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    • Climatic and environmental factors influencing occurrence and distribution of macroalgae – a fjord gradient revisited 

      Sjøtun, Kjersti; Husa, Vivian; Asplin, Lars; Sandvik, Anne Dagrun (Inter-Research, 2015)
      During the last decades, trends of increasing sea water temperatures and precipitation have been observed in the North Atlantic. Increasing sea water temperatures are expected to have strong effects on coastal benthic ...
      Journal article
    • Effects of Management on Heathland Vegetation in Western Norway 

      Måren, Inger Elisabeth (The University of Bergen, 2009-03-31)
      Aims: This synthesis of studies examines the effects of anthropogenic disturbance regimes; the traditional management practices of livestock grazing and prescribed burning, on vegetation and seed banks in coastal heathlands ...
      Doctoral thesis
    • Review of the Tanzanian prawn Fishery 

      Silas, Mathew Ogalo (The University of Bergen, 2011-05-30)
      A review of the prawn fishery of Tanzania from its development in early 1980's to closure in 2008 has been performed based on three major data sets; industrial prawn and fish catch data from Fisheries Division, river ...
      Master thesis