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    • Aeschylus, Supplices 86–95, 843–910, and the early transmission of antistrophic lyrical texts 

      Sandin, Pär (Akademie Verlag, 2007)
      The symmetrical inter-displacements of corresponding blocks of text between strophes and antistrophes in lyrical odes, earlier proposed for A. Supp. 88–90 ~ 93–95, 872–75 ~ 882–84, and 906–7 ~ 909–10, have affected all ...
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    • Anti-Spam: Reinventing Data 

      Seica, Alvaro (Parsons Institute for Information Mapping, 2012)
      Today, where information is continually transferred in the form of data, the word “information” has all but been exchanged for the word “data.” This shift of terms has aided in effectively transforming the world into a ...
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    • Å passe verden inn i en ytring 

      Johansen, Hilde (Nordisk institutt, Universitetet i Bergen, 2005)
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    • Critical notes on Aeschylus 

      Sandin, Pär (Eranos, 2002)
      In Sept. 915 read δόμων μὰν (Schneider) ἀχώ || ἐπ’ αὐτούς, in 926 ἆ δυσδαίμων σφιν (or σφῷν) || τεκοῦσα. In Supp. 960 read εἰ δ’ ἐκεῖ. In Supp. 1002 read χἄλωρα κωλύονθ’ ὁμῶς μέλειν ἔρῳ: “Cypris proclaims the ripe fruit ...
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    • E-Borges: Stuart Moulthrop’s Victory Garden 

      Seica, Alvaro (APEAA, 2012)
      This essay analyses Stuart Moulthrop’s Victory Garden (1991), a singular hyperfiction within the context of hypertextual narratives released during the 90s. Taking into consideration the campus novel and anti-war novel ...
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    • Electronic Literature and Online Literary Databases. The PO.EX and ELMCIP Cases 

      Seiça, Álvaro (Riss, 2014)
      This essay reflects on the shift of user interaction operated by online literary archives and databases. One can easily recognize a change of scenery happening in the current networked world, given the way authors and ...
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    • Electronic Literature Seen from a Distance. The Beginnings of a Field 

      Rettberg, Jill Walker (Dichtung Digital, 2012)
      This paper outlines the development of the hypertext fiction community that developed in the United States of America from the late eighties and onwards. This community was separate from the interactive fiction community ...
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    • An emendation in Hippolytus 1014 

      Sandin, Pär (Eranos, 1998)
      In Eur. Hipp. 1014 read ἥδιστά γ’, εἰ μὴ πᾶς φρένας διεφθάρη.
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    • ‘Freshly Generated for You, and Barack Obama’: How Social Media Represent Your Life 

      Rettberg, Jill Walker (SAGE, 2009-12)
      This article discusses the ways in which social media help us craft the narratives of our lives. Many discussions of social media look at self-presentation and the construction of identity on social network sites in ...
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    • Gotisk affaradag jul vid det bysantinska hovet: Ur Konstantin Porphyogennetos De ceremoniis, med anmärkningar av Nils Sjöberg, Johann Jakob Reiske, Martin P:n Nilsson och Pär Sandin 

      Porphyrogennetos, Konstantin; Sandin, Pär; Reiske, Johann Jacob; Nilsson, Martin P:son (KulturOrgan Skadinaujo, 2009)
      The description of the "Gothic play" in Constantin Porphyrogennetus, De ceremoniis (vol. II pp. 181ff. Voigt) may ultimately go back to the Scandinavian custom "Affaradag jóla", during which Yule was driven out violently ...
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    • A Greek delocutive noun? Some notes on ποίφυγμα and its alleged cognates 

      Sandin, Pär (Lexis, 2001)
      Delocutives are formed with an utterance (x) as a radical. Common in Greek are verbs meaning "say x" (e.g., πατερίζω); nominal formations denote for instance a person saying x or the utterance x per se. The latter type ...
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    • How to facilitate and make the academic libraries more accessible to young researchers, especially by implementing open access 

      Akselberg, Gunnstein; Landøy, Ane (Asociaţia Bibliotecarilor din România (ABR), 2010)
      In this article the authors discuss how to make the academic libraries more accessible to young researchers. They focus on different ways in which the accessibility may be strengthened, in particular the role of open ...
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    • How to optimalise relations between library, administration and teaching staff? 

      Akselberg, Gunnstein (Asociaţia Bibliotecarilor din România (ABR), 2009)
      As a consequence of implementing the Quality Reform of Higher Education, the Universities and implicitly their libraries undergo a process of positive change. An edifying example to this purpose is constituted by the ...
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    • Industristedtalemål og dialektendring 

      Neteland, Randi (Novus forlag, 2013)
      De norske industristedtalemålene kan sees på som resultat av en språkendringsprosess som har mange fellestrekk med annen dialektendring. Samtidig kan prosessen tolkes inn i en språkkontaktkontekst og sammenliknes med ...
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    • Innflyttertalemåls innvirkning på talemålsendringer i industristeder 

      Neteland, Randi (Novus forlag, 2014)
      Artikkelen er en empirisk undersøkelse av endring i totalt seksten språklige variabler i industristedtalemålene i Sauda og Årdal. Det drøftes om talemålsendringene følger typiske mønstre for koinéformingsprosesser, og ...
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    • Inversjon i norsk innlærerspråk. En undersøkelse av variasjonsmønstre i skrevne tekster. 

      Johansen, Hilde (Novus Forlag, 2008)
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    • Jamvektseffekten En fonetisk analyse av jamvekt i nordgudbrandsdalsdialekten 

      Kristoffersen, Gjert (Novus forlag, 2007)
      Level stress (Norwegian: jamvekt) is a prosodic pattern found in Norwegian and Swedish dialects which have retained mono-moraic (short) root syllables from Old Norse. In disyllables with accent 2 and short initial root ...
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    • Kva er god nynorsk språkføring? 

      Brunstad, Endre (Novus forlag, 2009)
      This article discusses perceptions of what is characterized as good written Nynorsk by persons with a close relationship to Nynorsk written culture. The material includes a survey of 67 informants, as well as a selection ...
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    • LFG parse disambiguation for Wolof 

      Dione, Cheikh Bamba (Institute of Computer Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences, 2014)
      This paper presents several techniques for managing ambiguity in LFG parsing of Wolof, a less-resourced Niger-Congo language. Ambiguity is pervasive in Wolof and This raises a number of theoretical and practical issues for ...
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    • A Literatura Factorial [l!] 

      Seica, Alvaro (Universidade Fernando Pessoa, 2013)
      Centrando-se na hiperficção, este ensaio apresenta algumas proto-hiperficções, preocupadas com as temáticas combinatórias da literatura, ars combinatoria, e com a sua composição permutacional, num movimento que ainda hoje ...
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