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  • A Role for Weak Electrostatic Interactions in Peripheral Membrane Protein Binding 

    Khan, Hanif Muhammad; He, Tao; Fuglebakk, Edvin; Grauffel, Cédric; Yang, Boqian; Roberts, Mary F.; Gershenson, Anne; Reuter, Nathalie (Elsevier, 2016-03)
    Bacillus thuringiensis phosphatidylinositol-specific phospholipase C (BtPI-PLC) is a secreted virulence factor that binds specifically to phosphatidylcholine (PC) bilayers containing negatively charged phospholipids. ...
    Journal article
  • On the chemistry, toxicology and genetics of the cyanobacterial toxins, microcystin, nodularin, saxitoxin and cylindrospermopsin 

    Pearson, Leanne; Mihali, Troco K.; Moffitt, Michelle; Kellmann, Ralf; Neilan, Brett A. (MDPI, 2010-05-10)
    The cyanobacteria or “blue-green algae”, as they are commonly termed, comprise a diverse group of oxygenic photosynthetic bacteria that inhabit a wide range of aquatic and terrestrial environments, and display incredible ...
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  • Algal toxin azaspiracid-1 induces early neuronal differentiation and alters peripherin isoform stoichiometry 

    Hjørnevik, Linda Veka; Frøyset, Ann Kristin; Grønset, Toril Anne; Rungruangsak-Torrissen, Krisna; Fladmark, Kari Espolin (MDPI, 2015-12-14)
    Azaspiracid-1 is an algal toxin that accumulates in edible mussels, and ingestion may result in human illness as manifested by vomiting and diarrhoea. When injected into mice, it causes neurotoxicological symptoms and ...
    Journal article
  • The Schizosaccharomyces pombe JmjC-protein, Msc1, prevents H2A.Z localization in centromeric and subtelomeric chromatin domains 

    Buchanan, Luke; Durand-Dubief, Mickaël; Roguev, Assen; Cagri, Sakalar; Wilhelm, Brian; Stålfors, Annelie; Shevchenko, Anna; Aasland, Rein; Shevchenko, Andrej; Ekwall, Karl; Stewart, Francis (PLOS, 2009-11-13)
    Eukaryotic genomes are repetitively packaged into chromatin by nucleosomes, however they are regulated by the differences between nucleosomes, which establish various chromatin states. Local chromatin cues direct the ...
    Journal article
  • NAA10 mutation causing a novel intellectual disability syndrome with Long QT due to N-terminal acetyltransferase impairment 

    Casey, Jillian P.; Støve, Svein Isungset; McGorrian, Catherine; Galvin, Joseph; Blenski, Marina; Dunne, Aimee; Ennis, Sean; Brett, Francesca; King, Mary D.; Arnesen, Thomas; Lynch, Sally Ann (Nature Publishing Group, 2015-11-02)
    We report two brothers from a non-consanguineous Irish family presenting with a novel syndrome characterised by intellectual disability, facial dysmorphism, scoliosis and long QT. Their mother has a milder phenotype including ...
    Journal article
  • Fish zona radiata (eggshell) protein: A sensitive biomarker for environmental estrogens 

    Arukve, Augustine; Knudsen, F.R; Goksøyr, Anders (The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, 1997-04)
    Environmental estrogens have recently caused great concern because of their ability to mimic natural hormones and influence vital endocrine functions in humans and wildlife. The induction of vitellogenin (Vtg) synthesis ...
    Journal article
  • A sensetive zonagenetic assay for rapid in vivo assessment of estrogenic potency of xenobiotics and mycotoxins 

    Celius, T; Haugen, TB; Grotmål, T; Walther, BT (The National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, 1999-01)
    Mounting evidence confirms that hepatic biosynthetic processes are essential for female sexual maturation in fish, which is directly controlled by estrogens. These oogenetic events (zonagenesis and vitellogenesis) are ...
    Journal article
  • Guidelines for follow-up of women at high risk for inherited breast cancer: Consensus statement from the Biomed 2 Demonstration programme on inherited breast cancer 

    Møller, Per; Evans, G; Vasen, H; Reis, MM; Haites, N; Anderson, E; Apold, Jaran; Hodgson, S; Eccles, D; Olsson, H; Stoppa-Llyonnet, D; et al., - (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 1999)
    Protocols for activity aiming at early diagnosis and treatment of inherited breast or breast-ovarian cancer have been reported. Available reports on outcome of such programmes are considered here. It is concluded that the ...
    Journal article
  • Efficacy of early diagnosis and treatment in women with a family history of breast cancer 

    Møller, Per; Reis, MM; Evans, G; Vasen, H; Haites, N; Anderson, E; Steel, CM; Apold, Jaran; Lallo, F; Mæhle, L; Preece, P; et al., - (Hindawi Publishing Corporation, 1999)
    BACKGROUND: Surveillance programmes for women at increased genetic risk of breast cancer are being established worldwide but little is known of their efficacy in early detection of cancers and hence reduction in ...
    Journal article
  • ELM: the status of the 2010 eukaryotic linear motif resource 

