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    • Colluding Tags Attack on the ECC-based Grouping Proofs for Rfids 

      Abyaneh, Mohammad Reza Sohizadeh (The author, 2012)
      Recently, a new privacy-preserving elliptic curve based grouping proof protocol with colluding tag prevention( CTP) has been proposed. The CTP protocol is claimed to be resistant against colluding tags attacks in which ...
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    • Combinatorial description of jumps in spectral networks. 

      Frolova, Anastasia; Vasil'ev, Alexander (The American Mathematical Society, 2017)
      We describe a graph parametrization of rational quadratic differen- tials with presence of a simple pole, whose critical trajectories form a network depending on parameters focusing on the network topological jumps. ...
      Journal article
    • Combined positron emission tomography and computed tomography to visualize and quantify fluid flow in sedimentary rocks 

      Fernø, Martin; Gauteplass, Jarand; Hauge, Lars Petter; Abell, Geir Espen; Adamsen, Tom Christian; Graue, Arne (AGU (American Geophysical Union) Publications, 2015-09-22)
      Here we show for the first time the combined positron emission tomography (PET) and computed tomography (CT) imaging of flow processes within porous rocks to quantify the development in local fluid saturations. The coupling ...
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    • Combining Aspect-Oriented and Strategic Programming 

      Kalleberg, Karl Trygve; Visser, Eelco (Elsevier, 2006-01)
      Properties such as logging, persistence, debugging, tracing, distribution, performance monitoring and exception handling occur in most programming paradigms and are normally very difficult or even impossible to modularizewith ...
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    • Combining biochemical methods to trace organic effluent from fish farms 

      Woodcock, Skye; Troedsson, Christofer; Strohmeier, Tore; Balseiro Vigo, Pablo; Skaar, Katrine Sandnes; Strand, Øivind (Inter-Research, 2017)
      The substitution of fish oils and fish meal with terrestrial components in the diets of farmed fin-fish offers a unique opportunity to trace organic effluents from fin-fish aquaculture into the marine environment. In this ...
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    • Combustion of Gas in Closed, Interconnected Vessels: Pressure Piling 

      Rogstadkjernet, Lars (The University of Bergen, 2004)
      This thesis is the documentation of a study of gas explosions in closed, interconnected vessels. Explosions within such vessels is strongly affected by the characteristics of the geometry, and can, under given conditions, ...
      Master thesis
    • A common-garden experiment to quantify evolutionary processes in copepods: the case of emamectin benzoate resistance in the parasitic sea louse Lepeophtheirus salmonis 

      Ljungfeldt, Lina; Espedal, Per Gunnar; Nilsen, Frank; Skern-Mauritzen, Mette; Glover, Kevin (BioMed Central, 2014-05-19)
      Background: The development of pesticide resistance represents a global challenge to food production. Specifically for the Atlantic salmon aquaculture industry, parasitic sea lice and their developing resistance to delousing ...
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    • Community Detection in Complex Networks 

      Lund, Herman Møyner (The University of Bergen, 2017-06-20)
      Master thesis
    • Community Detection in Social Networks 

      Fasmer, Erlend Eindride (The University of Bergen, 2015-05-01)
      Social networks usually display a hierarchy of communities and it is the task of community detection algorithms to detect these communities and preferably also their hierarchical relationships. One common class of ...
      Master thesis
    • Community Detection on the GPU 

      Naim, Md.; Manne, Fredrik; Halappanavar, Mahantesh; Tumeo, Antonino (IEEE, 2017)
      We present and evaluate a new GPU algorithm based on the Louvain method for community detection. Our algorithm is the first for this problem that parallelizes the access to individual edges. In this way we can fine tune ...
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    • A community-based geological reconstruction of Antarctic Ice Sheet deglaciation since the Last Glacial Maximum 

      Bentley, Michael J.; Ocofaigh, Colm Ó.; Anderson, John B.; Conway, Howard; Davies, Bethan; Graham, Alastair G.C.; Hillenbrand, Claus-Dieter; Hodgson, Dominic A.; Jamieson, Stewart S.R.; Larter, Robert D.; Mackintosh, Andrew; Smith, James A.; Verleyen, Elie; Ackert, Robert P.; Bart, Philip J.; Berg, Sonja; Brunstein, Daniel; Canals, Miquel; Colhoun, Eric A.; Crosta, Xavier; Dickens, William A.; Domack, Eugene; Dowdeswell, Julian A.; Dunbar, Robert; Ehrmann, Werner; Evans, Jeffrey; Favier, Vincent; Fink, David; Fogwill, Christopher J.; Glasser, Neil F.; Gohl, Karsten; Golledge, Nicholas R.; Goodwin, Ian; Gore, Damian B.; Greenwood, Sarah L.; Hall, Brenda L.; Hall, Kevin; Hedding, David W.; Hein, Andrew S.; Hocking, Emma P.; Jakobsson, Martin; Johnson, Joanne S.; Jomelli, Vincent; Jones, R. Selwyn; Klages, Johann P.; Kristoffersen, Yngve; Kuhn, Gerhard; Leventer, Amy; Licht, Kathy; Lilly, Katherine; Lindow, Julia; Livingstone, Stephen J.; Massé, Guillaume; McGlone, Matt S.; Mckay, Robert M.; Melles, Martin; Miura, Hideki; Mulvaney, Robert; Nel, Werner; Nitsche, Frank O.; O'Brien, Philip E.; Post, Alexandra L.; Roberts, Stephen J.; Saunders, Krystyna M.; Selkirk, Patricia M.; Simms, Alexander R.; Spiegel, Cornelia; Stolldorf, Travis D.; Sugden, David E.; van der Putten, Nathalie; van Ommen, Tas; Verfaillie, Deborah; Vyverman, Wim; Wagner, Bernd; White, Duanne A.; Witus, Alexandra E.; Zwartz, Dan (Elsevier, 2014-09-15)
      A robust understanding of Antarctic Ice Sheet deglacial history since the Last Glacial Maximum is important in order to constrain ice sheet and glacial-isostatic adjustment models, and to explore the forcing mechanisms ...
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    • Community-driven development for computational biology at Sprints, Hackathons and Codefests 

