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  • The dissipation of kinetic energy in the Lofoten Basin Eddy 

    Fer, Ilker; Bosse, Anthony; Ferron, Bruno; Bouruet-Aubertot, Pascale (American Meteorological Society, 2018-06)
    Ocean microstructure, current, and hydrography observations from June 2016 are used to characterize the turbulence structure of the Lofoten Basin eddy (LBE), a long-lived anticyclone in the Norwegian Sea. The LBE had an ...
    Journal article
  • Constructive and experimental examination of reliability and robustness in dynamically stressed bolted joints 

    Stangeland, Einar Wiig (The University of Bergen, 2018-12)
    Loosening and failure of bolts and nuts is, and has historically always been, a challenge for industries all over the world. This thesis examines the bolted connections of a local plough manufacturer (hereafter referred ...
    Master thesis
  • Atlantic water transformation along its poleward pathway across the Nordic Seas 

    Bosse, Anthony; Fer, Ilker; Søiland, Henrik; Thomas, Rossby (American Geophysical Union, 2018-08-23)
    The warm and salty Atlantic Water is substantially modified along its poleward transit across the Nordic Seas, where it reaches deeper isopycnals. In particular, the Lofoten Basin, exposed to intense air‐sea interactions, ...
    Journal article
  • Variability along the Atlantic water pathway in the forced Norwegian Earth System Model 

    Langehaug, Helene R.; Sandø, Anne Britt; Årthun, Marius; Ilicak, Mehmet (Springer Berlin Heidelberg, 2018-03-27)
    The growing attention on mechanisms that can provide predictability on interannual-to-decadal time scales, makes it necessary to identify how well climate models represent such mechanisms. In this study we use a high (0.25° ...
    Journal article
  • Climate based multi-year predictions of the Barents Sea cod stock. 

    Årthun, Marius; Bogstad, Bjarte; Daewel, Ute; Keenlyside, Noel; Sandø, Anne Britt; Schrum, Corinna; Ottersen, Geir (Public Library of Science, 2018-10-24)
    Predicting fish stock variations on interannual to decadal time scales is one of the major issues in fisheries science and management. Although the field of marine ecological predictions is still in its infancy, it is ...
    Journal article
  • Sub-surface maxima in buoyant fish eggs indicate vertical velocity shear and spatially limited spawning grounds 

    Strand, Kjersti Opstad; Vikebø, Frode; Sundby, Svein; Sperrevik, Ann Kristin (Association for the Sciences of Limnology and Oceanography, John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 2018)
    Observed vertical profiles of buoyant particles, in this case pelagic Northeast Arctic cod eggs, occasionally deviate from the vertical diffusion-buoyancy balance by displaying sub-surface maxima. Here we present a ...
    Journal article
  • Air-Sea Interaction in Biophysical Modeling: With focus on Northeast Arctic Cod 

    Strand, Kjersti Opstad (The University of Bergen, 2019-02-15)
    The focus of this thesis is on upper ocean dynamics and the interactions between the atmosphere and the oceans in relation to early life stages of Northeast Arctic cod. The main spawning sites of Northeast Arctic cod are ...
    Doctoral thesis
  • Export of calcium carbonate corrosive waters from the East Siberian Sea 

    Anderson, Leif G.; Ek, Jörgen; Ericson, Ylva; Humborg, Christoph; Semiletov, Igor; Sundbom, Magnus; Ulfsbo, Adam (Copernicus Publications on behalf of the European Geosciences Union, 2017-04-05)
    The Siberian shelf seas are areas of extensive biogeochemical transformation of organic matter, both of marine and terrestrial origin. This in combination with brine production from sea ice formation results in a cold ...
    Journal article
  • Increasing carbon inventory of the intermediate layers of the Arctic Ocean 

    Ericson, Ylva; Ulfsbo, Adam; van Heuven, Steven; Kattner, Gerhard; Anderson, Leif G. (AGU, 2014)
    Concentrations of dissolved inorganic carbon (DIC), total alkalinity (TA), nutrients, and oxygen in subsurface waters of the central Arctic Ocean have been investigated for conceivable time trends over the last two ...
    Journal article
  • Drivers of the marine CO2 system in the High Arctic - from the deep basins to the shallow fjords 

    Ericson, Ylva (The University of Bergen, 2019-02-20)
    The High Arctic is largely undersampled in terms of marine CO2 system data due to the cold dark season and often an extensive sea ice cover. The current understanding of the Arctic carbon cycle is thus vulnerable to both ...
    Doctoral thesis
  • Impact of Arctic sea ice variations on winter temperature anomalies in northern hemispheric land areas 