    Gould, Cathryn M.; Diella, Francesca; Via, Allegra; Puntervoll, Pål; Gemünd, Christine; Chabanis-Davidson, Sophie; Michael, Sushama; Sayadi, Ahmed; Bryne, Jan Christian; Chica, Claudia; Seiler, Markus; Davey, Norman E.; Haslam, Neill; Weatheritt, Robert J.; Budd, Aidan; Hughes, Timothy; Pas, Jakub; Rychlewski, Leszek; Trave, Gilles Michel; Aasland, Rein; Helmer-Citterich, Manuela; Linding, Rune; Gibson, Toby J. (Oxford University Press (OUP), 2009-11-17)
    Linear motifs are short segments of multidomain proteins that provide regulatory functions independently of protein tertiary structure. Much of intracellular signalling passes through protein modifications at linear motifs. ...
    Journal article
  • The N-terminal acetyltransferase Naa10 is essential for zebrafish development 

    Ree, Rasmus Moen; Myklebust, Line Merethe; Thiel, Puja; Foyn, Håvard; Fladmark, Kari Espolin; Arnesen, Thomas (Portland Press Limited, 2015-08-06)
    N-terminal acetylation, catalysed by N-terminal acetyltransferases (NATs), is among the most common protein modifications in eukaryotes and involves the transfer of an acetyl group from acetyl-CoA to the α-amino group of ...
    Journal article
  • Biochemical and cellular analysis of Ogden syndrome reveals downstream Nt-acetylation defects 

    Myklebust, Line Merethe; Van Damme, Petra; Støve, Svein Isungset; Dörfel, Max J; Abboud, Angèle; Kalvik, Thomas Vikestad; Grauffel, Cédric; Jonckheere, Veronique; Wu, Yiyang; Swensen, Jeffrey; Kaasa, Hanna; Liszczak, Glen; Marmorstein, Ronen; Reuter, Nathalie; Lyon, Gholson J; Gevaert, Kris; Arnesen, Thomas (Oxford University Press, 2014-12-03)
    The X-linked lethal Ogden syndrome was the first reported human genetic disorder associated with a mutation in an N-terminal acetyltransferase (NAT) gene. The affected males harbor an Ser37Pro (S37P) mutation in the gene ...
    Journal article
  • Molecular analysis of the development and function of the apical organ in the sea anemone Nematostella vectensis 

    Bause, Markus (The University of Bergen, 2015-10-09)
    The shapes and patterns displayed across the animal kingdom exhibit great diversity, but at the same time similarities in their appearance can be observed. Scientist in the past have studied animal forms based on morphology. ...
    Doctoral thesis
  • Study of Ecdysone receptor and Ultraspiracle in the salmon louse (Lepeophtheirus salmonis) 

    Kar, Sukarna (The University of Bergen, 2015-05-31)
    The salmon louse (Lepeophtheirus salmonis) is a parasite living on mucus, skin and blood of salmonids fishes. L. salmonis causes lesions and infections on fish fins and skins and such physical damages often lead to ...
    Master thesis
  • Non-conserved C-terminal regions in the histone recognition module CW, determines specificity, stability and affinity towards monomethylated histone tails 

    Ødegård, Øyvind (The University of Bergen, 2014-11-20)
    Histone modifications have an important role in epigenetic gene regulation and contribute to the cellular memory system. It has been well documented that certain patterns of histone modifications are associated with different ...
    Master thesis
  • Identification of the DNA sequence encoding Neurospora crassa NADase and characterization of the recombinant protein 

    Hardardottir, Hulda Maria (The University of Bergen, 2015-06-02)
    Neurospora Crassa (N.crassa) is a bread mold that has been used as a model organism in molecular biology since the late 1920s. N.crassa NADase is an enzyme that catalyze the conversion of NAD+ to nicotinamide and ADP-ribose. ...
    Master thesis
  • Pesticides Induce Oxidative Stress in Zebrafish Embryo 

    Thorstensen, Kjetil Løtveit (The University of Bergen, 2014-06-02)
    Aquaculture is an industry in rapid global growth. The increased demand and therefore production of aquacultural goods is bound to drain natural marine resources if fish are to continue being fed feeds based solely on ...
    Master thesis
  • Comparative development of spiralian larvae 

    Vellutini, Bruno Cossermelli (The University of Bergen, 2016-03-04)
    Bryozoans and brachiopods are sessile, mostly marine animals, that use an elegant crown of tentacles for filter-feeding. They are related to molluscs, segmented worms and other animals in a outstandingly diverse group of ...
    Doctoral thesis
  • Downregulation of N-terminal acetylation triggers ABA-mediated drought responses in Arabidopsis 

    Linster, Eric; Stephan, Iwona; Bienvenut, Willy V.; Maple-Grødem, Jodi; Myklebust, Line Merethe; Huber, Monika; Reichelt, Michael; Sticht, Carsten; Møller, Simon Geir; Meinnel, Thierry; Arnesen, Thomas; Giglione, Carmela; Hell, Rüdiger; Wirtz, Markus (Nature Publishing Group, 2015-07-17)
    N-terminal acetylation (NTA) catalysed by N-terminal acetyltransferases (Nats) is among the most common protein modifications in eukaryotes, but its significance is still enigmatic. Here we characterize the plant NatA ...
    Journal article
  • Redox control of protein degradation 

    Pajares, Marta; Jiménez-Moreno, Natalia; Dias, Irundika H.K.; Debelec, Bilge; Vucetic, Milica; Fladmark, Kari Espolin; Basaga, Huveyda; Ribaric, Samo; Milisav, Irina; Cuadrado, Antonio (Elsevier, 2015-12)
    Intracellular proteolysis is critical to maintain timely degradation of altered proteins including oxidized proteins. This review attempts to summarize the most relevant findings about oxidant protein modification, as well ...
    Journal article

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