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    • Dissolution from a liquid CO2 lake disposed in the deep ocean 

      Fer, Ilker; Haugan, Peter Mosby (American Society of Limnology and Oceanography, 2003)
      The dissolution from a liquid CO2 lake source located at a flat ocean bottom at 3,000 m depth is investigated. Using the unsteady, two-dimensional advection–diffusion equation, temporal and spatial distribution of CO2 ...
      Journal articlePeer reviewed
    • Lagrangian Measurement of Waves and Near Surface Turbulence from Acoustic Instruments 

      Bakhoday Paskyabi, Mostafa; Bryhni, Helge Thomas; Reuder, Joachim; Fer, Ilker (Elsevier Ltd., 2015-12-02)
      We demonstrate high-resolution measurements of upper ocean flow and turbulence using a Lagrangian drifter. A spherical buoy as a quasi-wave following drifter mitigate the contaminations induced by wave orbital velocities ...
      Journal article
    • Mixing of the Storfjorden overflow (Svalbard Archipelago) inferred from denstity overturns 

      Fer, Ilker; Skogseth, Ragnheid; Haugan, Peter Mosby (American Geophysical Union, 2004-01-03)
      Observations were made of the dense overflow from Storfjorden from a survey conducted at closely spaced stations in August 2002. The field data set consists of conventional conductivity-temperature-depth profiles and ...
      Journal article
    • Observations of energetic turbulence on the Weddell Sea continental slope 

      Fer, Ilker; Darelius, Elin Maria K.; Daae, Kjersti Birkeland (2016-01-23)
      Turbulence profile measurements made on the upper continental slope and shelf of the southeastern Weddell Sea reveal striking contrasts in dissipation and mixing rates between the two sites. The mean profiles of dissipation ...
      Journal article
    • Observations of the Storfjorden overflow 

      Fer, Ilker; Skogseth, Ragnheid; Haugan, Peter Mosby (Elsevier, 2003)
      The mixing and spreading of the Storfjorden overflow were investigated with density and horizontal velocity profiles collected at closely spaced stations. The dense bottom water generated by strong winter cooling, enhanced ...
      Journal articlePeer reviewed
    • Volume transport and mixing of the cold water overflow downstream of the Faroe Bank Channel from one year of moored measurements 

      Ullgren, Jenny; Darelius, Elin Maria K.; Fer, Ilker (Copernicus Publications, 2016-03-15)
      One-year long time series of current velocity and temperature from eight moorings deployed in the Faroe Bank Channel (FBC) are analysed to describe the structure and variability of the dense overflow plume on daily to ...
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