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    • Laterality across languages: Results from a global dichotic listening study using a smartphone application 

      Bless, Josef J.; Westerhausen, Rene; Torkildsen, Janne; Gudmundsen, Magne; Kompus, Kristiina; Hugdahl, Kenneth (Taylor & Francis, 2015-01-14)
      Left-hemispheric language dominance has been suggested by observations in patients with brain damages as early as the 19th century, and has since been confirmed by modern behavioural and brain imaging techniques. Nevertheless, ...
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    • Left temporal lobe structural and functional abnormality underlying auditory hallucinations in schizophrenia 

      Hugdahl, Kenneth; Løberg, Else-Marie; Nygård, Merethe (Frontiers, 2009-05-01)
      In this article, we have reviewed recent findings from our laboratory, originally presented in Hugdahl et al. (2008) . These findings reveal that auditory hallucinations in schizophrenia should best be conceptualized as ...
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    • Light mobilization treatment of subacute, non-spesific low back pain 

      Hagen, Eli Molde (The University of Bergen, 2006-02-03)
      Background: During the last decades there has been a major rise in sick leave due to low back pain, emphasising the need for interventions preventing chronicity and long term sick leave. Early intervention with information, ...
      Doctoral thesis
    • Listening to rhythmic music reduces connectivity within the basal ganglia and the reward system 

      Brodal, Hans Petter; Osnes, Berge; Specht, Karsten (Frontiers, 2017-03-28)
      Music can trigger emotional responses in a more direct way than any other stimulus. In particular, music-evoked pleasure involves brain networks that are part of the reward system. Furthermore, rhythmic music stimulates ...
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    • "Lita tue kan velte stort lass". Ein analyse av samanhengen mellom arbeidsminne i førskulealder og begynnaropplæring i lesing og skriving. 

      Lerøy, Eli Aarnes (The University of Bergen, 2008-06-05)
      The aim of this study was to investigate connections between working memory in preschool-children and early reading and writing skills. The purpose was to discover early markers of children at risk of developing dyslexia. ...
      Master thesis
    • Maternal deprivation of Lewis rat pups increases the severity of experimental periodontitis in adulthood 

      Breivik, Torbjørn; Gundersen, Yngvar; Murison, Robert; Turner, Jonathan D.; Muller, Claude P.; Gjermo, Per E; Opstad, Per Kristian (Bentham Open, 2015)
      Background and Objective: Early life adverse events may influence susceptibility/resistance to chronic inflammatory diseases later in life by permanently dysregulating brain-controlled immune-regulatory systems. We have ...
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    • Mental health services use predicted by number of mental health problems and gender in a total population study 

      Posserud, Maj-Britt Rocio; Lundervold, Astri (Hindawi, 2013)
      We examined the relationship between service use and the number of problem areas as reported by parents and teachers on questionnaires among children aged 7–9 years old in the Bergen Child Study, a total population study ...
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    • Moderne Helsebekymringer 

      Hysing, Mari; Sivertsen, Børge (The University of Bergen, 2002)
      Objective: In a previous study in New Zealand, the newly developed Modern Health Worries Scale (MHW) was significantly correlated with Subjective Health Complaints (SHC) and health care utilization. The aim of the present ...
      Master thesis
    • MRI measures of brain volume and cortical complexity in clinical groups and during development 

      Sandu, Anca-Larisa (The University of Bergen, 2009-05-07)
      The complex structure of the surface of the brain might elude classical magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) methods of characterization, when it comes to measures of surface irregularities. Such measures may be important ...
      Doctoral thesis
    • The neural correlates of sex differences in left-right confusion 

      Hjelmervik, Helene; Westerhausen, Rene; Hirnstein, Marco; Specht, Karsten; Hausmann, Markus (Elsevier Inc., 2015-03-14)
      Difficulties in left–right discrimination (LRD) are commonly experienced in everyday life situations. Here we investigate the neurocognitive mechanisms of LRD and the specific role of left angular gyrus. Given that previous ...
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    • Neural plasticity in functional and anatomical MRI studies of children with Tourette syndrome 

