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  • Copyright Literacy Skills of LIS Students in Norway 

    Gastinger, Almuth; Landøy, Ane (Springer, 2019)
    This paper presents findings from a study on copyright literacy skills of Library and Information Studies (LIS) students in Norway. It surveyed bachelor, master and PhD students at the Oslo Metropolitan University which ...
  • The image of the monolingual dictionary across Europe. Results of the European Survey of Dictionary use and Culture 

    Kosem, Iztok; Lew, Robert; Müller-Spitzer, Carolin; Silveira, Maria Ribeiro; Wolfer, Sascha; Dorn, Amelie; Gurrutxaga, Antton; Ceberio, Klara; Etxeberria, Elixabete; Lefer, Marie-Aude; Geeraerts, DIrk; Despot, Kristina Štrkalj; Stojanov, Tomislav; Ljubešić, Nikola; Škrabal, Michal; Štěpánková, Barbora; Vodrážková, Veronika; Lorentzen, Henrik; Trap-Jensen, Lars; Kallas, Jelena; Tuulik, Maria; Koppel, Kristina; Langemets, Margit; Heinonen, Tarja; Thomas, Izabella; Margilitadze, Tinatin; Markantonatou, Stella; Giouli, Voula; Mulhall, Chris; Kernerman, Ilan; Ben-Moshe, Yifat; Sadan, Tsvi; Abel, Andrea; Curcio, Martina Nied; Tanturovska, Lidija; Nikovska, Biljana; Tiberius, Carole; Grønvik, Oddrun; Hovdenak, Marit; Berg-olsen, Sturla; Karlsen, Knut E.; Ore, Christian-Emil Smith; Biesaga, Monika; Kuhn, Tanara Zingano; Silvestre, Joao; Tamba, Elena Isabelle; Haja, Gabriela; Clim, Marius-Radu; Patrascu, Madalin-Ionel; Tasovac, Toma; Petrović, Snežana; Holdt, Špela Arhar; Riveiro, Carlos Valcarcel; Vázquez, María José Domínguez; Volodina, Elena; Pilán, Ildikó; Sköldberg, Emma; Holmer, Louise; Nesi, Hilary (Oxford University Press, 2019)
    The article presents the results of a survey on dictionary use in Europe, focusing on general monolingual dictionaries. The survey is the broadest survey of dictionary use to date, covering close to 10,000 dictionary users ...
    Journal article
  • Designing usable mobile forms for collection of health data in Uganda 

    Mugisha, Alice Nandawula (The University of Bergen, 2020-03-03)
    Background: Data collection entails obtaining quality and useful information by different organizations and institutions for purposes of answering a research question, establishing facts, making better decisions and solving ...
    Doctoral thesis
  • Newborn Care Practices in Northern Uganda : Studies on breastfeeding, decision-making and hypothermia 

    Mukunya, David (The University of Bergen, 2020-02-13)
    Background: Early initiation and exclusive breastfeeding reduce neonatal morbidity and mortality. One of the key mechanisms through which optimal breastfeeding reduces neonatal mortality is by reducing neonatal hypothermia. ...
    Doctoral thesis
  • Quality of primary care from the patient perspective in South West Malawi : Development and application of the Malawian Primary Care Assessment Tool (Pcat-Mw) 

    Dullie, Luckson Wandani (The University of Bergen, 2020-02-06)
    Background Primary care is considered as a vehicle for accelerating progress towards universal health coverage and for building efficient, effective, and integrated healthcare systems. Measuring patients’ experience and ...
    Doctoral thesis
  • Predictive biomarkers for response to treatment with sunitinib in renal cancer patients 

    Pilskog, Martin (The University of Bergen, 2020-01-23)
    Aims: Patients with metastatic or inoperable kidney cancer with positive biomarkers of vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF) driven angiogenesis might have improved clinical benefit from treatment with an anti-VEGF-receptor ...
    Doctoral thesis
  • Number of children: pre- and post-pregnancy lipids, effect of pregnancy outcome and modification by perinatal loss 

    Pirnat, Aleksandra (The University of Bergen, 2020-01-07)
    Background: Cardiovascular disease (CVD) is an important public health problem and remains the number one cause of death in women. Substantial increase in CVD mortality has been found in women with only one child, and lipid ...
    Doctoral thesis
  • Language Use in Higher Education : the Student Perspective 

    Bukve, Trude (The University of Bergen, 2019-12-06)
    The present thesis has aimed to investigate students’ attitudes towards language practices in their education, and to investigate if and how these voices can inform anguage policy making in higher education (HE). Two of ...
    Doctoral thesis
  • Integrating Information Literacy int the Curriculum 

