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    • Centennial changes in water clarity of the Baltic Sea and the North Sea 

      Dupont, Nicolas; Aksnes, Dag Lorents (2013-10-10)
      Secchi depth is a valuable proxy for detecting long term changes in the water clarity of oceanic and coastal ecosystems. We analyse approximately 40 000 observations, which are available from ICES, from the Baltic Sea and ...
      Journal article
    • Sensitivity of euphotic zone properties to CDOM variations in marine ecosystem models 

      Urtizberea, Agurtzane; Dupont, Nicolas; Rosland, Rune; Aksnes, Dag Lorents (Elsevier, 2013-05-10)
      In marine ecosystem models, the underwater light intensity is commonly characterized by the shading of phytoplankton in addition to a background light attenuation coefficient. Colour dissolved organic matter (CDOM) is an ...
      Journal article