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    • The Madden-Julian Oscillation in a warmer world 

      Chang, Chiung-Wen June; Tseng, Wan-Ling; Huang-Hsiung, Hsu; Keenlyside, Noel; Tsuang, Ben-Jei (Wiley, 2015-07)
      Global warming's impact on the Madden-Julian Oscillation (MJO) is assessed using one of the few models capable in reproducing its key features. In a warmer climate predicted for the end of the century, the MJO increases ...
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    • Magnitude and Origin of the Anthropogenic CO2 Increase and the 13C Suess Effect in the Nordic Seas since 1981 

      Olsen, Are; Abdirahman, Omar M.; Bellerby, Richard G. J.; Johannessen, Truls; Ninnemann, Ulysses Silas; Brown, Kelly R.; Olsson, K. Anders; Olafsson, Jon; Nondal, Gisle; Kivimäe, Caroline; Kringstad, Solveig; Neill, Craig; Olafsdottir, Solveig (AGU, 2006-09-29)
      This study evaluates the anthropogenic changes of CO2 (∆Cant) and δ13C (∆δ13Cant) in the Nordic seas, the northern limb of the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation, that took place between 1981 and 2002/03. The ...
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    • Mapping the fugacity of CO2 in the Nordic Seas and the northern North Atlantic Ocean 

      Kvæstad, Elise (The University of Bergen, 2013-12-20)
      Self organizing maps (SOMs) have been used to estimate seawater fugacity of CO2 (fCO2) distribution in the Nordic Seas and the northern North Atlantic Ocean for 2005-2007. Four maps were produced for each region using ...
      Master thesis
    • Marine Wind and Wave Height Trends at Different ERA-Interim Forecast Ranges 

      Aarnes, Ole Johan; Abdalla, Saleh; Bidlot, Jean-Raymond; Breivik, Øyvind (American Meteorological Society, 2015-01-15)
      Trends in marine wind speed and significant wave height are investigated using the global reanalysis ERA-Interim over the period 1979–2012, based on monthly-mean and monthly-maximum data. Besides the traditional reanalysis, ...
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    • Marine-based multiproxy reconstruction of Atlantic multidecadal variability 

      Svendsen, Lea; Hetzinger, Steffen; Keenlyside, Noel; Gao, Yongqi (WileyAmerican Geophysical Union, 2014-02-28)
      Atlantic multidecadal variability (AMV) is known to impact climate globally, and knowledge about the persistence of AMV is important for understanding past and future climate variability, as well as modeling and assessing ...
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    • Mass balance of Nyainqen Tanglha glacier, Tibet, 1977 to 2001, derived by topographical maps and satellite images 

      Dong, Cai (The University of Bergen, 2004)
      NyainQen TangLha Glacier plays an important role in the Tibetan plateau’s climate system. Because of high altitude, steeply sloping terrain and difficult access, regular, systematic surveys of glacial variation are almost ...
      Master thesis
    • Målt og Modellert Globalstråling ved Ekofisk og i Nordområdene 

      Henden, Amelie (The University of Bergen, 2011-06-01)
      I dette arbeidet er globalstrålingsdata fra Ekofisk, Arktis og fastlandsstasjoner i Norge og Sverige studert. Stasjonene ligger mellom 56°N og 75°N, og all data er hentet fra perioden 2005 til og med 2010. Målinger i Arktis ...
      Master thesis
    • Målt og modellert UV-stråling i Bergen 

      Sætre, Ottar (The University of Bergen, 2006)
      Master thesis
    • Mean structure and seasonality of the Norwegian Atlantic Front Current along the Mohn Ridge from repeated glider transects 

      Bosse, Anthony; Fer, Ilker (AGU, 2019)
      The poleward flow of Atlantic Water in the Nordic Seas forms the upper limb of the meridional overturning circulation driving an important heat transport. The Norwegian Atlantic Front Current along the Mohn Ridge between ...
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    • Measured volume, heat, and salt fluxes from the Atlantic to the Arctic Mediterranean 

