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    • Arctic climate change: observed and modelled temperature and sea-ice variability 

      Johannessen, Ola M.; Bengtsson, Lennart; Miles, Martin W.; Kuzmina, Svetlana I.; Semenov, Vladimir A.; Alekseev, Genrikh V.; Nagurnyi, Andrei P.; Zakharov, Victor F.; Bobylev, Leonid P.; Pettersson, Lasse H.; Hasselmann, Klaus; Cattle, Howard P. (Blackwell Munksgaard, 2004-07-09)
      Changes apparent in the arctic climate system in recent years require evaluation in a century-scale perspective in order to assess the Arctic's response to increasing anthropogenic greenhouse-gas forcing. Here, a new set ...
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    • Coastal ocean fronts and eddies imaged with ERS 1 synthetic aperture radar 

      Johannessen, Johnny A.; Shuchman, Robert A.; Digranes, G.; Lyzenga, D. R.; Wackerman, C.; Johannessen, Ola M.; Vachon, P. W. (American Geophysical Union, 1996-03-15)
      ERS 1 C band synthetic aperture radar (SAR) data were collected during the Norwegian Continental Shelf Experiment (NORCSEX) both in November 1991 during the ERS 1 commissioning phase and at different seasons in 1992 and ...
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    • Coastal wind field retrievals from ERS synthetic aperture radar images 

      Korsbakken, E.; Johannessen, Johnny A.; Johannessen, Ola M. (American Geophysical Union, 1998-04-15)
      A unique series of European Remote Sensing Satellite (ERS) 1 and 2 C band synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images was obtained off the southern coast of Norway during the Coast Watch’95 experiment in September 1995. In this ...
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    • An ERS 1 synthetic aperture radar image of atmospheric lee waves 

      Vachon, P. W.; Johannessen, Ola M.; Johannessen, Johnny A. (American Geophysical Union, 1994-11-15)
      An ERS 1 synthetic aperture radar (SAR) image of the island Hopen shows a distinct 7.6-km wavelength wave phenomenon near the island. This wave phenomenon is interpreted as the surface imprint on open water of atmospheric ...
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    • Resistance and heat-transfer laws for stable and neutral planetary boundary layers: old theory advanced and re-evaluated 

      Zilitinkevich, Sergej S.; Esau, Igor N. (Royal Meteorological Society, 2005-07)
      The planetary boundary layer (PBL) resistance and heat-transfer laws express the surface fluxes of momentum and heat through the PBL governing parameters. Since the late sixties, the dimensionless coefficients (A, B and ...
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    • Toward an optimal inversion method for synthetic aperture radar wind retrieval 

      Portabella, M.; Stoffelen, A.; Johannessen, Johnny A. (American Geophysical Union, 2002-08-01)
      In recent years, particular efforts have been made to derive wind fields over the oceans from synthetic aperture radar (SAR) images. In contrast with the scatterometer, the SAR has a higher spatial resolution and therefore ...
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