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    • Characterization of an amorphous deposit in the lamina propria in oral snuff users in the Sudan as collagen 

      Idris, Ali M.; Warnakulasuriya, K. A. A. Saman; Ibrahim, Y. E.; Hartley, R.; Paterson, K.; Patel, B.; Nilsen, Rune; Johnson, N. W. (Munksgaard, 1998-04)
      Histological and ultrastructural features of 25 oral snuff dipper's lesions with distinctive subepithelial hyaline deposits were investigated. Periodic acid-Schiff reaction with and without diastase digestion demonstrated ...
      Journal articlePeer reviewed
    • Toombak Use and Cigarette Smoking in the Sudan: Estimates of Prevalence in the Nile State 

      Idris, Ali M.; Ibrahim, Y. E.; Warnakulasuriya, K. A. A. Saman; Cooper, D. J.; Johnson, N. W.; Nilsen, Rune (American Health Foundation and Academic Press, 1998-07)
      Background. Survey data on the prevalence of use of oral snuff (toombak) and cigarette consumption according to various demographic factors are needed in the Sudan. Methods. A house to house cross-sectional survey of a ...
      Journal article