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    • The Svalbard branch of the West Spitsbergen Current: Hydrography, transport and mixing 

      Kolås, Eivind (The University of Bergen, 2017-08-01)
      Data from a 10 days shipboard survey in August 2015, northwest of Svalbard, are used to investigate the transport, structure and mixing of Atlantic water (AW) along the Svalbard branch and Yermak branch of the West ...
      Master thesis
    • Tidal forcing, energetics, and mixing near the Yermak Plateau 

      Fer, Ilker; Müller, Malte; Peterson, Algot Kristoffer (Copernicus Publications, 2015-03-27)
      The Yermak Plateau (YP), located northwest of Svalbard in Fram Strait, is the final passage for the inflow of warm Atlantic Water into the Arctic Ocean. The region is characterized by the largest barotropic tidal velocities ...
      Journal article