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    • The Man of authority: images of power in Virgil’s Aeneid 1.50–156 

      Sandin, Pär (Skåneförlaget, 2000)
      In Aen. 1.50-156, Aeolus, king of winds, enforces his will by /imperium/, /vincla/ ('fetters') and /carcer/ ('imprisonment'), but his vanquisher, Neptune, lord of the sea, by /dictis/ ('words'), hence relying on natural ...
    • ἀλλὰ … γὰρ … τῷ: another note on Pindar, Nemean 7.30–35 

      Sandin, Pär (Dahlia Books, 2004)
      Read, with Mezger and Hóman, ἀλλὰ κοινὸν γὰρ ἔρχεται κῦμ’ Ἀΐδα, ... τιμὰ δὲ γίνεται ... τεθνακότων βοαθόων· τῷ ... μόλεν: "common to all comes the wave of death, ... honour befalls those [who have] died in valiant succour: ...