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    • Global Carbon Budget 2015 

      Le Quéré, Corinne; Moriarty, Roisin; Andrew, Robbie; Canadell, Josep G.; Sitch, Stephen; Korsbakken, Jan Ivar; Friedlingstein, Pierre; Peters, Glen Philip; Andres, Robert J.; Boden, Thomas A.; Houghton, Richard A.; House, Joanna I.; Keeling, Ralph F.; Tans, Pieter; Arneth, Almut; Bakker, Dorothée C.E.; Barbero, Leticia; Bopp, Laurent; Chang, Joseph; Chevallier, Frédéric; Chini, Louise P.; Ciais, Philippe; Fader, Marianela; Feely, Richard A.; Gkritzalis, Thanos; Harris, Ian; Hauck, Judith; Ilyina, Tatiana; Jain, Atul K.; Kato, Etsushi; Kitidis, Vassilis; Goldewijk, K. Klein; Koven, Charles Dunbar; Landschützer, Peter; Lauvset, Siv Kari; Lefévre, Nathalie; Lenton, Andrew; Lima, Ivan D.; Metzl, Nicolas; Millero, Frank; Munro, David R.; Murata, Aki; Nabel, Julia E.M.S.; Nakaoka, Shinichirou; Nojiri, Yukihiro; O'Brien, Kevin; Olsen, Are; Ono, Tsuneo; Pérez, Fiz Fernández; Pfeil, Benjamin; Pierrot, Denis; Poulter, Benjamin; Rehder, Gregor; Rödenbeck, Christian; Saito, Shu; Schuster, Ute; Schwinger, Jörg; Séférian, Roland; Steinhoff, Tobias; Stocker, Benjamin D.; Sutton, Adrienne J.; Takahashi, Taro; Tilbrook, Bronte; van der Laan-Luijkx, Ingrid Theodora; van der Werf, Guido R.; van Heuven, Steven; Vandemark, Douglas; Viovy, Nicolas; Wiltshire, Andy; Zaehle, Sönke; Zeng, Ning (Copernicus Publications, 2015-12-07)
      Accurate assessment of anthropogenic carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and their redistribution among the atmosphere, ocean, and terrestrial biosphere is important to better understand the global carbon cycle, support the ...
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    • Global Carbon Budget 2016 

      Le Quéré, Corinne; Andrew, Robbie; Canadell, Josep G.; Sitch, Stephen; Korsbakken, Jan Ivar; Peters, Glen Philip; Manning, Andrew C; Boden, Thomas A; Tans, Pieter P; Houghton, Richard A; Keeling, Ralph F; Alin, Simone; Andrews, Oliver D; Anthoni, Peter; Barbero, Leticia; Bopp, Laurent; Chevallier, Frederic; Chini, Louise P; Ciais, Philippe; Currie, Kim; Delire, Christine; Doney, Scott C; Friedlingstein, Pierre; Gkritzalis, Thanos; Harris, Ian; Hauck, Judith; Haverd, Vanessa; Hoppema, Mario; Klein Goldewijk, Kees; Jain, Atul K; Kato, Etsushi; Körtzinger, Arne; Landschutzer, Peter; Lefevre, Nathalie; Lenton, Andrew; Lienert, Sebastian; Lombardozzi, Danica; Melton, Joe R; Metzl, Nicolas; Millero, Frank; Monteiro, Pedro M S; Munro, David R; Nabel, Julia E M S; Nakaoka, Shin-Ichiro; O'Brien, Kevin; Olsen, Are; Omar, Abdirahman; Pierrot, Denis; Ono, Tsuneo; Poulter, Benjamin; Rödenbeck, Christian; Salisbury, Joe; Schuster, Ute; Schwinger, Jörg; Seferian, Roland; Skjelvan, Ingunn; Stocker, Benjamin D; Sutton, Adrienne J; Takahashi, Taro; Tian, Hanqin; Tilbrook, Bronte; Van Der Laan-Luijkx, Ingrid T; Van Der Werf, Guido R; Viovy, Nicolas; Walker, Anthony P; Wiltshire, Andrew J; Zaehle, Sönke (Copernicus Publications, 2016-11-14)
      Accurate assessment of anthropogenic carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and their redistribution among the atmosphere, ocean, and terrestrial biosphere – the “global carbon budget” – is important to better understand the global ...
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    • Global observed changes in daily climate extremes of temperature and precipitation 

