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  • T Cell Responses and Regulation and the Impact of In Vitro IL-10 and TGF-beta Modulation During Treatment of Active Tuberculosis 

    Feruglio, Siri; Kvale, Dag; Dyrhol-Riise, Anne Ma (Wiley, 2017-02)
    Mycobacterium tuberculosis (Mtb) is particularly challenging for the immune system being an intracellular pathogen, and a variety of T cell subpopulations are activated by the host defence mechanism. In this study, we ...
    Journal article
  • Vitamin D supplementation and its influence on musclestrength and mobility in community-dwelling olderpersons: a systematic review and meta-analysis 

    Rosendahl-Riise, Hanne; Spielau, U.; Ranhoff, Anette Hylen; Gudbrandsen, Oddrun Anita; Dierkes, Jutta (Wiley, 2017-02)
    Background: It has been suggested that vitamin D status or supplementation is important for maintaining or improving muscle strength and mobility in older adults. The study results, however, do not provide consistent ...
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  • Dissecting the hemagglutinin head and stalk-specific IgG antibody response in healthcare workers following pandemic H1N1 vaccination 

    Tete, Sarah; Krammer, Florain; Jalloh, Sarah Larteley Lartey; Bredholt, Geir; Wood, John M.; Skrede, Steinar; Cox, Rebecca Jane (Nature Publishing Group, 2016-07-28)
    Traditionally, neutralising antibodies that are directed to the major surface glycoprotein hemagglutinin (HA) head domain are measured as surrogate correlates of protection against influenza. In addition to neutralization, ...
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  • Immune cells and soluble immune markers in different stages of tuberculosis. Potential biomarkers for diagnosis and treatment efficacy 

    Wergeland, Ida (The University of Bergen, 2017-03-30)
    Tuberculosis (TB) is a major global health problem, especially in the developing world. In order to end the TB epidemic, reliable and rapid diagnostic tools that can identify and discriminate between latent and active TB ...
    Doctoral thesis
  • The COX- inhibitor indomethacin reduces Th1 effector and T regulatory cells in vitro in Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection 

    Tonby, Kristian; Wergeland, Ida; Lieske, Nora Valeska; Kvale, Dag; Tasken, Kjetil; Dyrhol-Riise, Anne Ma (BioMed Central, 2016-10-24)
    Background: Tuberculosis (TB) causes a major burden on global health with long and cumbersome TB treatment regimens. Host-directed immune modulating therapies have been suggested as adjunctive treatment to TB antibiotics. ...
    Journal article
  • The systemic profile of soluble immune mediators in patients with myelodysplastic syndromes 

    Kittang, Astrid Marta Olsnes; Sand, Kristoffer; Brenner, Annette; Rye, Kristin Paulsen; Bruserud, Øystein (MDPI, 2016-07-05)
    Introduction: Myelodysplastic syndromes (MDS) are characterized by bone marrow failure due to disturbed bone marrow maturation. MDS is associated with increased risk of transformation to acute myeloid leukemia (AML) and ...
    Journal article
  • Inhibition of CDK9 as a therapeutic strategy for inflammatory arthritis 

    Hellvard, Annelie; Zeitlmann, Lutz; Heiser, Ulrich; Kehlen, Astrid; Niestroj, André; Demuth, Hans-Ulrich; Koziel, Joanna; Delaleu, Nicolas; Potempa, Jan; Mydel, Piotr Mateusz (Nature Publishing Group, 2016-08-11)
    Rheumatoid arthritis is characterised by synovial inflammation and proliferation of fibroblast-like synoviocytes. The induction of apoptosis has long been proposed as a target for proliferative autoimmune diseases, and has ...
    Journal article
  • MDM2 promoter SNP55 (rs2870820) affects risk of colon cancer but not breast-, lung-, or prostate cancer 

    Helwa, Reham; Gansmo, Liv Beathe; Romundstad, Pål Richard; Hveem, Kristian; Vatten, Lars Johan; Ryan, Bríd M.; Harris, Curtis C.; Lønning, Per Eystein; Knappskog, Stian (Nature Publishing Group, 2016-09-14)
    Two functional SNPs (SNP285G > C; rs117039649 and SNP309T > G; rs2279744) have previously been reported to modulate Sp1 transcription factor binding to the promoter of the proto-oncogene MDM2, and to influence cancer risk. ...
    Journal article
  • Exome chip analyses in adult attention deficit hyperactivity disorder 

