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    • Ocean current connectivity propelling the secondary spread of a marine invasive comb jelly across western Eurasia 

      Jaspers, Cornelia; Huwer, Bastian; Antajan, Elvire; Hosia, Aino; Hinrichsen, Hans-Harald; Biastoch, Arne; Angel, Dror; Asmus, Ragnhild; Augustin, Christina; Bagheri, Siamak; Beggs, Steven E.; Balsby, Thorsten J.S.; Boersma, Maarten; Bonnet, Delphine; Christensen, Jens T.; Dänhardt, Andreas; Delpy, Floriane; Falkenhaug, Tone; Finenko, Galina; Fleming, Nicholas E.C.; Fuentes, Veronica; Galil, Bella S.; Gittenberger, Arjan; Griffin, Donal C.; Haslob, Holger; Javidpour, Jamileh; Kamburska, Lyudmila; Kube, Sandra; Langenberg, Victor; Lehtiniemi, Maiju; Lombard, Fabien; Malzahn, Arne; Marambio, Macarena; Mihneva, Veselina; Møller, Lene Friis; Niermann, Ulrich; Okyar, Melek Isinibilir; Ôzdemir, Zekiye Birinci; Pitois, Sophie; Reusch, Thorsten B.H.; Robbens, Johan; Stefanova, Kremena; Thibault, Delphine; van der Veer, Henk W.; Vansteenbrugge, Lies; van Walraven, Lodewijk; Woźniczka, Adam (Wiley, 2018-07-24)
      Aim: Invasive species are of increasing global concern. Nevertheless, the mechanisms driving further distribution after the initial establishment of non‐native species remain largely unresolved, especially in marine ...
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    • Coincident mass occurrence of gelatinous zooplankton in Northern Norway 

      Knutsen, Tor; Hosia, Aino; Falkenhaug, Tone; Skern-Mauritzen, Rasmus; Wiebe, Peter H.; Larsen, Roger B.; Aglen, Asgeir; Berg, Erik (Frontiers Media, 2018-05-23)
      In autumn 2015, several sources reported observations of large amounts of gelatinous material in a large north Norwegian fjord system, either caught when trawling for other organisms or fouling fishing gear. The responsible ...
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    • The distribution of the fathead sculpin species Cottunculus subspinosus Jensen, 1902 

      Byrkjedal, Ingvar; Langhelle, Gunnar; Christiansen, Jørgen Schou; Karamushko, Oleg V. (NTNU Open Access Journals, 2018-04-13)
      The range of the rarely caught fathead sculpin species Cottunculus subspinosus has been considered restricted to the waters off East Greenland and Northeast Iceland. For the first time the species is recorded from the ...
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    • Amphipod family distributions around Iceland 

      Brix, Saskia; Lörz, Anne-Nina; Jazdzewska, Anna M.; Hughes, Lauren E.; Tandberg, Anne Helene S.; Pabis, Krzysztof; Stransky, Bente; Krapp-Schickel, Traudl; Sorbe, Jean-Claude; Hendrycks, Ed; Vader, Wim; Frutos, Inmaculada; Horton, Tammy; Jazdzewski, Krzysztof; Peart, Rachael; Beermann, Jan; Coleman, Charles Oliver; Buhl-Mortensen, Lene; Corbari, Laure; Havermans, Charlotte; Tato, Ramiro; Campean, Anali Jimenez (Pensoft, 2018-01-23)
      Amphipod crustaceans were collected at all 55 stations sampled with an epibenthic sledge during two IceAGE expeditions (Icelandic marine Animals: Genetics and Ecology) in 2011 and 2013. In total, 34 amphipod families and ...
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    • Rhachotropis (Eusiroidea, Amphipoda) from the North East Atlantic 

      Lörz, Anne-Nina; Tandberg, Anne Helene S.; Willassen, Endre; Driskell, Amy C (Pensoft, 2018)
      The genus Rhachotropis has the widest geographic and bathymetric distribution of all amphipod genera worldwide. Molecular and morphological investigations of specimens sampled around Iceland and off the Norwegian coast ...
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    • A genetic fingerprint of Amphipoda from Icelandic waters - the baseline for further biodiversity and biogeography studies 

      Jazdzewska, Anna M.; Corbari, Laure; Driskell, Amy C; Frutos, Inmaculada; Havermans, Charlotte; Hendrycks, Ed; Hughes, Lauren E.; Lörz, Anne-Nina; Stransky, Bente; Tandberg, Anne Helene S.; Vader, Wim; Brix, Saskia (Pensoft, 2018)
      Amphipods constitute an abundant part of Icelandic deep-sea zoobenthos yet knowledge of the diversity of this fauna, particularly at the molecular level, is scarce. The present work aims to use molecular methods to investigate ...
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    • On a new species of Amphilochus from deep and cold Atlanic waters, with a note on the genus Amphilochopsis (Amphipoda, Gammaridea, Amphilochidae) 

      Tandberg, Anne Helene S.; Vader, Wim (Pensoft, 2018)
      Amphilochus manudens and Amphilochopsis hamatus are redescribed based on specimens from the BioIce, Mareano, and IceAGE programmes. The new species Amphilochus anoculus sp. n. is described based on material from the IceAGE ...
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    • A pollen analytical study of faeces from wiegon, Anas penelope . A case study 

      Moe, Dagfinn (The Author, 2018)
      Pollen analysis of faeces from bird (also mammals (King 1977)) gives important additional information about attractive and nutrient rich pla nt fodder hardly traceable using macro analysis or by field observation (e.g. ...
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    • Abundance, distribution and diversity of gelatinous predators along the northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge: A comparison of different sampling methodologies 

