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    • Atmospheric deposition effects on plankton communities in the Eastern Mediterranean: A mesocosm experimental approach 

      Tsagaraki, Tatiana; Herut, Barak; Rahav, Eyal; Berman Frank, Ilana R; Tsiola, Anastasia; Tsapakis, Manolis; Giannakourou, Antonia; Gogou, Alexandra; Panagiotopoulos, Christos; Violaki, Kalliopi; Psarra, Stella; Lagaria, Anna; Christou, Epaminondas D.; Papageorgiou, Nafsika; Zervoudaki, Soultana; de Puelles, Ma L. Fernandez; Nikolioudakis, Nikolaos; Meador, Travis B.; Tanaka, Tsuneo; Pedrotti, Maria Luiza; Krom, Michael D.; Pitta, Paraskevi (Frontiers, 2017-07-04)
      The effects of atmospheric deposition on plankton community structure were examined during a mesocosm experiment using water from the Cretan Sea (Eastern Mediterranean), an area with a high frequency of atmospheric aerosol ...
      Journal article
    • Drivers of spatial variability in spring bloom onset and magnitude along a latitudinal gradient in the Nordic Seas 

      Tessin, Elinor (The University of Bergen, 2018-06-21)
      Spring phytoplankton blooms in the Nordic Seas contribute a large proportion of global primary production, and their timing and magnitude heavily impacts higher trophic levels. Two key drivers of bloom development, ...
      Master thesis
    • Scaling laws in phytoplankton nutrient uptake affinity 

      Lindemann, Christian; Fiksen, Øyvind; Andersen, Ken Haste; Aksnes, Dag Lorents (Frontiers, 2016-03-11)
      Nutrient uptake affinity affects the competitive ability of microbial organisms at low nutrient concentrations. From the theory of diffusion limitation it follows that uptake affinity scales linearly with the cell radius. ...
      Journal article
    • Seasonal diversity and dynamics of haptophytes in the Skagerrak, Norway, explored by high-throughput sequencing 

      Egge, Elianne Sirnæs; Johannessen, Torill Vik; Andersen, Tom; Eikrem, Wenche; Bittner, Lucie; Larsen, Aud; Sandaa, Ruth-Anne; Edvardsen, Bente (Wiley, 2015-06)
      Microalgae in the division Haptophyta play key roles in the marine ecosystem and in global biogeochemical processes. Despite their ecological importance, knowledge on seasonal dynamics, community composition and abundance ...
      Journal article