      Möller, Steffen; Afgan, Enis; Banck, Michael; Bonnal, Raoul J. P.; Booth, Timothy; Chilton, John; Cock, Peter J. A.; Gumbel, Markus; Harris, Nomi; Holland, Richard; Kalaš, Matúš; Kaján, László; Kibukawa, Eri; Powel, David R.; Prins, Pjotr; Quinn, Jacqueline; Sallou, Olivier; Strozzi, Francesco; Seemann, Torsten; Sloggett, Clare; Soiland-Reyes, Stian; Spooner, William; Steinbiss, Sascha; Tille, Andreas; Travis, Anthony J.; Guimera, Roman V.; Katayama, Toshiaki; Chapman, Brad A. (BioMed Central, 2014-11-27)
      Background: Computational biology comprises a wide range of technologies and approaches. Multiple technologies can be combined to create more powerful workflows if the individuals contributing the data or providing tools ...
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    • A Comparative Analysis of MongoDB and Cassandra 

      Bhamra, Kavita (The University of Bergen, 2018-01-03)
      NoSQL is a group of database technologies that emerged due to the limitations of relational databases. The number of NoSQL technologies has increased over time to encompass hundreds of different technologies. The many NoSQL ...
      Master thesis
    • Comparative biology and population mixing among local, coastal and offshore Atlantic herring (Clupea harengus) in the North Sea, Skagerrak, Kattegat and western Baltic 

      Berg, Florian; Slotte, Aril; Johannessen, Arne; Kvamme, Cecilie; Clausen, Lotte A.W.; Nash, Richard David Marriott (PLOS, 2017-10-30)
      The population structure of Atlantic herring (Clupea harengus) from 13 local, coastal and offshore areas of the North Sea, Skagerrak, Kattegat and western Baltic (northeast Atlantic) was studied using biological and ...
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    • Comparative development of spiralian larvae 

      Vellutini, Bruno Cossermelli (The University of Bergen, 2016-03-04)
      Bryozoans and brachiopods are sessile, mostly marine animals, that use an elegant crown of tentacles for filter-feeding. They are related to molluscs, segmented worms and other animals in a outstandingly diverse group of ...
      Doctoral thesis
    • Comparative feeding ecology of roundnose grenadier (Coryphaenoides rupestris) in Norwegian fjords 

      Høie, Janne Stenseng (The University of Bergen, 2017-06-16)
      In the ocean, energy is transferred from the productive primary producers at the surface, down to the demersal fish fauna at the sea floor. When moving away from the surface layer, there is a decline in food availability, ...
      Master thesis
    • Comparative neuroanatomy suggests repeated reduction of neuroarchitectural complexity in Annelida 

      Heuer, Carsten M.; Müller, Carsten H.G.; Todt, Christiane; Loesel, Rudi (BioMed Central, 2010-05-04)
      Background Paired mushroom bodies, an unpaired central complex, and bilaterally arranged clusters of olfactory glomeruli are among the most distinctive components of arthropod neuroarchitecture. Mushroom body neuropils, ...
      Peer reviewedJournal article
    • A Comparative Palynofacies Study of Two Methods Used for Source Rock Validation. A Case Study From a Mississippian Succession on Spitsbergen 

      Hansen, Tone Hetland (The University of Bergen, 2017-06-30)
      This study is conducted on the analysis of twenty-nine kerogen slides of Tournasian and Visean age. The outcrop samples were collected from the Hoelbreen and Birger Johnsonfjellet Members in the Birger Joh ...
      Master thesis
    • A Comparative Study of Radiation Environment and Secondary Dose Production in a Particle Therapy Treatment Room Applying Proton, Helium and Carbon Ion Beams 

      Sølie, Jarle Rambo (The University of Bergen, 2015-11-20)
      A treatment room used for radiotherapy is generally heavily shielded and has to fulfil and abide to strict rules and regulations in order to ensure the safety and health of hospital personnel and the general public that ...
      Master thesis
    • A Comparative Study on Distributed Storage and Erasure Coding Techniques Using Apache Hadoop Over NorNet Core 

      Vela, Maximiliano Matias (The University of Bergen, 2018-01-24)
      Both private and public sector organizations are constantly looking for new ways to keep their information safe and accessible at all times. Over the past few decades, replication has always been a reliable way to make ...
      Master thesis