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    • Early Christianity in East Africa and Red Sea/Indian Ocean Commerce 

      Seland, Eivind Heldaas (Springer, 2014-11-18)
      The ancient East African kingdom of Aksum gradually adopted Christianity from the early- to mid-fourth-century reign of Ezana onwards. The well-known narrative of the late Roman church-historian Rufinus relates a top-down ...
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    • The Meroitic empire: trade and cultural influences in an Indian ocean context 

      Håland, Randi (2014-12)
      The Meroitic Empire was a powerful Kushite state in the Middle Nile region of the Sudan, lasting from the fourth century BCE to the fourth century CE. In the early phase from the ninth century BCE, the seat of power was ...
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    • Networks and social cohesion in ancient Indian Ocean trade: geography, ethnicity, religion 

      Seland, Eivind Heldaas (Cambridge University Press, 2013-10-02)
      The Indian Ocean is famous for its well-documented Jewish and Islamic trading networks of the medieval and early modern periods. Social networks that eased the challenges of cross-cultural trade have a much longer history ...
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    • The Periplus of the Erythraean Sea: A Network Approach 

      Seland, Eivind Heldaas (The Asian Association of World Historians, 2016)
      The Periplus of the Erythraean Sea is a Roman period guide to trade and navigation in the Indian Ocean. Justly famous for offering a contemporary and descriptive account of early Indian Ocean trade, the work has been subject ...
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