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    • On cutwidth parameterized by vertex cover 

      Cygan, Marek; Lokshtanov, Daniel; Pilipczuk, Marcin; Pilipczuk, Michal Pawel; Saurabh, Saket (Springer, 2014-04)
      We study the CUTWIDTH problem, where the input is a graph G, and the objective is find a linear layout of the vertices that minimizes the maximum number of edges intersected by any vertical line inserted between two ...
      Journal article
    • On iterative decoding of high-density parity-check codes using edge-local complementation 

      Knudsen, Joakim Grahl (The University of Bergen, 2010-11-24)
      The overall topic of this work is a graph operation known as edgelocal complementation (ELC) and its applications to iterative decoding of classical codes. Although these legacy codes are arguably not well-suited for ...
      Doctoral thesis
    • On Self-Dual Quantum Codes, Graphs, and Boolean Functions 

      Danielsen, Lars Eirik (The University of Bergen, 2005)
      A short introduction to quantum error correction is given, and it is shown that zero-dimensional quantum codes can be represented as self-dual additive codes over GF(4) and also as graphs. We show that graphs representing ...
      Master thesis
    • On Stable Marriages and Greedy Matchings 

      Manne, Fredrik; Naim, Md.; Lerring, Håkon; Halappanavar, Mahantesh (SIAM, 2016)
      Research on stable marriage problems has a long and mathematically rigorous history, while that of exploiting greedy matchings in combinatorial scientific computing is a younger and less developed research field. We consider ...
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    • On the Classification of Hermitian Self-Dual Additive Codes over GF(9) 

      Danielsen, Lars Eirik (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers, 2012-08)
      Additive codes over GF(9) that are self-dual with respect to the Hermitian trace inner product have a natural application in quantum information theory, where they correspond to ternary quantum error-correcting codes. ...
      Peer reviewedJournal article
    • On the feasibility of distributed systems for interactive visual analysis of omics data 

      Farag, Yehia Mohamed (The University of Bergen, 2014-06-02)
      The purpose of this thesis is to discuss the feasibility of developing a distributed interactive visual analysis omics system demonstrating how selected modules from the standalone J-Express Modularized application ...
      Master thesis
    • On the Privacy of Two Tag Ownership Transfer Protocols for RFIDs 

      Abyaneh, Mohammad Reza Sohizadeh (The author, 2012)
      In this paper, the privacy of two recent RFID tag ownership transfer protocols are investigated against the tag owners as adversaries. The first protocol called ROTIV is a scheme which provides a privacy-preserving ...
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    • On the Security of Non-Linear HB (NLHB) Protocol Against Passive Attack 

      Abyaneh, Mohammad Reza Sohizadeh (The author, 2012)
      As a variant of the HB authentication protocol for RFID systems, which relies on the complexity of decoding linear codes against passive attacks, Madhavan et al. presented Non-Linear HB(NLHB) protocol. In contrast to ...
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    • The Ontology Lookup Service: bigger and better 

      Côté, Richard G.; Reisinger, Florian; Martens, Lennart; Barsnes, Harald; Vizcaíno, Juan Antonio; Hermjakob, Henning (Oxford University Press, 2010-05-11)
      The Ontology Lookup Service (OLS; http://www.ebi has been providing several means to query, browse and navigate biomedical ontologies and controlled vocabularies since it first went into production 4 years ...
      Journal article
    • Optimal preparation of graph states 

      Cabello, Adán; Danielsen, Lars Eirik; López-Tarrida, Antonio J.; Portillo, José R. (American Physical Society, 2011-04-12)
      We show how to prepare any graph state of up to 12 qubits with: (a) the minimum number of controlled-Z gates, and (b) the minimum preparation depth. We assume only one-qubit and controlled-Z gates. The method exploits ...
      Peer reviewedJournal article
    • Optimal ternary cyclic codes with minimum distance four and five 

      Li, Nian; Li, Chunlei; Helleseth, Tor; Ding, Cunsheng; Tang, Xiaohu (Elsevier, 2014-11)
      Cyclic codes are an important subclass of linear codes and have wide applications in data storage systems, communication systems and consumer electronics. In this paper, two families of optimal ternary cyclic codes are ...
      Journal article
    • Optimization issues in medical imaging and fiber-tracking 

      Bergmann, Ørjan (The University of Bergen, 2008-02-27)
      Fiber tracking is a relatively recent methodology, made possible by access to new highly advanced MR scanners able to produce high-quality diffusion tensor images (DTI), which promises clinicians a possibility to observe ...
      Doctoral thesis
    • Optimization Models for Turbine Location in Wind Farms 

      Haugland, Jan Kristian (The University of Bergen, 2012-05-24)
      The topic of this thesis is wind farm optimization. The goal is to be able to decide where to install wind turbines within a given region in order to maximize the power output in two different scenarios: For a fixed number ...
      Master thesis
    • Optimizing Approximate Weighted Matching on Nvidia Kepler K40 

      Naim, Md.; Manne, Fredrik; Halappanavar, Mahantesh; Tumeo, Antonino; Langguth, Johannes (IEEE, 2018)
      Matching is a fundamental graph problem with numerous applications in science and engineering. While algorithms for computing optimal matchings are difficult to parallelize, approximation algorithms on the other hand ...
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    • Output-Sensitive Filtering of Streaming Volume Data 

      Šoltészová, Veronika; Birkeland, Åsmund; Stoppel, Sergej; Viola, Ivan; Bruckner, Stefan (John Wiley & Sons Ltd, 2016-02)
      Real-time volume data acquisition poses substantial challenges for the traditional visualization pipeline where data enhancement is typically seen as a pre-processing step. In the case of 4D ultrasound data, for instance, ...
      Journal article
    • Parallel algorithms for computing k-connectivity 

      Haakonsen, Joachim (The University of Bergen, 2017-05-05)
      Master thesis
    • Parallel algorithms for matching under preference 

      Lerring, Håkon Heggernes (The University of Bergen, 2017-06-20)
      Master thesis
    • Parallel Graph Algorithms for Combinatorial Scientific Computing 

      Patwary, Mostofa Ali (The University of Bergen, 2011-08-26)
      Doctoral thesis
    • Parallel Matching and Clustering Algorithms on GPUs 

      Naim, Md. (The University of Bergen, 2017-06-17)
      Doctoral thesis
    • Parameterized complexity of Eulerian deletion problems 

      Cygan, Marek; Pilipczuk, Marcin; Marx, Dániel; Pilipczuk, Michal Pawel; Schlotter, Ildikó (Springer, 2014-01)
      We study a family of problems where the goal is to make a graph Eulerian, i.e., connected and with all the vertices having even degrees, by a minimum number of deletions. We completely classify the parameterized complexity ...
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