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    • Genome and low-iron response of an oceanic diatom adapted to chronic iron limitation 

      Lommer, Markus; Specht, Michael; Roy, Alexandra-Sophie; Kraemer, Lars; Andreson, Reidar; Gutowska, Magdalena A.; Wolf, Juliane; Bergner, Sonja V.; Schilhabel, Markus B.; Klostermeier, Ulrich C.; Beiko, Robert G.; Rosenstiel, Philip; Hippler, Michael; LaRoche, Julie (BioMed Central, 2012-07-26)
      Background: Biogeochemical elemental cycling is driven by primary production of biomass via phototrophic phytoplankton growth, with 40% of marine productivity being assigned to diatoms. Phytoplankton growth is widely limited ...
      Journal article