    Köenigk, Torben; Gao, Yongqi; Gastineau, Guillaume; Keenlyside, Noel; Nakamura, Tetsu; Ogawa, Fumiaki; Orsolini, Yvan; Semenov, Vladimir A.; Suo, Lingling; Tian, Tian; Wang, Tao; Wettstein, Justin; Yang, Shuting (Springer, 2018-07-30)
    Coordinated numerical ensemble experiments with six different state-of-the-art atmosphere models have been used in order to evaluate the respective impact of the observed Arctic sea ice and sea surface temperature (SST) ...
    Journal article
  • Continued warming, salinification and oxygenation of the Greenland Sea gyre 

    Lauvset, Siv Kari; Brakstad, Ailin Dale; Våge, Kjetil; Olsen, Are; Jeansson, Emil; Mork, Kjell Arne (Informa UK Limited, 2018-06-18)
    The Greenland Sea gyre is one of the few areas where the water column is ventilated through open ocean convection. This process brings both anthropogenic carbon and oxygen from the atmosphere and surface ocean into the ...
    Journal article
  • Arctic Ocean CO2 uptake: An improved multiyear estimate of the air-sea CO2 flux incorporating chlorophyll a concentrations 

    Yasunaka, Sayaka; Siswanto, Eko; Olsen, Are; Hoppema, Mario; Watanabe, Eiji; Fransson, Agneta Ingrid; Chierici, Melissa; Murata, Akihiko; Lauvset, Siv Kari; Wanninkhof, Rik; Takahashi, Taro; Kosugi, Naohiro; Omar, Abdirahman; van Heuven, Steven; Mathis, Jeremy T. (EGU, 2018-03-22)
    We estimated monthly air–sea CO2 fluxes in the Arctic Ocean and its adjacent seas north of 60∘ N from 1997 to 2014. This was done by mapping partial pressure of CO2 in the surface water (pCO2w) using a self-organizing map ...
    Journal article
  • On freshwater and the density-driven circulation in the northern seas 

    Lambert, Erwin (The University of Bergen, 2017-11-29)
    The Arctic Ocean and the Nordic Seas are freshening, in part due to anthropogenic climate change. Within the northern seas, seawater density is in part dominated by temperature, and in part by salinity. This reflects on ...
    Doctoral thesis
  • Tracing the Imprint of River Runoff Variability on Arctic Water Mass Transformation 

    Lambert, Erwin; Nummelin, Aleksi; Pemberton, Per; Ilicak, Mehmet (American Geophysical Union, 2019-01-14)
    The Arctic Ocean receives a net freshwater input from land and from the atmosphere. This flux of freshwater, along with net surface heat loss, acts to transform the water mass properties of inflowing Atlantic and Pacific ...
    Journal article
  • On the Dynamics and Water Mass Transformation of a Boundary Current Connecting Alpha and Beta Oceans 

    Lambert, Erwin; Eldevik, Tor; Spall, Michael A. (American Meteorological Society, 2018-10-19)
    A subpolar marginal sea, like the Nordic seas, is a transition zone between the temperature-stratified subtropics (the alpha ocean) and the salinity-stratified polar regions (the beta ocean). An inflow of Atlantic Water ...
    Journal article
  • Eastern boundary circulation and hydrography off Angola. Building Angolan oceanographic capacities 

    Tchipalanga, Pedro C.M.; Dengler, Marcus; Brandt, Peter; Kopte, Robert; Macuéria, Marisa; Coelho, Paulo; Ostrowski, Marek; Keenlyside, Noel (American Meteorological Society, 2018-09-06)
    The eastern boundary region off Angola encompasses a highly productive ecosystem important for the food security of the coastal population. The fish-stock distribution, however, undergoes large variability on intraseasonal, ...
    Journal article
  • Stochastic optimization models for offshore wind farm maintenance 

    Okoye, Emmanuel Chukwuma (The University of Bergen, 2018)
    The world is fast moving away from fossil fuel, to a more renewable and sustainable energy future.The offshore wind industry is a major player in the drive for renewable energy. In order for sustainability to be achieved,the ...
    Master thesis
  • Temporal variability in surface water pCO2 in Adventfjorden (West Spitsbergen) with emphasis on physical and biogeochemical drivers 

    Ericson, Ylva; Falck, Eva; Chierici, Melissa; Fransson, Agneta; Kristiansen, Svein; Platt, Stephen Matthew; Hermansen, Ove; Myhre, Cathrine Lund (American Geophysical Union, 2018-07)
    Seasonal and interannual variability in surface water partial pressure of CO2 (pCO2) and air‐sea CO2 fluxes from a West Spitsbergen fjord (IsA Station, Adventfjorden) are presented, and the associated driving forces are ...
    Journal article
  • Analysis of tidal currents in the North Sea from shipboard acoustic Doppler current profiler data 

    Vindenes, Håvard; Orvik, Kjell Arild; Søiland, Henrik; Wehde, Henning (Elsevier, 2018-01-12)
    North Sea tidal currents are determined by applying harmonic analysis to ship-borne acoustic Doppler current profiler data recorded from 1999 to 2016, covering large areas of the northern North Sea. Direct current measurement ...
    Journal Article

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