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    • Applying Principles of Sociotechnical Systems onto Working Environment Research 

      Thomassen, Ole Jacob; Heggen, Kristin; Strand, Roger (Aalborg University, 2017)
      The sociotechnical system approach induced a consistent system thinking into the Scandinavian working life research. Workers’ social and psychological needs and technical/systemic conditions were seen as deeply interdependent. ...
      Journal article
    • Exploring the Concept of Integrity—Toward a Craft-Inspired Interpretation 

      Thomassen, Ole Jacob; Strand, Roger; Heggen, Kristin (Aalborg University, 2017)
      The concept of integrity is used as a psychosocial concept to describe tensions and dilemmas experienced by professional and semi-professional workers in a neoliberal working life. In Norway, the concept has even been ...
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