    Zayats, Tetyana; Jacobsen, Kaya Kvarme; Kleppe, Rune; Jacob, CP; Kittel-Schneider, Sarah; Ribases, Marta; Ramos-Quiroga, JA; Richarte, Vanesa; Casas, M; Mota, NR; Grevet, EH; Klein, M; Corominas, J; Bralten, Janita; Galesloot, T; Vasquez, AA; Herms, S; Forstner, AJ; Larsson, H; Breen, G; Asherson, P; Gross-Lesch, Silke; Lesch, KP; Cichon, Sven; Gabrielsen, Maiken Elvestad; Holmen, Oddgeir Lingaas; Bau, CH; Buitelaar, Jan; Kiemeney, L; Faraone, Stephen V.; Cormand, B; Franke, Barbara; Reif, Andreas; Haavik, Jan; Johansson, Stefan (Nature Publishing Group, 2016)
    Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) is a highly heritable childhood-onset neuropsychiatric condition, often persisting into adulthood. The genetic architecture of ADHD, particularly in adults, is largely unknown. ...
    Journal article
  • The influence of acute unloading on left ventricular strain and strain rate by speckle tracking echocardiography in a porcine model 

    Dahle, Geir Olav; Stangeland, Lodve; Moen, Christian Arvei; Salminen, Pirjo-Riitta; Haavestad, Rune; Matre, Knut; Grong, Ketil (American Physiological Society, 2016)
    Noninvasive measurements of myocardial strain and strain rate by speckle tracking echocardiography correlate to cardiac contractile state but also to load, which may weaken their value as indices of inotropy. In a porcine ...
    Journal article
  • Impact of Pre-Pregnancy BMI on B Vitamin and Inflammatory Status in Early Pregnancy: An Observational Cohort Study 

    Monsen, Anne Lise Bjørke; Ulvik, Arve; Nilsen, Roy Miodini; Midttun, Øivind; Roth, Christine; Magnus, Per; Stoltenberg, Camilla; Vollset, Stein Emil; Reichborn-Kjennerud, Ted; Ueland, Per Magne (MDPI, 2016-11-30)
    Maternal nutrition and inflammation have been suggested as mediators in the development of various adverse pregnancy outcomes associated with maternal obesity. We have investigated the relation between pre-pregnancy BMI, ...
    Journal article
  • Relationship Between Time Consumption and Quality of Responses to Drug-Related Queries: A Study From Seven Drug Information Centers in Scandinavia 

    Reppe, Linda Amundstuen; Lydersen, Stian; Schjøtt, Jan; Damkier, Per; Christensen, Hanne Rolighed; Kampmann, Jens Peter; Böttiger, Ylva; Spigset, Olav (Elsevier, 2016-07)
    Purpose: The aims of this study were to assess the quality of responses produced by drug information centers (DICs) in Scandinavia, and to study the association between time consumption processing queries and the quality ...
    Journal article
  • A restrictive policy for red blood cell transfusion in older hip fracture patients: experiences from a patient register 

    Martinsen, Mette; Valland, Haldor; Solheim, Ludvig Fjeld; Holvik, Kristin; Ranhoff, Anette Hylen (BioMed Central, 2016-02-09)
    Background: Allogeneic red blood cell transfusions (ABT) are common in older hip fracture patients. Recent research supports a restrictive transfusion policy. The aim was to study variation in hemoglobin (Hb) concentration, ...
    Journal article
  • Complications and discomfort of bronchoscopy: a systematic review 

    Leiten, Elise Orvedal; Martinsen, Einar Marius Hjellestad; Eagan, Tomas Mikal; Bakke, Per S.; Grønseth, Rune (Co-Action Publishing, 2016)
    Objective: To identify bronchoscopy-related complications and discomfort, meaningful complication rates, and predictors. Method: We conducted a systematic literature search in PubMed on 8 February 2016, using a search ...
    Journal article
  • Sexual activity and functioning in women treated for gynaecological cancers 