      Eichele, Heike; Plessen, Kerstin J. (IOS PressHindawi, 2013)
      Background: Tourette syndrome (TS) is a neuropsychiatric disorder with childhood onset characterized by chronic motor and vocal tics. The typical clinical course of an attenuation of symptoms during adolescence in parallel ...
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    • Neurocognitive Development and Predictors of L1 and L2 Literacy Skills in Dyslexia: A Longitudinal Study of Children 5–11 Years Old 

      Helland, Turid; Morken, Frøydis (John Wiley & Sons Ltd., 2015-10-29)
      The aim of this study was to find valid neurocognitive precursors of literacy development in first language (L1, Norwegian) and second language (L2, English) in a group of children during their Pre-literacy, Emergent ...
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    • Neuronal underpinnings of stuttering 

      Kovalchuk, Galyna (The University of Bergen, 2016-05-24)
      Fluent speech production depends on robust connections between brain regions that are crucial for auditory processing, motor planning and execution. The ability of the speech apparatus to produce effortless, continuous ...
      Master thesis
    • Nondirective meditation activates brain areas associated with retrieval of memories and emotional processing 

      Xu, Jian; Vik, Alexandra; Groote, Inge Rasmus; Lagopoulos, Jim; Holen, Are; Ellingsen, Øyvind; Håberg, Asta; Davanger, Svend (Frontiers, 2014-02-26)
      Nondirective meditation techniques are practiced with a relaxed focus of attention that permits spontaneously occurring thoughts, images, sensations, memories, and emotions to emerge and pass freely, without any expectation ...
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    • Nordmenn i fengsel: Motiv for utdanning 

      Manger, Terje; Eikeland, Ole-Johan; Roth, Beate Buanes; Asbjørnsen, Arve Egil (Fylkesmannen i Hordaland, 2013)
      Training and education for those in prison constitutes an important but often neglected aspect of adult learning. A fundamental principle of Norwegian prison policy states that prisoners should have the same access to ...
      Research report
    • Nordmenn i fengsel: Utdanning, arbeid og kompetanse 

      Eikeland, Ole-Johan; Manger, Terje; Asbjørnsen, Arve Egil (Fylkesmannen i Hordaland, Utdanningsavdelinga, 2013)
      Training and education for those in prison constitute an important but often neglected aspect of adult learning. A fundamental principle of Norwegian prison policy states that prisoners should have the same access to ...
      Research report
    • Occupational Status Is Compromised in Adults With ADHD and Psychometrically Defined Executive Function Deficits 

      Halleland, Helene Barone; Sørensen, Lin; Posserud, Maj-Britt Rocio; Haavik, Jan; Lundervold, Astri Johansen (SAGE Publications, 2014-09)
      Objective: Problems related to executive function (EF) are frequently reported in adults with ADHD. However, only a subgroup of patients show deficits on common neuropsychological tests designed to measure EF. We investigated ...
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    • Parental socioeconomic status and child intellectual functioning in a Norwegian sample 

      Eilertsen, Thomas; Thorsen, Anders Lillevik; Holm, Silje Elisabeth Hasmo; Bøe, Tormod; Sørensen, Lin; Lundervold, Astri (Wiley, 2016-10)
      Socioeconomic status (SES) in childhood has been linked to cognitive function and future academic and occupational success in studies from several countries. However, previous Nordic studies have shown inconsistent results ...
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    • Performance monitoring in medication-naïve children with Tourette Syndrome 

      Eichele, Heike; Eichele, Tom; Bjelland, Ingvar; Høvik, Marie Farstad; Sørensen, Lin; Wageningen, Heidi Karin van; Worren, Marius Kalsås; Hugdahl, Kenneth; Plessen, Kerstin J. (Frontiers, 2016-03-01)
      Background: Tourette syndrome (TS) is a childhood-onset neurodevelopmental disorder and its impact on cognitive development needs further study. Evidence from neuropsychological, neuroimaging and electrophysiological studies ...
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    • Post-adolescent developmental changes in cortical complexity 

      Sandu, Anca-Larisa; Izard, Edouard; Specht, Karsten; Beneventi, Harald; Lundervold, Arvid; Ystad, Martin (BioMed Central, 2014-11-27)
      Background: Post-adolescence is known to be a period of general maturation and development in the human brain. In brain imaging, volumetric and morphologic cortical grey-matter changes can easily be assessed, but the ...
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