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    • Applying Principles of Sociotechnical Systems onto Working Environment Research 

      Thomassen, Ole Jacob; Heggen, Kristin; Strand, Roger (Aalborg University, 2017)
      The sociotechnical system approach induced a consistent system thinking into the Scandinavian working life research. Workers’ social and psychological needs and technical/systemic conditions were seen as deeply interdependent. ...
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    • Conversations About Responsible Nanoresearch 

      Kjølberg, Kamilla Anette Lein; Strand, Roger (Springer, 2011-04-03)
      There is currently a strong focus on responsible research in relation to the development of nanoscience and nanotechnology. This study presents a series of conversations with nanoresearchers, with the ‘European Commission ...
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    • Exploring the Concept of Integrity—Toward a Craft-Inspired Interpretation 

      Thomassen, Ole Jacob; Strand, Roger; Heggen, Kristin (Aalborg University, 2017)
      The concept of integrity is used as a psychosocial concept to describe tensions and dilemmas experienced by professional and semi-professional workers in a neoliberal working life. In Norway, the concept has even been ...
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    • Making common sense of vaccines: an example of discussing the recombinant attenuated salmonella vaccine with the public 

      Dankel, Dorothy Jane; Roland, Kenneth L.; Fisher, Michael; Brenneman, Karen; Delgado Alemán, Ana; Santander, Javier; Baek, Chang-Ho; Clark-Curtiss, Josephine; Strand, Roger; Curtiss, Roy III (Springer, 2014-07-10)
      Researchers have iterated that the future of synthetic biology and biotechnology lies in novel consumer applications of crossing biology with engineering. However, if the new biology’s future is to be sustainable, early ...
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