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  • Application of the Malaria Management Model to the Analysis of Costs and Benefits of DDT versus Non-DDT Malaria Control 

    Pedercini, Matteo; Blanco, Santiago Movilla; Kopainsky, Birgit (Public Library of Science, 2011-11-30)
    Introduction: DDT is considered to be the most cost-effective insecticide for combating malaria. However, it is also the most environmentally persistent and can pose risks to human health when sprayed indoors. Therefore, ...
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  • Contrasting climate variability and meteorological drought with perceived drought and climate change in northern Ethiopia 

    Meze-Hausken, Elisabeth (Inter-Research, 2004-08-04)
    The rationale of this paper is to investigate peoples’ perception of climate variability, climate change and drought frequency and compare it with measurements of rainfall variability and anomalies in northern Ethiopia. ...
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  • Discounting, climate and sustainability 

    Moxnes, Erling (Elsevier, 2014-05-03)
    Climate policy recommendations differ widely because of disagreements over what discount rates to use. Disagreement reduces the impact of economic models and signals a need for improved methodology. The problem is related ...
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  • Distribution and genesis of tills in central South Norway 

    Garnes, Kari; Bergersen, Ole Fredrik (Taylor & Francis, 1977-06-01)
    The morphogenesis of tills below the culmination zones of the Weichselian inland ice has been studied in an upland area with a relief of 1500 m. The thickness of the tills varies considerably, depending principally on ...
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  • Interfuel substitution in OECD-European electricity production 

    Moxnes, Erling (Wiley InterScience, 1990)
    Fuel substitution in OECD-European electricity production is described by a putty-clay formulation. At the time of investment, fuel shares are determined according to a logit model. These fuel shares are maintained throughout ...
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  • Low Probability of Initiating nirS Transcription Explains Observed Gas Kinetics and Growth of Bacteria Switching from Aerobic Respiration to Denitrification 

    Hassan, Junaid; Bergaust, Linda Liberg; Wheat, David; Bakken, Lars (Public Library of Science, 2014-11-06)
    In response to impending anoxic conditions, denitrifying bacteria sustain respiratory metabolism by producing enzymes for reducing nitrogen oxyanions/-oxides (NOx) to N2 (denitrification). Since denitrifying bacteria are ...
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  • On the (im-)possibilities of defining human climate thresholds 

    Meze-Hausken, Elisabeth (Springer Science+Business Media B.V., 2007-02-19)
    The aim of this study is to explore the way climate creates thresholds within society. Both human physiology and the human mind determine when and where climate can trigger and influence human activities. By presenting a ...
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  • Systems Education at Bergen 

    Wheat, David; Kopainsky, Birgit; Davidsen, Pål; Pedercini, Matteo (MDPI, 2014-04-16)
    At the University of Bergen in Norway, educating students to use computer models and to think systemically about social and economic problems began in the 1970s. The International Masters Program in System Dynamics was ...
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  • Till studies in the Gudbrandsdal area, eastern central Norway 

    Garnes, Kari (University of Uppsala, 1973)
    A number of localities with sub-till sediments have recently been found in the Gudbrandsdal area. The sediments are mostly of glacio-lacustrine origin and of an assumed Middle Weichselian age. Only a few of the findings ...
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  • Wastage features of the inland ice sheet in central South Norway 

    Garnes, Kari; Bergersen, Ole Fredrik (Taylor & Francis, 1980)
    Detailed field mapping of different lateral phenomena, striae, texture and till fabric are the basis of a reconstruction of five deglaciation phases in the east Jotunheimen-Gudbrandsdalen area, a landscape with moderate ...
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