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  • Interactive Exploration of Ligand Transportation through Protein Tunnels 

    Furmanova, Katarina; Jaresova, Miroslava; Byska, Jan; Jurcik, Adam; Parulek, Julius; Hauser, Helwig; Kozlikova, Barbora (BioMed Central, 2017-02-15)
    Background: Protein structures and their interaction with ligands have been in the focus of biochemistry and structural biology research for decades. The transportation of ligand into the protein active site is often complex ...
    Journal article
  • Comparative Visualization of Protein Secondary Structures 

    Kocincova, Lucia; Jaresova, Miroslava; Byska, Jan; Parulek, Julius; Hauser, Helwig; Kozlikova, Barbora (BioMed Central, 2017-02-15)
    Background: Protein function is determined by many factors, namely by its constitution, spatial arrangement, and dynamic behavior. Studying these factors helps the biochemists and biologists to better understand the protein ...
    Journal article
  • A domain-specific dialect for financial-economic calculations using reactive programming 

    Marheim, Christian Lundekvam (The University of Bergen, 2017-08-19)
    This thesis investigates to what extent reactive programming is suited for the implementation of systems that support banks in providing financial-economic advice to their private customers. To this end, we built a small ...
    Master thesis
  • Interactive Dynamic Volume Illumination with Refraction and Caustics 

    Magnus, Jens Gåsemyr (The University of Bergen, 2017-08-15)
    In recent years, significant progress has been made in developing high-quality interactive methods for realistic volume illumination. However, refraction - despite being an important aspect of light propagation in participating ...
    Master thesis
  • Visual Analysis of Protein-Protein Interaction 

    Horne, Marius Tendeland (The University of Bergen, 2017-08-15)
    Over the last decade there has been a steady increase in the focus of research into Protein-Protein docking. The Docking software provides a plausible configuration to a Protein-Protein Interaction. The docking will also ...
    Master thesis
  • Exploring graph parameters similar to tree-width and path-width 

    Nordstrand, Joakim Alme (The University of Bergen, 2017-07-04)
    In a recent paper appearing at IPEC 2015, ”Maximum matching width: new characterization and fast algorithms for dominating set” [12], three similar treelike parameters, tree-width, branch-width and maximum matching-width, ...
    Master thesis
  • Program Transformations in Magnolia 

    Haugsbakk, Kristoffer (The University of Bergen, 2017-07-11)
    We explore program transformations in the context of the Magnolia programming language. We discuss research and implementations of transformation techniques, scenarios to put them to use in Magnolia, interfacing with ...
    Master thesis
  • Using 3D functionality available in current web-browsers to create and visualize geological models. 

    Malt, Øystein Ivar (The University of Bergen, 2017-07-11)
    This thesis investigates the possibility of using modern web technologies to develop accessible applications for interactive covisualization of geological data such as topography, seismic slices and measurements from wells. ...
    Master thesis
  • Machine Learning methods for mood disorder decision support 

    Oleksy, Tomasz Artur (The University of Bergen, 2017-07-11)
    Master thesis
  • Graphical Computing Solution for Industrial Plant Engineering 

    Lima, Marcelo Furtado (The University of Bergen, 2017-06-21)
    When preparing an engineering operation on an industrial plant, reliable and updated models of the plant must be available for correct decisions and planning. However, especially in the case of offshore oil and gas ...
    Master thesis
  • Model Checking with the Sweep-Line Method 

    Lilleskare, Andreas (The University of Bergen, 2017-06-21)
    Explicit-state model checking is a formal software verification technique that differs from peer review and unit testing, in that model checking does an exhaustive state space search. With model checking one takes a system ...
    Master thesis
  • Using Heat and Ceilometer to create an elastic OpenStack grid 

    Trippler, Niklas (The University of Bergen, 2017-06-21)
    Grid computing is a term for connecting computing resources together to solve large computational problems. Computational grids are used for a lot of computations within the high energy physics domain, where the amount of ...
    Master thesis
  • Visualization of Biomolecular Structures: State of the Art Revisited 

    Kozlíková, Barbora; Krone, Michael; Falk, Martin; Lindow, Norbert; Baaden, Marc; Baum, Daniel S.; Viola, Ivan; Parulek, Julius; Hege, Hans-Christian (Wiley, 2016-11-18)
    Structural properties of molecules are of primary concern in many fields. This report provides a comprehensive overview on techniques that have been developed in the fields of molecular graphics and visualization with a ...
    Journal article
  • Faster enumeration of minimal connected dominating sets in split graphs 

    Skjørten, Ida Bredal (The University of Bergen, 2017-06-20)
    Graphs are mathematical objects that can be used to model many real world problems. An example is a roadmap, where the nodes in the graph represent cities and the edges of the graph represent roads. An interesting and ...
    Master thesis
  • Community Detection in Complex Networks 

    Lund, Herman Møyner (The University of Bergen, 2017-06-20)
    Master thesis
  • Parallel algorithms for matching under preference 

    Lerring, Håkon Heggernes (The University of Bergen, 2017-06-20)
    Master thesis
  • New Lower Bounds on the Maximum Number of Minimal Connected Vertex Covers 

    Ryland, Ida (The University of Bergen, 2017-06-20)
    Graphs are important mathematical structures that are used to model many real-life problems. They can, for instance, be used to model relations between objects in a network. An important field of study in graph theory is ...
    Master thesis
  • Precrec: fast and accurate precision-recall and ROC curve calculations in R 

    Saito, Takaya; Rehmsmeier, Marc (Oxford University Press, 2017)
    The precision–recall plot is more informative than the ROC plot when evaluating classifiers on imbalanced datasets, but fast and accurate curve calculation tools for precision–recall plots are currently not available. We ...
    Journal article
  • Ridge Extraction, and Illustrative Visualization of an FTLE Flow Field. 

    Sivertsen, Stian (The University of Bergen, 2012-06-01)
    Illustrative visualization of a flow is an area that is proving to be interesting and in later years something that have been somewhat explored, it can provide some very interesting results and in this thesis we find ...
    Master thesis
  • Firewalls: Enforcement of Security Policy in networks 

    Nordås, Harald (The University of Bergen, 2014-11-20)
    Firewalls are set up to protect computer networks. Originally, networks were just coupled together, in order to achieve connection. With the ability to reach networks all over the world, one started to denote this the ...
    Master thesis

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