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    • An intercomparison of large-eddy simulations of the stable boundary layer 

      Beare, Robert J.; MacVean, Malcolm K.; Holtslag, Albert A. M.; Cuxart, Joan; Esau, Igor N.; Golaz, Jean-Christophe; Jimenez, Maria A.; Khairoutdinov, Marat; Kosovic, Branko; Lewellen, David; Lund, Thomas S.; Lindquist, Julie K.; McCabe, Anne; Moene, Arnold F.; Noh, Yign; Raasch, Siegfried; Sullivan, Peter (Springer Science (former Kluwer Academic Publishers), 2005)
      Results are presented from the first intercomparison of Large-eddy simulation (LES) models for the stable boundary layer (SBL), as part of the GABLS (Global Energy and Water Cycle Experiment Atmospheric Boundary Layer ...
      Journal article