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    • Parameterization of drag and dissolution of rising CO2 drops in seawater 

      Gangstø, Reidun; Haugan, Peter Mosby; Alendal, Guttorm (American Geophysical Union, 2005-05-24)
      In this work the dynamics and dissolution of a hydratecovered CO2 drop were studied, using a numeric model and data from one of very few CO2 experiments performed in the real ocean. A theory including the standard drag ...
      Journal article
    • Parameterized complexity of Eulerian deletion problems 

      Cygan, Marek; Pilipczuk, Marcin; Marx, Dániel; Pilipczuk, Michal Pawel; Schlotter, Ildikó (Springer, 2014-01)
      We study a family of problems where the goal is to make a graph Eulerian, i.e., connected and with all the vertices having even degrees, by a minimum number of deletions. We completely classify the parameterized complexity ...
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    • Parameterized complexity of secluded connectivity problems 

      Fomin, Fedor; Golovach, Petr; Karpov, Nikolay; Kulikov, Alexander S (Dagstuhl Publishing, 2015)
      The Secluded Path problem introduced by Chechik et al. in [ESA 2013] models a situation where a sensitive information has to be transmitted between a pair of nodes along a path in a network. The measure of the quality of ...
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    • Parameterized complexity of the spanning tree congestion problem 

      Bodlaender, Hans L.; Fomin, Fedor; Golovach, Petr; Otachi, Yota; van Leeuwen, Erik Jan (Springer, 2012-09)
      We study the problem of determining the spanning tree congestion of a graph. We present some sharp contrasts in the parameterized complexity of this problem. First, we show that on apex-minor-free graphs, a general class ...
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    • Parameterized Graph Modification Algorithms 

      Drange, Pål Grønås (The University of Bergen, 2015-12-10)
      Graph modification problems form an important class of algorithmic problems in computer science. In this thesis, we study edge modification problems towards classes related to chordal graphs, with the main focus on trivially ...
      Doctoral thesis
    • Parma consensus statement on metabolic disruptors 

      Heindel, Jerrold J; vom Saal, Frederick S; Blumberg, Bruce; Bovolin, Patrizia; Calamandrei, Gemma; Ceresini, Graziano; Cohn, Barbara A; Fabbri, Elena; Gioiosa, Laura; Kassotis, Christopher; Legler, Juliette; La Merrill, Michele; Rizzir, Laura; Machtinger, Ronit; Mantovani, Alberto; Mendez, Michelle A; Montanini, Luisa; Molteni, Laura; Nagel, Susan C; Parmigiani, Stefano; Panzica, Giancarlo; Paterlini, Silvia; Pomatto, Valentina; Ruzzin, Jérôme; Sartor, Giorgio; Schug, Thaddeus T; Street, Maria E; Suvorov, Alexander; Volpi, Riccardo; Zoeller, R. T; Palanza, Paola (BioMed Central, 2015-06-20)
      A multidisciplinary group of experts gathered in Parma Italy for a workshop hosted by the University of Parma, May 16–18, 2014 to address concerns about the potential relationship between environmental metabolic disrupting ...
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    • Parsing in a Broad Sense 

      Zaytsev, Vadim; Bagge, Anya Helene (Springer, 2014)
      Having multiple representations of the same instance is common in software language engineering: models can be visualised as graphs, edited as text, serialised as XML. When mappings between such representations are considered, ...
    • Partial molar properties of aqueous monosaccharide solutions at elevated pressure 

      Aarflot, Asbjørn (The University of Bergen, 2001)
      Master thesis
    • Particle aggregation at the edges of anticyclonic eddies and implications for distribution of biomass 

      Samuelsen, Annette; Hjøllo, Solfrid Sætre; Johannessen, Johnny Andre; Patel, Ruben (Copernicus Publications, 2012-06-14)
      Acoustic measurements show that the biomass of zooplankton and mesopelagic fish is redistributed by mesoscale variability and that the signal extends over several hundred meters depth. The mechanisms governing this ...
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    • Particle Production in p+p and d+Au Collisions at √sNN = 200 GeV 

      Yang, Hongyan (The University of Bergen, 2007-12-14)
      Doctoral thesis
    • Particle-yield modification in jet-like azimuthal dihadron correlations in Pb-Pb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}$ = 2.76 TeV 

