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    • CAGEr: Precise TSS data retrieval and high-resolution promoterome mining for integrative analyses 

      Haberle, Vanja; Forrest, Alistair R.R.; Hayashizaki, Yoshihide; Carninci, Piero; Lenhard, Boris (Oxford University Press, 2015)
      Cap analysis of gene expression (CAGE) is a high-throughput method for transcriptome analysis that provides a single base-pair resolution map of transcription start sites (TSS) and their relative usage. Despite their high ...
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    • Dynamic regulation of the transcription initiation landscape at single nucleotide resolution during vertebrate embryogenesis 

      Nepal, Chirag; Hadzhiev, Yavor; Previti, A. Christopher; Haberle, Vanja; Li, Nan; Takahashi, Hazuki; Suzuki, Ana Maria; Sheng, Ying; Abdelhamid, Rehab; Anand, Santosh; Gehrig, Jochen; Akalin, Altuna; Kockx, Christel E.M.; van der Sloot, Antoine A.J.; van Ijcken, Wilfred F.J.; Armant, Olivier; Rastegar, Sepand; Watson, Craig; Strähle, Uwe; Stupka, Elia; Carninci, Piero; Lenhard, Boris; Müller, Ferenc (Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, 2013)
      Spatiotemporal control of gene expression is central to animal development. Core promoters represent a previously unanticipated regulatory level by interacting with cis-regulatory elements and transcription initiation in ...
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    • Genome-wide DNA methylation profiling of non-small cell lung carcinomas 

      Carvalho, Rejane Hughes; Haberle, Vanja; Hou, Jun; van Gent, Teus; Thongjuea, Supat; van Ijcken, Wilfred F.J.; Kockx, Christel; Brouwer, Rutger; Rijkers, Erikjan; Sieuwerts, Anieta; Foekens, John; van Vroonhoven, Mirjam; Aerts, Joachim; Grosveld, Frank; Lenhard, Boris; Philipsen, Sjaak (BioMed Central, 2012-06-22)
      Background: Non-small cell lung carcinoma (NSCLC) is a complex malignancy that owing to its heterogeneity and poor prognosis poses many challenges to diagnosis, prognosis and patient treatment. DNA methylation is an important ...
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    • Overlapping transcription initiation codes and promoter interpretation in vertebrate development and differentiation 

      Haberle, Vanja (The University of Bergen, 2015-01-05)
      A core promoter is a minimal region sufficient to direct the accurate initiation of transcription. Various core promoter elements have been discovered that recruit and position transcriptional machinery, which then initiates ...
      Doctoral thesis