      Østerhus, Svein; Turrell, William R.; Jónsson, Steingrímur; Hansen, Bogi (American Geophysical Union, 2005-04-07)
      The flow of warm and saline Atlantic water towards the Arctic crosses the Greenland-Scotland Ridge in three current branches. Since the mid 1990's, extensive monitoring with quasi-permanent moorings and regular CTD cruises ...
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    • Measured, modelled and satellite derived solar radiation in Scandinavia 

      Hagen, Linda (The Universitetet i Bergen, 2011-06-01)
      This article presents a comparison of global radiation data at different sites at the Scandinavian Peninsula. It makes use of ground truth, modelled and satellite derived surface global radiation data. First, a quality ...
      Master thesis
    • Measurement and evaluation of OH-airglow spectra over Svalbard 

      Nielsen, Kristian Pagh (The University of Bergen, 2001)
      Master thesis
    • A mechanical energy budget for the North Sea 

      Barthel, Knut; Gade, Herman G.; Sandal, Cathrine K. (Pergamon, 2004-06-29)
      A three-dimensional baroclinic numerical model is used to quantify the components of the mechanical energy budget for a semi-enclosed sea, the North Sea. As anticipated, tidal energy is the largest supplier of mechanical ...
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    • Mechanisms affecting the transport of early stages of Norwegian Coastal Cod - a fjord study 

      Myksvoll, Mari Skuggedal (The University of Bergen, 2008-05-30)
      The fjord system of Sørfolda and Nordfolda situated in northern Norway is used in a model study. Particularly to explore the mechanisms causing separation and mixing of eggs from Arcto-Norwegian Cod (ANC) and Norwegian Coastal ...
      Master thesis
    • Mechanisms for decadal scale variability in a simulated Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation 

      Medhaug, Iselin; Langehaug, Helene Reinertsen; Eldevik, Tor; Furevik, Tore; Bentsen, Mats (Springer Verlag, 2011-06-25)
      Variability in the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation (AMOC) has been analysed using a 600-year pre-industrial control simulation with the Bergen Climate Model. The typical AMOC variability has amplitudes of 1 ...
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    • Mechanisms of Ocean Heat Anomalies in the Norwegian Sea 

      Asbjørnsen, Helene; Årthun, Marius; Skagseth, Øystein; Eldevik, Tor (Wiley, 2019-04)
      Ocean heat content in the Norwegian Sea exhibits pronounced variability on interannual to decadal time scales. These ocean heat anomalies are known to influence Arctic sea ice extent, marine ecosystems, and continental ...
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    • The mechanisms that determine the response of the Northern Hemisphere’s stationary waves to North American Ice Sheets 

      Roberts, William H.G.; Li, Camille; Valdes, Paul J. (American Meteorological Society, 2019-07-01)
      Stationary waves describe the persistent meanders in the west–east flow of the extratropical atmosphere. Here, changes in stationary waves caused by ice sheets over North America are examined and the underlying mechanisms ...
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    • Melting of Northern Greenland during the last interglaciation 

      Born, Andreas; Nisancioglu, Kerim Hestnes (Copernicus Publications, 2012-11-05)
      Using simulated climate data from the comprehensive coupled climate model IPSL CM4, we simulate the Greenland ice sheet (GrIS) during the Eemian interglaciation with the three-dimensional ice sheet model SICOPOLIS. The ...
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    • Mesoscale Eddies Are Oases for Higher Trophic Marine Life 

      Godø, Olav Rune; Samuelsen, Annette; Macaulay, Gavin J.; Patel, Ruben; Hjøllo, Solfrid Sætre; Horne, John; Kaartvedt, Stein; Johannessen, Johnny A. (Public Library of Science, 2012-01-17)
      Mesoscale eddies stimulate biological production in the ocean, but knowledge of energy transfers to higher trophic levels within eddies remains fragmented and not quantified. Increasing the knowledge base is constrained ...
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    • Mesoscale variability study of the Agulhas Current from satellite radar altimetry and a high resolution model 

      Backeberg, Bjørn C. (The University of Bergen, 2006-06)
      Towards understanding the dynamics and eddy evolving processes in the greater Agulhas Current system, a Hybrid Coordinate Ocean Model (HYCOM) system has been set up to simulation the ocean circulation around Southern ...
      Master thesis