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  • Catalytic oxidation and reduction of polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) present as mixtures in hydrothermal media 

    Nkansah, Marian Asantewah; Christy, Alfred A.; Barth, Tanja; Francis, George William (Taylor & Francis, 2012)
    The reactivity of fluorene, anthracene and fluoranthene under oxidation and reduction conditions has been investigated in this study. This project looks at catalytic and green approaches of converting PAH to less toxic ...
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  • Dimethyl 3,3′-dimethoxybiphenyl-4,4′-dicarboxylate 

    Lundvall, Fredrik; Wragg, David; Dietzel, Pascal D.C.; Fjellvåg, Helmer (International Union of Crystallography, 2014)
    In the title compound, C18H18O6, the biphenyl moiety is twisted with a dihedral angle of 29.11 (10)°. The carbometh­oxy groups form C-C-C-O torsion angles of -18.3 (3) and -27.7 (3)° with the attached rings, as a result ...
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  • Discrimination of n-3 Rich Oils by Gas Chromatography 

    Araujo, Pedro; Zeng, Yingxu; Du, Zhen-Yu; Nguyen, Thu-Thao; Frøyland, Livar; Grung, Bjørn (Springer, 2010-11-22)
    Exploring the capabilities of instrumental techniques for discriminating n-3 rich oils derived from animals is a very important though much neglected area that was emphasized more than 100 years ago. In this study the ...
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  • Formation and Growth of Clusters of Sulfur Dioxide 

    Harnes, Jarle; Abu-samha, Mahmoud; Winkler, Mathias; Børve, Knut J. (Taylor & Francis, 2015-06-01)
    Formation and growth of neutral SO2 clusters is investigated in an adiabatic-expansion setup by means of sulfur 2p (S2p) photoelectron spectroscopy and theoretical modeling. The shift in S2p ionization energy between the ...
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  • Investigation of serum protein profiles in scrapie infected sheep by means of SELDI-TOF-MS and multivariate data analysis 

    Meling, Siv; Kvalheim, Olav M.; Arneberg, Reidar; Bårdsen, Kjetil; Hjelle, Anne; Ulvund, Martha J. (BioMed Central Ltd., 2013-11-14)
    Background: Classical scrapie in sheep is a fatal neurodegenerative disease associated with the conversion PrPC to PrPSc. Much is known about genetic susceptibility, uptake and dissemination of PrPSc in the body, but many ...
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  • Methyl 5-iodo-2-methoxybenzoate 

    Lundvall, Fredrik; Wragg, David; Dietzel, Pascal D.C.; Fjellvåg, Helmer (International Union of Crystallography, 2014-04)
    In the title compound, C9H9IO3, the mol­ecules are close to planar [maximum deviation from benzene ring plane = 0.229 (5) Å for the methyl carboxylate C atom] with the methyl groups oriented away from each other. In the ...
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  • Mutation of the highly conserved ser-40 of the HIV-1 p6 gag protein to phe causes the formation of a hydrophobic patch, enhances membrane association, and polyubiquitination of gag 

    Hahn, Friedrich; Setz, Christian; Friedrich, Melanie; Rauch, Pia; Solbak, Sara Marie Øie; Frøystein, Nils Åge; Henklein, Petra; Votteler, Jörg; Fossen, Torgils; Schubert, Ulrich (MDPI, 2014-10-02)
    The HIV-1 p6 Gag protein contains two late assembly (l-) domains that recruit proteins of the endosomal sorting complex required for transport (ESCRT) pathway to mediate membrane fission between the nascent virion and the ...
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  • Purple anthocyanin colouration on lower (abaxial) leaf surface of Hemigraphis colorata (Acanthaceae) 

    Skaar, Irene; Adaku, Christopher; Jordheim, Monica; Byamukama, Robert; Kiremire, Bernard T.; Andersen, Øyvind M (Elsevier, 2014-09)
    The functional significance of anthocyanin colouration of lower (abaxial) leaf surfaces is not clear. Two anthocyanins, 5-O-methylcyanidin 3-O-(3″-(β-glucuronopyranosyl)-β-glucopyranoside) (1) and 5-O-methylcyanidin ...
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  • A strategy for low cost, effective surfactant injection 

    Spildo, Kristine; Sun, Limei; Djurhuus, Ketil; Skauge, Arne (Elsevier, 2014-05)
    Ideally, in a chemical flooding process, one would like to inject a surfactant solution that has good solubility at the relevant conditions, ultralow interfacial tension (efficient oil mobilisation) and low loss of surfactant ...
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  • The intriguing Cyclophilin A-HIV-1 Vpr interaction: prolyl cis/trans isomerisation catalysis and specific binding 

    Solbak, Sara Marie Øie; Reksten, Tove Ragna; Wray, Victor; Bruns, Karsten; Horvli, Ole; Raae, Arnt Johan; Henklein, Petra; Henklein, Peter; Röder, Rene; Mitzner, David; Schubert, Ulrich; Fossen, Torgils (BioMed Central, 2010-10-04)
    Background: Cyclophilin A (CypA) represents a potential target for antiretroviral therapy since inhibition of CypA suppresses human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) replication, although the mechanism through which ...
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