      Alexander, L. V.; Zhang, X.; Peterson, T. C.; Caesar, J.; Gleason, B.; Klein Tank, A.; Haylock, M.; Collins, D.; Trewin, B.; Rahimzadeh, F.; Tagipour, A.; Ambenje, P.; Kumar, K. Rupa; Revadekar, J.; Griffiths, G.; Vincent, L.; Stephenson, David B.; Burn, J.; Aguliar, E.; Brunet, M.; Taylor, M.; New, M.; Zhai, P.; Rusticucci, M.; Vazquez-Aguirre, J. L. (American Geophysical Union, 2006-03-15)
      A suite of climate change indices derived from daily temperature and precipitation data, with a primary focus on extreme events, were computed and analyzed. By setting an exact formula for each index and using specially ...
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    • Grounding Performance under Lightning Surges in High Voltage Substations 

      Steinsland, Vegard (The University of Bergen, 2018-06-16)
      To achieve electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) and sufficient protection against lighting transients in the power transmission system, understanding of the grounding system transient behavior becomes crucial when deviating ...
      Master thesis
    • Growing Ice in a Tank: Young Sea Ice Evolution and Turbulence in the Under Ice Boundary Layer 

      Håvik, Lisbeth (The University of Bergen, 2011-11-14)
      Thin sea ice and its modifications of the oceanic boundary layer are important in the context of the recent retreat of the Arctic sea ice cover. To study turbulence in the under ice boundary layer during thin sea ice growth, ...
      Master thesis
    • Has a warm North Atlantic contributed to recent European cold winters? 

      Keenlyside, Noel; Omrani, Nour-Eddine (IOP Publishing, 2014-06-02)
      The rise of global surface temperature waned during the last decade, despite increasing greenhouse gas concentrations. The temperature changes were most pronounced over northern hemisphere land masses during winter (Cohen ...
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    • Heat flux variations in the eastern Norwegian Atlantic Current toward 

      Orvik, Kjell Arild; Skagseth, Øystein (American Geophysical Union, 2005-07-21)
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    • Heterogeneity of impacts of high CO2 on the North Western European shelf 

      Artioli, Yuri; Blackford, Jerry C.; Nondal, Gisle; Bellerby, Richard; Wakelin, Sarah L.; Holt, Jason T.; Butenschön, Momme; Allen, Julian Icarus (Copernicus Publications, 2014-02-03)
      The increase in atmospheric CO2 is a dual threat to the marine environment: from one side it drives climate change, leading to modifications in water temperature, circulation patterns and stratification intensity; on the ...
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    • High resolution sea ice monitoring using space borne Synthetic Aperture Radar 

      Muckenhuber, Stefan (The University of Bergen, 2017-12-06)
      Sea ice represents a major factor in the climate system and updated knowl- edge about sea ice conditions is important for shipping and offshore industry, local communities and others. Due to its remote location and ...
      Doctoral thesis
    • High resolution weather forecasting and predictability - applications in complex terrain 

      Hauge, Gard (The University of BergenStorm Weather Center, 2006-11-17)
      Doctoral thesis
    • A high‐resolution hindcast of wind and waves for the North Sea, the Norwegian Sea, and the Barents Sea 

      Reistad, Magnar; Breivik, Øyvind; Haakenstad, Hilde; Aarnes, Ole Johan; Furevik, Birgitte Rugaard; Bidlot, Jean-Raymond (WileyAmerican Geophysical Union, 2011-05)
      A combined high-resolution atmospheric downscaling and wave hindcast based on the ERA-40 reanalysis covering the Norwegian Sea, the North Sea, and the Barents Sea is presented. The period covered is from September 1957 to ...
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    • Holocene trends in the foraminifer record from the Norwegian Sea and the North Atlantic Ocean 