    Landøy, Ane; Akselberg, Gunnstein (Limerick Institute of Technology, Ireland, 2019)
    Information literacy is regarded as a crucial skill for university students (Landøy, 2010). In this paper, we will discuss collaborative efforts between academic libraries and the scholarly community they are serving, in ...
    Conference object
  • Academic Library Development Projects as Tools in Designing Pedagogical Approach in Information Literacy 

    Landøy, Ane; Repanovici, Angela (Limerick Institute of Technology, Ireland, 2019)
    Information literacy, "(…) the ability to think critically and make balanced judgements about any information we find and use. (…)” (CILIP 2018), is an important skill set for academia in the 21st century. Over the years ...
    Conference object
  • Elverhøy - frå fiksjon til realitet 

    Gammeltoft, Peder (ArcGIS Storymaps, 2019-10-23)
    This is an ArcGIS Storymaps article on the development of a name from being the name of a Danish Vaudeville-play to becoming a relatively frequent farm name, usually smallholdings. The web-version makes use of interactive ...
  • Filter bubbles in interdisciplinary Research: a Case study on climate and society 

    Mikki, Susanne Ruth; Al Ruwehy, Hemed Ali Hemed; Gjesdal, Øyvind Liland; Zygmuntowska, Marta (2018)
    Purpose – The purpose of this paper is to compare the content of Web of Science (WoS) and Google Scholar (GS) by searching the interdisciplinary field of climate and ancient societies. The authors aim at analyzing the ...
  • Norwegian Correspondences and Linked Open Data 

    Rockenberger, Annika; Wiger, Ellen Nessheim; Bøe, Hilde; Thor, Evelyn Irene; Wolden, Ove Joralf; Paasche, Marianne; Søndenå, Ola; Conzett, Philipp (CEUR Workshop Proceedings, 2019-05-17)
    The project Norwegian Correspondences aims to link individual letters and other correspondence media not only to each other but to correspondences across all of Norway, Europe and beyond. It uses the CorrespSearch ...
    Conference object
  • Print or Electronic Course Readings: Implications for Library Space and Information Literacy Programmes 

    Landøy, Ane; Gastinger, Almuth (Springer, 2019-02-20)
    For several years, there has been a debate about digital vs. print format for study materials. The Academic Reading Format International Study (ARFIS) has shown that students clearly are in favour of paper, both in Norway ...
    Conference object
  • Libraries as a Support of Informed Citizens – The Balancing Act Between Library’s Good Quality and Austerity Measures 

    Duren, Petra; Landøy, Ane; Saarti, Jarmo (Springer, 2018-01-19)
    In a time of rapidly expanding information possibilities, including “fake news”, libraries as guardians of the quality of information have become even more important. In our era, however, it is the guardians of confirmed ...
    ChapterConference object
  • Information Literacy Across the University and Workplace Reality 

    Repanovici, Angela; Cheradi, Natalia; Landøy, Ane; Ghinculov, Silvia (Springer, 2018-01-19)
    This paper reveals the results of the “Informatıon Literacy across the university and workplace reality” survey. This study revealed which are the most needed information skills for the faculty at the workplace. The ...
    Conference object
  • How to Explore Trends and Challenges for Building Future Libraries 

    Landøy, Ane; Repanovici, Angela (Romanian Library Association, 2019-07-03)
    Libraries need to use several different methods when determining the needs and wishes of students and academic patrons for future academic libraries and documentation centers. In this paper, the authors report findings ...
    Journal article
  • Few Open Access Journals Are Compliant with Plan S 

    Frantsvåg, Jan Erik; Strømme, Tormod Eismann (MDPI, 2019-04-16)
    Much of the debate on Plan S seems to concentrate on how to make toll-access journals open access, taking for granted that existing open access journals are Plan S-compliant. We suspected this was not so and set out to ...
    Journal article
  • NorKorr - Norwegian Correspondences and Linked Open Data 

    Rockenberger, Annika; Wiger, Ellen Nessheim; Witting, Mette Refslund; Bøe, Hilde; Thor, Evelyn Irene; Wolden, Ove Joralf; Paasche, Marianne; Søndenå, Ola; Conzett, Philipp (Digital Humanities in the Nordic countries, 2019)
    The National Library of Norway has a substantial amount of private historical correspondences in its holdings,1 many of which are scholarly edited and published, either in printed editions or in digital form. In addition, ...
    Conference object
  • Romanian Students’ Perceptions of Bibliotherapy in the Educational Process 

    Popa, Daniela; Landøy, Ane; Repanovici, Angela (Trivent, 2018)
    The use of bibliotherapy in the educational process leads to the improvement of students’ skills to use the reading process in a more efficient way, to transfer knowledge while enjoying the process. This paper aims ...

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