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    • Fra speilmetoden til automatisk ekstrahering av et betydningstagget korpus for WSD-formål 

      Lyse, Gunn Inger (The University of Bergen, 2003)
      This thesis adresses the lack of sense-annotated corpora as a background resource for Word Sense Disambiguation (WSD). The most promising approach to WSD is generally considered to be corpus-based, supervised machine ...
      Master thesis
    • Framing Embodiment in General-Purpose Computing. A study identifying key components in a multimodel general-purpose computational environment 

      Nesheim, Elisabeth (The University of Bergen, 2011-11-21)
      The last thirty years have presented us with technology that has had an profound impact on how we produce, socialize with others, and consume culture. Today most of these actions are linked to a computational setup ...
      Master thesis
    • Genustilordning i nynorsk: Ei datamaskinell etterprøving 

      Halse, Gro (The University of Bergen, 2004)
      Genus i norsk har vorte sett på som meir eller mindre arbitrært. Trosterud (2001) går ut frå at norsk har systematisk genustilordning, og presenterer eit regelsett beståande av semantiske, morfologiske og fonologiske ...
      Master thesis
    • Going on beyond Modernism in Beckett's Texts for Nothing 

      Moi, Ruben (Institutt for kultur, litteratur og språkvitenskap ved Fakultet for humaniora, samfunnsvitenskap og lærerutdanning, UiT Norges arktiske universitet, 2005)
      The title of Samuel Beckett's thirteen minimalist prose texts from 1954, Texts for Nothing, contrasts strongly with the award of the Nobel Prize for literature and the canonization of the author in 1969. This prestigious ...
      Journal article
    • How to facilitate and make the academic libraries more accessible to young researchers, especially by implementing open access 

      Akselberg, Gunnstein; Landøy, Ane (Asociaţia Bibliotecarilor din România (ABR), 2010)
      In this article the authors discuss how to make the academic libraries more accessible to young researchers. They focus on different ways in which the accessibility may be strengthened, in particular the role of open ...
      Journal article
    • Hvem er forfatteren? - Stilometriske undersøkelser av norske prosatekster 

      Troland, Victoria (The University of Bergen, 2015-05-15)
      Stilometri er kvantitative undersøkelser av skrivestil ved hjelp av lingvistiske trekk. Ved hjelp av stilometriske metoder kan forfatterskap, egenskaper til forfatteren og hvorvidt en tekst er skrevet av en eller flere ...
      Master thesis
    • Hvor kort er godt? En evaluering av NorSum - en automatisk tekstsammenfatter for norsk 

      Liseth, Anja Therese (The University of Bergen, 2004)
      This thesis has been carried out in collaboration with the Scandinavian science nettwork ScandSum, and it presents an evaluation of NorSum, an automatic text summarizer for Norwegian. The evaluation is an intrinsic one, ...
      Master thesis
    • Iconicity in Verb Serialisation. Re-analyzing Akan SVCs 

      Baah, Johnson (The University of Bergen, 2015-05-14)
      The extant works on serial verb constructions (SVCs) in the Akan language categorize verb serialization into clause chaining (CC) and integrated serial verb (ISV) constructions based on the notion of the degree of ...
      Master thesis
    • Information Literacy (IL), supervising and research 

      Akselberg, Gunnstein (Gunnstein Akselberg, 2010-04)
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    • Johan Herman Wessel: Klassisist? Romantisk? En røfting med utgangspunkt i hans versfortellinger 

      Dvergsdal, Alvhild (Institutt for kultur, litteratur og språkvitenskap ved Fakultet for humaniora, samfunnsvitenskap og lærerutdanning, UiT Norges arktiske universitet, 2002)
      Journal article
    • Korpus og leksikografi 

      Samdal, Gunn Inger Lyse (2018-12-18)
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    • LFG parse disambiguation for Wolof 

      Dione, Cheikh Bamba (Institute of Computer Science of the Polish Academy of Sciences, 2014)
      This paper presents several techniques for managing ambiguity in LFG parsing of Wolof, a less-resourced Niger-Congo language. Ambiguity is pervasive in Wolof and This raises a number of theoretical and practical issues for ...
      Journal article
    • Linguistically motivated parallel parsebanks 

      Dyvik, Helge; Meurer, Paul; Rosén, Victoria; De Smedt, Koenraad (2009-11-25)
      Parallel grammars and parallel treebanks can be a useful method for studying linguistic diversity and commonality. We use this approach to study how arguments to similar predicates are realized across languages. To that ...
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    • "Litt vanskeleg og litt keisamt, eigentleg" - Ei gransking av normoppfatningar hjå unge nynorskbrukarar 

      Vatsaas, Helga Ramstad (The University of Bergen, 2018-10-09)
      Denne granskinga har som hovudmål å få djupare innsikt i kva for oppfatningar unge nynorskbrukarar har av nynorsknormalen, med omsyn til følgjande spørsmål: 1. Samsvarar elevane sin oppfatta normal med den faktiske normalen? ...
      Master thesis
    • Medelevrespons 

      Viken, Ingunn Sigrid Vikum (The University of Bergen, 2016-11-22)
      Masteroppgåva handlar om medelevrespons som del av undervegsvurdering av elevtekst. I denne oppgåva skildrar og analyserer eg kva som skjer i ei gruppe som utfører medelevrespons. Oppgåva byggjer på eit sosiokulturelt syn ...
      Master thesis
    • Mot en trebank for talespråk 

      Rosén, Victoria (Novus forlag, 2008)
    • Om nominal tellelighet 

      Lorentzen, Erlend Astad (The University of Bergen, 2013-05-09)
      This thesis aims to investigate aspects of nominal countability, mainly in Norwegian common nouns. There is a constant debate on how best to describe the countability of nouns, typically claimed for Indo-European languages. ...
      Master thesis
    • On the consciousness of anglicisms in Norwegian youth language 

      Domanska, Anna (The University of Bergen, 2009-08-27)
      In Europe, English language, as the language of national integration, is the most dominant word-donor to other less popular languages. But, is usage of English words a sign of cosmopolitanism or rather a sign of strange ...
      Master thesis
    • Ontology extraction for coreference chaining 

      Lech, Till Christopher; De Smedt, Koenraad (The University of Bergen, 2005-09)
      The KunDoc project investigates coreference chaining with ontology-based methods. In this paper, we discuss knowledge-based methods for coreference chaining and in particular the use of ontologies and their acquisition ...
    • Posthyperfiction: Practices in Digital Textuality 

      Rettberg, Scott (Routledge, 2015)
      By the turn of the millennium hypertext fiction was no longer the predominant form of digital writing produced by authors of electronic literature. In recent years, electronic poetry is more often produced than hypertext ...