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    • Improved salt iodation methods for small-scale salt producers in low-resource settings in Tanzania 

      Assey, Vincent Didas; Tylleskär, Thorkild; Momburi, Philip B.; Maganga, Michael; Mlingi, Nicholaus; Reilly, Marie; Greiner, Ted; Peterson, Stefan (BioMed Central, 2009-06-17)
      Background: Universal salt iodation will prevent iodine deficiency disorders (IDD). Globally, salt-iodation technologies mostly target large and medium-scale salt-producers. Since most producers in low-income countries are ...
      Journal articlePeer reviewed
    • Remaining challenges in Tanzania’s efforts to eliminate iodine deficiency 

      Assey, Vincent Didas; Mgoba, Celestin; Mlingi, Nicholaus; Sanga, Alfred; Ndossi, Godwin D.; Greiner, Ted; Peterson, Stefan (Cambridge University Press, 2007)
      Objective: To determine iodine levels in salt and iodine deficiency prevalence in school-aged children in 16 districts in Tanzania with previous severe iodine deficiency. Design: A cross-sectional study in schoolchildren. ...
      Journal articlePeer reviewed
    • Tanzania national survey on iodine deficiency: impact after twelve years of salt iodation 

      Assey, Vincent Didas; Peterson, Stefan; Kimboka, Sabas; Ngemera, Daniel; Mgoba, Celestin; Ruhiye, Deusdedit M.; Ndossi, Godwin D.; Greiner, Ted; Tylleskär, Thorkild (BioMed Central, 2009-09-03)
      Background: In many low-income countries, children are at high risk of iodine deficiency disorders, including brain damage. In the early 1990s, Tanzania, a country that previously suffered from moderate to severe iodine ...
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