnold, 2003-05-01)
      Three equations derived from a close exponential glacier-climate relationship at the equilibrium-line altitude (ELA) of Norwegian glaciers have been utilized and implemented in a geographical information system (GIS). ...
      Journal article
    • Thor's hammer in Norway. A symbol of reaction against the Christian cross? 

      Nordeide, Sæbjørg Walaker (Nordic Academic Press, 2006)
    • Tid, situasjonisme og institusjonell utakt i systemer 

      Haaland, Torstein (Stein Rokkan Centre for Social Studies, 2002-07)
      Time, Situationalism and Institutional Asynchronism in Systems: The article discuss the relationship between time and situationalism, institutions and systems, with the classic question of social change as an undercurrent ...
      Working paper
    • Tilfredshet med kommunale velferdstjenester: Har velferdstjenestene noe å si? 

      Christensen, Dag Arne; Midtbø, Tor (Stein Rokkan Centre for Social Studies, 2011-01)
      Hva forklarer tilfredshet med kommunale velferdstjenester? Er det innbyggernes erfaringer med velferdstjenestene, kommunenes velferdstilbud eller andre faktorer knyttet til innbyggerne eller kommunene uavhengig av ...
      Working paper
    • Tilfredshet med velferdstjenester: Har egenskaper ved kommunene noe å si? 

      Christensen, Dag Arne (Stein Rokkan Centre for Social Studies, 2010-09)
      In explaining satisfaction with public welfare services, previous research has focused on various individual level influences such as individual experience, social background and political attitudes. The potential impact ...
      Working paper
    • Tilpasning til klimaendringer. Organiseringen av det nasjonale koordineringsansvaret 

      Severinsen, Mari (Stein Rokkan Centre for Social Studies, 2016-06)
      Denne studien tar for seg organiseringen av sentralforvaltningen for klimatilpasning i Norge. Studien er en prosesstudie som strekker seg fra 2004, da klimatilpasning for alvor kom på dagsordenen, og frem til i dag. ...
      Working paper
    • Tilsyn som styringsform i forholdet mellom staten og kommunene 

      Helgøy, Ingrid; Serigstad, Synnøve (Stein Rokkan Centre for Social Studies, 2004-05)
      This paper focuses on supervision as a governing tool in the relationship between the state and the municipalities. A clarification and discussion of the concept of supervision is made. The specific character of the ...
      Working paper
    • Tilsynspolitikk i Norge: Utflytting og autonomi 

      Hommen, Kim Ove (Stein Rokkan Centre for Social Studies, 2003-11)
      This paper focuses on how proposals about reorganizing regulatory bodies, presented in a Government white paper (Stortingsmelding nr. 17 (2002–2003)) was initiated, explored and what kind of decisions that where made in ...
      Working paper
    • Tilsynsroller i samferdselssektoren 

      Hommen, Kim Ove (Stein Rokkan Centre for Social Studies, 2003-04)
      This article focus on how two supervising authorities on the transport sector, The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and the Railway Audit Authority (RAA), have obtained different audit roles. This despite being supervised ...
      Working paper
    • Tiltak for å fremme helse på arbeidsplassen 

      Eriksen, Hege Randi; Ursin, Holger (Norsk psykologforening, 1996)
      Previous attempts to improve health in working life were directed at somatic health variables. At present, such interventions are also directed at life quality and subjective health. Complaints without objectively ...
      Journal article
    • Toward an optimal inversion method for synthetic aperture radar wind retrieval 

      Portabella, M.; Stoffelen, A.; Johannessen, Johnny A. (American Geophysical Union, 2002-08-01)
      In recent years, particular efforts have been made to derive wind fields over the oceans from synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images. In contrast with the scatterometer, the SAR has a higher spatial resolution and therefore ...
      Journal article