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    • Ashé-Iyá- Afrocubanske artistar mellom folklore, religion og utøving 

      Kavli, Solveig M. L. (Novus, 2008-09)
      Appreciating the performances of the Afro-Cuban folklore ensemble Ashé-Iyá, one might ask whether it is religion or not that is being witnessed, and how this might be perceived by the artists themselves, as well as by ...
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    • CERIF Best Practice 

      Asserson, Anne (CODATA Data Science Journal, 2010)
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    • CERIF-Cris for the European e-Infrastructure 

      Jeffery, Keith G.; Asserson, Anne (CODATA, 2010)
      The European e-infrastructure is the ICT support for research, although the infrastructure will be extended for commercial / business use. It supports the research process across funding agencies to research institutions ...
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    • Community efforts help repository development 

      Bozec, Gaëlle (Europa science, 2006-08)
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    • Comparing Google Scholar and ISI Web of Science for Earth Sciences 

      Mikki, Susanne (Springer Verlag, 2010)
      In order to measure the degree to which Google Scholar can compete with bibliographical databases, search results from this database is compared with Thomson’s ISI WoS (Institute for Scientific Information, Web of Science). ...
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    • Cooperation between librarians and teaching staff 

      Landøy, Ane (Asociaţia Bibliotecarilor din România (ABR), 2009)
      The changing times with new challenges and new need means that university libraries must look closely at their own visions and missions. The libraries must be ready to accept new tasks and cover the needs of the student’s ...
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    • Creating a library service for scholarly open access journals 

      Cutler, Ingrid (Universitetsbiblioteket i Lund, 2009)
      In 2008 the University of Bergen Library started a project for supporting independent open access journals at the University of Bergen.1 The service was aimed at already existing journals that wanted to convert to an ...
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    • Current Research Information Systems (CRIS): Past, Present and Future 

      Asserson, Anne; Jeffery, Keith G. (Zentrum für Wissenschaftsmanagement e. V., 2009)
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    • Data Intensive Science: Shades of Grey 

      Jeffery, Keith G; Asserson, Anne (Elsevier, 2014)
      The vast majority of research output is grey; white (peer reviewed scholarly publications) forms a minor proportion. Historically, grey material was generated and used within an organisation. However, in recent years some ...
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    • Digital Presence of Norwegian Scholars on Academic Network Sites—Where and Who Are They? 

      Mikki, Susanne Ruth; Zygmuntowska, Marta; Al Ruwehy, Hemed Ali Hemed; Gjesdal, Øyvind Liland (PLOS ONE, 2015-11-13)
      The use of academic profiling sites is becoming more common, and emerging technologies boost researchers’ visibility and exchange of ideas. In our study we compared profiles at five different profiling sites. These five ...
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    • Ebooks at Bergen University Library? 

      Landøy, Ane; Mikki, Susanne; Skagen, Therese; Stangeland, Elin (Svensk förening för informationsspecialister, 2004)
      The ongoing quality reform in academia in Norway leads to changing user needs for Bergen University Library. This article discusses advantages and disadvantages of ebooks in an academic institution like the University of ...
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    • Enabling the student to write a good thesis : combining information retrieval with the writing process 

      Kavli, Solveig M. L.; Mikki, Susanne (Swedish association for information specialists, 2006)
      Working from the information retrieval model of Carol Kuhlthau (2004), and the pedagogical approach to writing of Bean (1996) and Dysthe (1999), we put their theories into practice. Through the project ”Digital literacy ...
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    • Experiences of developing an educational course for librarians in international cooperation. MedLibTrain: a joint Polish-Norwegian project 

      Hunskår, Irene; Lein, Regina Küfner; Niedzwiedzka, Barbara; Sieradzka-Fleituch, Malgorzata; Sletsjøe, Hege; Stenhammer, Anne (European Association for Health Information and Libraries, 2013)
      Medical librarians from Poland and Norway participated in the joint project MedLibTrain, and developed a training program for medical librarians performing teaching tasks. The project was developed in tight Polish-Norwegian ...
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    • FreeSASA: An open source C library for solvent accessible surface area calculations 

      Mitternacht, Simon (Faculty of 1000 Ltd., 2016-02-29)
      Calculating solvent accessible surface areas (SASA) is a run-of-the-mill calculation in structural biology. Although there are many programs available for this calculation, there are no free-standing, open-source tools ...
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    • From Open Data to Data-intensive Science through CERIF 

      Jeffery, Keith G; Asserson, Anne; Houssos, Nikos; Brasse, Valerie; Jörg, Brigitte (Elsevier, 2014)
      OGD (Open Government Data) is provided from government departments for transparency and to stimulate a market in ICT services for industry and citizens. Research datasets from publicly funded research commonly are associated ...
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    • How to facilitate and make the academic libraries more accessible to young researchers, especially by implementing open access 

      Akselberg, Gunnstein; Landøy, Ane (Asociaţia Bibliotecarilor din România (ABR), 2010)
      In this article the authors discuss how to make the academic libraries more accessible to young researchers. They focus on different ways in which the accessibility may be strengthened, in particular the role of open ...
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    • Indicators for benchmarking in Norwegian academic libraries: Testing the usability of national collection data 

      Landøy, Ane; Raade, Johanne (International Society for Advanced Science and Tec, 2014)
      In a world of rapid changes, th ere is a need for leadership and strategic planning based on statistical evidence - evidence based leadership. In Norway, the National Library has led the way in developing indicators ...
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    • Leadership challenges in academic libraries in Moldova, Norway and Romania 

      Repanovici, Angela; Landøy, Ane (International Society for Advanced Science and Tec, 2014-09)
      The main focus in the Moldovan-Norwegian library development project “Development of New Information Services for Moldovan Higher Economic Education”, is on developing the academic library of ASEM, Economic Academy of ...
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    • Leadership in higher education 

      Drugus, Daniela; Landøy, Ane (Transilvania University Press, 2014)
      “The conduct” of an academic institution has suffered a permanent change under external pressure and criticism for its failure to adapt to current social and economic requirements. The degradation of quality in the ...
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    • Library leadership as an issue in Norwegian Library and Information Science education 

      Landøy, Ane (Romanian Library Association (ABR), 2016)
      In this review of library leadership education given by the two main library schools in Norway, the Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences (HiOA) and University of Tromsø (UiT), the focus is on the ...
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