      Aamodt, Kenneth; Altinpinar, Sedat; Djuvsland, Øystein; Fehlker, Dominik; Haaland, Øystein Senneset; Huang, Meidana; Kanaki, Kalliopi; Larsen, Dag Toppe; Lien, Jørgen; Liu, Lijiao; Lønne, Per-Ivar; Nystrand, Joakim; Øvrebekk, Gaute; Richter, Matthias; Røhrich, Dieter; Skjerdal, Kyrre; Szostak, Artur Krzysztof; Ullaland, Kjetil; Wagner, Boris; Alme, Johan; Erdal, Hege Austrheim; Helstrup, Håvard; Hetland, Kristin Fanebust; Kileng, Bjarte; Dordic, Olja; Eyyubova, Gyulnara; Lindal, Svein; Løvhøiden, Gunnar; Milosevic, Jovan; Nilsson, Mads Stormo; Pocheptsov, Timur Anatolievich; Qvigstad, Henrik; Skaali, Toralf Bernhard; Tveter, Trine Spedstad; Wikne, Jon Christopher; Abelev, Betty; Abrahantes Quintana, Arian; Adamová, Dagmar; Adare, Andrew Marshall; Aggarwal, Madan M.; Aglieri Rinella, Gianluca; Agocs, Andreas Gabor; Agostinelli, Andrea; Aguilar Salazar, Saul; Ahammed, Zubayer; Ahmad, Nazeer; Ahmad Masoodi, Arshar; Ahn, Sang Un; Akindinov, Alexander; Aleksandrov, Dimitry (American Physical Society, 2012-03)
      The yield of charged particles associated with high-pT trigger particles (8 < pT < 15 GeV/c) is measured with the ALICE detector in Pb-Pb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{NN}}$ = 2.76 TeV relative to proton-proton collisions at the ...
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    • Particle–wave discrimination in Poisson spot experiments 

      Reisinger, Thomas; Bracco, Gianangelo; Holst, Bodil (IOP Publishing Ltd, 2011)
      Matter–wave interferometry has been used extensively over the last few years to demonstrate the quantum-mechanical wave nature of increasingly larger and more massive particles. We have recently suggested the use of ...
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    • Partielle molare eigenskapar og løysingsevne til kalsiumfosfat ved høgtrykk studert ved hjelp av volum og kompresjon av natriumfosfat og kalsiumkolrid 

      Strand, Øystein (The University of Bergen, 2003)
      Det har vorte utført tettleiksmålingar og lydfartsmålingar på vassløysningar av natriumdihydrogenfosfat, dinatriumhydrogenfosfat, trinatriumfosfat og kalsiumklorid. Målingane har vorte gjort for ulike konsentrasjonar i ...
      Master thesis
    • Passer og linjal, origami og Galoisteori 

      Vasdal, Thomas Arneberg (The University of Bergen, 2011-06-01)
      Denne oppgaven prøver å belyse konstruksjoner med passer og linjal og origami ved hjelp av Galois- teori. De tre klassiske problemene: Kubens fordobling, sirkelens kvadratur og vinkelens tredeling er sentrale. Oppgaven er ...
      Master thesis
    • Passive Cryptanalysis of the UnConditionally Secure Authentication Protocol for RFID Systems 

      Abyaneh, Mohammad Reza Sohizadeh (The author, 2012)
      Recently, Alomair et al. proposed the first Un- Conditionally Secure mutual authentication protocol for lowcost RFID systems(UCS-RFID). The security of the UCSRFID relies on five dynamic secret keys which are updated at ...
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    • Past climate variability: model analysis and proxy intercomparison 

      Pausata, Francesco S. R. (The University of Bergen, 2010-10-22)
      This thesis investigates the climate variability of the late Quaternary (21 000 yrs BP to present day) using model simulations and proxy data. The thesis consists of four manuscripts and one appendix.In the first two ...
      Doctoral thesis
    • Pathways of Carbon Assimilation and Ammonia Oxidation Suggested by Environmental Genomic Analyses of Marine Crenarchaeota 

      Hallam, Steven J.; Mincer, Tracy J.; Schleper, Christa Maria; Preston, Christina M.; Roberts, Katie; Richardson, Paul M.; DeLong, Edward F. (Public Library of Science, 2006-03-21)
      Marine Crenarchaeota represent an abundant component of oceanic microbiota with potential to significantly influence biogeochemical cycling in marine ecosystems. Prior studies using specific archaeal lipid biomarkers and ...
      Journal articlePeer reviewed
    • Pattern and process in Norwegian upland grasslands: a functional analysis 

      Vandvik, Vigdis; Birks, Harry John Betteley (Opulus Press, 2002)
      Four classes of functional and morphological plant traits (FMT) – established strategies (the CSR scheme sensu Grime 1979), life-forms (sensu Raunkiaer 1934), morphology, and regenerative strategies – are used as tools for ...
      Journal articlePeer reviewed
    • Pattern and process in Norwegian upland grasslands: an integrated ecological approach. 

      Vandvik, Vigdis (The University of Bergen, 2002-06-04)
      In this thesis I examine community patterns and the effects of disturbances on these patterns within successional subalpine grasslands at summer farms in Norway. On a broad scale, I investigate how environment, land-use ...
      Doctoral thesis
    • Påvirker tidspunktet for beriking av oppvekstmiljøet romlig læring hos unglaks (Salmo salar)? 

      Alnes, Ingeborg Bjerkvik (The University of Bergen, 2016-06-01)
      Å forflytte seg mellom biologisk viktige områder er en viktig del av hverdagen til en rekke dyr. Dette krever evnen til å sanse, prosessere og memorere informasjon fra omverdenen, som er fylt med enorme mengder potensielle ...
      Master thesis