      Andersson, Carin; Pausata, Francesco S. R.; Jansen, Eystein; Risebrobakken, Bjørg; Telford, Richard J. (Copernicus PublicationsEuropean Geosciences Union, 2010-03-30)
      The early to mid-Holocene thermal optimum is a well-known feature in a wide variety of paleoclimate archives from the Northern Hemisphere. Reconstructed summer temperature anomalies from across northern Europe show a ...
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    • How northern freshwater input can stabilise thermohaline circulation 

      Lambert, Erwin; Eldevik, Tor; Haugan, Peter M. (Taylor & Francis, 2016)
      The North Atlantic thermohaline circulation (THC) carries heat and salt towards the Arctic. This circulation is partly sustained by buoyancy loss and is generally believed to be inhibited by northern freshwater input as ...
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    • Hvordan klimaet kan endres - en innføring 

      Grønås, Sigbjørn (2012-08-07)
      Denne boka handler om det naturvitenskapelige grunnlaget for klimaendringer, om hvordan klimaet kan endres, hva vi vet og hva som er usikkert. En stor del av arbeidet til FNs klimapanel IPCC omfatter dette grunnlaget, de ...
    • Hydrography and circulation in the Filchner Depression, Weddell Sea, Antarctica 

      Darelius, Elin Maria K.; Makinson, Keith; Daae, Kjersti Birkeland; Fer, Ilker; Holland, Paul R.; Nicholls, Keith W. (American Geophysical Union (AGU)Wiley, 2014)
      Cold and dense ice shelf water (ISW) emerging from the Filchner-Ronne Ice Shelf cavity in the southwestern Weddell Sea flows northward through the Filchner Depression to eventually descend the con- tinental slope and ...
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    • Hydrography, transport and mixing of the West Spitsbergen Current: the Svalbard Branch in summer 2015 

      Kolås, Eivind; Fer, Ilker (Copernicus Publications, 2018-12-21)
      Measurements of ocean currents, stratification and microstructure were made in August 2015, northwest of Svalbard, downstream of the Atlantic inflow in Fram Strait in the Arctic Ocean. Observations in three sections are ...
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    • Ice and brine production in Hornsund 

      Arntsen, Martin (The University of Bergen, 2015-06-02)
      The Hornsund fjord system has been studied using observations of the atmosphere, ocean and sea ice, and two different types of models. The study documents significant year to year variability in sea ice formation and ...
      Master thesis
    • Ice shelf water overflow and bottom water formation in the southern Weddell Sea 

      Foldvik, Arne; Gammelsrød, Tor; Østerhus, Svein; Fahrbach, E.; Rohardt, G.; Schröder, Michael; Nicholls, Keith W.; Padman, L.; Woodgate, R. A. (American Geophysical Union, 2004-02-17)
      Cold shelf waters flowing out of the Filchner Depression in the southern Weddell Sea make a significant contribution to the production of Weddell Sea Bottom Water (WSBW), a precursor to Antarctic Bottom Water (AABW). We ...
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    • Impact of Arctic sea ice variations on winter temperature anomalies in northern hemispheric land areas 

      Köenigk, Torben; Gao, Yongqi; Gastineau, Guillaume; Keenlyside, Noel; Nakamura, Tetsu; Ogawa, Fumiaki; Orsolini, Yvan; Semenov, Vladimir A.; Suo, Lingling; Tian, Tian; Wang, Tao; Wettstein, Justin; Yang, Shuting (Springer, 2018-07-30)
      Coordinated numerical ensemble experiments with six different state-of-the-art atmosphere models have been used in order to evaluate the respective impact of the observed Arctic sea ice and sea surface temperature (SST) ...
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    • Impact of data assimilation on Eulerian versus Lagrangian estimates of upper ocean transport 

      Sperrevik, Ann Kristin; Röhrs, Johannes; Christensen, Kai Håkon (Wiley, 2017)
      Using four-dimensional variational analysis, we produce an estimate of the state of a coastal region in Northern Norway during the late winter and spring in 1984. We use satellite sea surface temperature and in situ ...
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