      Hosia, Aino; Falkenhaug, Tone; Baxter, Emily J.; Pages, Fransesc (PLOS, 2017-11-02)
      The diversity and distribution of gelatinous zooplankton were investigated along the northern Mid-Atlantic Ridge (MAR) from June to August 2004.Here, we present results from macrozooplankton trawl sampling, as well as ...
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    • The taxonomy of the lichen Fuscidea cyathoides (Fuscideaceae, Umbilicariomycetidae, Ascomycota) in Europe 

      Zahradníková, Martina; Tønsberg, Tor; Andersen, Heidi Lie (Cambridge University Press, 2017-11)
      Based on morphometric and molecular methods, the taxonomy of the infraspecific taxa of Fuscidea cyathoides (Ach.) V. Wirth & Vězda, var. corticola (Fr.) Kalb and var. sorediata (H. Magn.) Poelt, has been assessed. No formal ...
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    • Taxonomy and phylogeny of the family Fuscideaceae (Umbilicariales, Ascomycota) with special emphasis on Fuscidea 

      Zahradníková, Martina (The University of Bergen, 2017-10-06)
      Introduction: For several decades, the taxonomic position of the lichen family Fuscideaceae and its associated genera, including the type genus Fuscidea V. Wirth & Vĕzda, has been debated. Amongst the species of Fuscidea, ...
      Doctoral thesis
    • Late Pleistocene songbirds of Liang Bua (Flores, Indonesia); the first fossil passerine fauna described from Wallacea 

      Meijer, Hanneke; Due, Rokus Awe; Sutikna, Thomas; Saptomo, Wahyu; Jatmiko, Jatmiko; Wasisto, Sri; Tocheri, Matthew W.; Mayr, Gerald (PeerJ, 2017-08-17)
      Background: Passerines (Aves: Passeriformes) dominate modern terrestrial bird communities yet their fossil record is limited. Liang Bua is a large cave on the Indonesian island of Flores that preserves Late Pleistocene&n ...
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    • Identification of the polyp stage of three leptomedusa species using DNA barcoding 

      Schuchert, Peter; Hosia, Aino; Leclere, Lucas Pierre Jean (Geneva Museum and the Swiss Zoological Society, 2017)
      DNA sequence data of hydromedusae and hydroids collected in the fjords near Bergen, Norway, permitted to connect three leptomedusae to three thecate hydroids with hitherto unknown life cycles. For all three species pairs, ...
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    • Jellyfish summer distribution, diversity and impact on fish farms in a Nordic fjord 

      Halsband, Claudia; Majaneva, Sanna Kristiina; Hosia, Aino; Emaus, Per; Gaardsted, Frank; Zhou, Qin; Nøst, Ole Anders; Renaud, Paul Eric (Inter-Research, 2017)
      Jellyfish can cause high mortality of farmed fish and hence significant economic losses for the aquaculture industry. Despite their socio-economic importance, distribution and diversity data on gelatinous plankton are ...
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    • Ancient diversity of afrotropical Microborus: three endemic species - not one widespread 

      Jordal, Bjarte Henry (Pensoft, 2017)
      The primarily Neotropical genus Microborus Blandford is represented with three species in Africa and Madagascar. The previously recorded species from this region, M. boops Blandford, is a Neotropical species restricted to ...
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    • Hybridization between the locally endangered Rosa spinosissima and Rosa mollis results in the pentaploid Rosa × sabinii in Western Norway 

      Andersen, Heidi Lie; Næss, Samson Jøsendal; Salvesen, Per Harald (Wiley, 2016-12)
      Rosa spinosissima is an endangered species in Norway, found only within a limited area on the southwestern coast. Presumed hybrid forms between R. spinosissima and rose species within R. sect. Caninae have been recorded ...
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    • Genomic mining of phylogenetically informative nuclear markers in bark and ambrosia beetles 

      Pistone, Dario; Mugu, Sigrid; Jordal, Bjarte Henry (PLOS, 2016-09-26)
      Deep level insect relationships are generally difficult to resolve, especially within taxa of the most diverse and species rich holometabolous orders. In beetles, the major diversity occurs in the Phytophaga, including ...
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    • The black-legged kittiwake preen gland—an overlooked organ for depuration of fat-soluble contaminants? 

      Solheim, Silje Aakre; Sagerup, Kjetil; Huber, Sandra; Byrkjedal, Ingvar; Gabrielsen, Geir Wing (Co-Action Publishing, 2016-08-18)
      Most birds preen their feathers with an oily excrete from the uropygial (preen) gland. This oily excrete contains persistent organic pollutants (POPs), which make the preen gland a potential route of depuration of POPs in ...
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    • New observations of the enigmatic West African Cellana limpet (Mollusca: Gastropoda: Nacellidae) 

      Willassen, Endre; Williams, Akanbi Bamikole; Oskars, Trond Roger (BioMed Central, 2016-07-25)
      Background: Identification of limpets is often hampered by highly variable within-species shell morphologies and colour patterns. Since pre-Linnean times this has produced complex taxonomies with confusing nomenclatorial ...
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    • Ecosystem alterations and species range shifts: An Atlantic-Mediterranean cephalaspidean gastropod in an inland Egyptian lake 

      Cruz-Rivera, Edwin; Malaquias, Manuel Antonio E. (PLoS one, 2016-06)
      The eastern Atlantic and Mediterranean marine Cephalaspidea gastropod Haminoea orbignyana was collected from Lake Qarun (Fayoum, Egypt), a landlocked lake that has undergone a shift from freshwater to estuarine conditions ...
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