    Sekse, Ragnhild Johanne Tveit; Hufthammer, Karl Ove; Vika, Margrethe Elin (Wiley, 2017-02)
    Aims and objectives. A description and comparison of sexual activity and function in relation to various gynaecological cancer diagnoses, treatment modalities, age groups, psychological distress and health-related quality ...
    Journal article
  • A longitudinal follow-up of autoimmune polyendocrine syndrome type 1 

    Bruserud, Øyvind; Oftedal, Bergithe Eikeland; Landegren, Nils; Erichsen, Martina Moter; Bratland, Eirik; Lima, Kari; Jørgensen, Anders Palmstrøm; Myhre, Anne Grethe; Svartberg, Johan; Fougner, Kristian J; Bakke, Åsne; Nedrebø, Bjørn Gunnar; Mella, Bjarne; Breivik, Lars Ertesvåg; Viken, Marte K; Knappskog, Per; Cuida Marthinussen, Ileana Mihaela; Løvås, Kristian; Kämpe, Olle; Wolff, Anette Susanne Bøe; Husebye, Eystein Sverre (Oxford University Press, 2016-08)
    Context: Autoimmune polyendocrine syndrome type 1 (APS1) is a childhood-onset monogenic disease defined by the presence of two of the three major components: hypoparathyroidism, primary adrenocortical insufficiency, and ...
    Journal article
  • Prognostic significance of S100A4 expression in stage II and III colorectal cancer: results from a population-based series and a randomized phase III study on adjuvant chemotherapy 

    Pedersen, Kjetil Boye; Jacob, Havjin; Frikstad, Kari-Anne; Nesland, Jahn M; Mælandsmo, Gunhild; Dahl, Olav; Nesbakken, Arild; Flatmark, Kjersti (Wiley, 2016-08)
    Current clinical algorithms are unable to precisely predict which colorectal cancer patients would benefit from adjuvant chemotherapy, and there is a need for novel biomarkers to improve the selection of patients. The ...
    Journal article
  • Pulmonary changes in Norwegian fatal cases of pandemic influenza H1N1 (2009) infection: a morphologic and molecular genetic study 

    Voltersvik, Pål; Aqrawi, Lara Adnan; Dudman, Susanne Gjeruldsen; Hungnes, Olav; Bostad, Leif; Brokstad, Karl Albert; Cox, Rebecca Jane (Wiley, 2016-11)
    Background: During the pandemic outbreak of the 2009 swine influenza (A(H1N1) pdm09), 32 fatal cases occurred in Norway and 19 of these were included in this study. Objectives: We characterised pulmonary changes in these ...
    Journal article
  • Epidemiology and health related quality of life in hypoparathyroidism in Norway 

    Astor, Marianne; Løvås, Kristian; Debowska, Aleksandra; Eriksen, Erik Fink; Evang, Johan Arild; Fossum, Jan Christian; Fougner, Kristian J; Holte, Synnøve E.; Lima, Kari; Moe, Ragnar Bekkhus; Myhre, Anne Grethe; Kemp, E. Helen; Nedrebø, Bjørn Gunnar; Svartberg, Johan; Husebye, Eystein Sverre (Endocrine Society, 2016-08)
    Objective: The epidemiology of hypoparathyroidism (HP) is largely unknown. We aimed to determine prevalence, etiologies, health related quality of life (HRQOL) and treatment pattern of HP. Methods: Patients with HP and ...
    Journal article
  • Impaired lymphatic function accelerates cancer growth 

    Steinskog, Eli Sihn Samdal; Sagstad, Solfrid Johanne; Wagner, Marek; Karlsen, Tine Veronica; Yang, Ning; Markhus, Carl Erik Nordvik; Yndestad, Synnøve; Wiig, Helge; Eikesdal, Hans Petter (Impact Journals, 2016-06-13)
    Increased lymphangiogenesis is a common feature of cancer development and progression, yet the influence of impaired lymphangiogenesis on tumor growth is elusive. C3HBA breast cancer and KHT-1 sarcoma cell lines were ...
    Journal article

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