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    • Natural mortality: Its ecology, how it shapes fish life histories, and why it may be increased by fishing 

      Jørgensen, Christian; Holt, Rebecca (Elsevier, 2013-01)
      A stronger focus on natural mortality may be required to better understand contemporary changes in fish life histories and behaviour and their responses to anthropogenic drivers. Firstly, natural mortality is the selection ...
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    • The near-collapse of the Faroe Plateau cod (Gadus morhua L.) stock in the 1990s: The effect of food availability on spatial distribution, recruitment, natural production and fishery 

      Steingrund, Petur (The University of Bergen, 2009-10-02)
      1. This thesis aims to explain why there was a near-collapse of the Faroe Plateau cod stock in the 1990s and why it recovered so quickly. Contrary to what local people on the Faroes believe, these fluctuations were not ...
      Doctoral thesis
    • A new aquareovirus causing high mortality in farmed Atlantic halibut fry in Norway 

      Blindheim, Steffen H.; Nylund, Are; Watanabe, Kuninori; Plarre, Heidrun; Erstad, Børre; Nylund, Stian (Springer, 2015-01)
      A new aquareovirus was isolated from cultured Atlantic halibut (Hippoglossus hippoglossus) fry at a facility where massive mortalities had occurred during the start-feeding phase. The same virus was also detected in juveniles ...
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    • A new intracellular bacterium, Candidatus Similichlamydia labri sp. nov. (Chlamydiaceae) producing epitheliocysts in ballan wrasse, Labrus bergylta (Pisces, Labridae) 

      Steigen, Andreas L; Karlsbakk, Egil; Plarre, Heidrun; Watanabe, Kuninori; Øvergård, Aina-Cathrine; Brevik, Øyvind Jakobsen; Nylund, Are (Springer, 2015-03)
      Certain wrasse species (Labridae) are used as cleaner fish in salmon farms on the Norwegian coast, reducing salmon louse intensities. The pathogen repertoire of wrasse in Norway is poorly known, and the objective of the ...
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    • Nicomache (Loxochona) lokii sp. nov. (Annelida: Polychaeta: Maldanidae) from the Loki’s Castle vent field: an important structure builder in an Arctic vent system 

      Kongsrud, Jon Anders; Rapp, Hans Tore (Springer, 2011-07-15)
      The discovery of the Loki’s Castle vent field at 2,350 m depth on the Arctic mid-ocean ridge in 2008 represents the first known black smoker vent system in the Arctic region. Preliminary results on the benthic ...
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    • Nitrogen dynamics in Turbic Cryosols from Siberia and Greenland 

      Wild, Birgit; Schnecker, Jörg; Bárta, Jiří; Čapek, Petr; Guggenberger, Georg; Hofhansl, Florian; Kaiser, Christina; Lashchinsky, Nikolaj; Mikutta, Robert; Mooshammer, Maria; Šantrůčková, Hana; Shibistova, Olga; Urich, Tim; Zimov, Sergey A.; Richter, Andreas (Elsevier, 2013-12)
      Turbic Cryosols (permafrost soils characterized by cryoturbation, i.e., by mixing of soil layers due to freezing and thawing) are widespread across the Arctic, and contain large amounts of poorly decomposed organic material ...
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    • No influence of oxygen levels on pathogenesis and virus shedding in Salmonid alphavirus (SAV)-challenged Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) 

      Andersen, Linda; Hodneland, Kjartan; Nylund, Are (BioMed Central, 2010-08-21)
      Background For more than three decades, diseases caused by salmonid alphaviruses (SAV) have become a major problem of increasing economic importance in the European fish-farming industry. However, experimental infection ...
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    • The Northern Lapwing (Vanellus vanellus) in Norway: Exploring the population decline through bird ringing data and habitat selection 

      Stueland, Stine (The University of Bergen, 2014-11-05)
      The Northern Lapwing (Vanellus vanellus) is one of many farmland birds that have been suffering from population declines as a result of agricultural intensification over the past few decades. Through the use of ringing- ...
      Master thesis
    • Norwegian Biology, Medicine and Psychology Undergraduate Students´ Acceptance of Modern Evolutionary Theory Using the I-SEA Survey Instrument 

      Walvik, Tom Bjørnar (The University of Bergen, 2017-11-02)
      584 undergraduate students from three disciplines and four public universities in Norway were sampled during the spring of 2014 for acceptance of modern evolutionary theory using the I-SEA survey instrument developed by ...
      Master thesis
    • Not too slow, not too fast: water currents affect group structure, aggression and welfare in post-smolt Atlantic salmon Salmo salar 

      Solstorm, Frida; Solstorm, David; Oppedal, Frode; Olsen, Rolf Erik; Stien, Lars Helge; Fernö, Anders (Inter-Research, 2016)
      Increased swimming speed of Atlantic salmon is generally considered an improvement to welfare under aquaculture settings, as group structure is improved and agonistic behaviour reduced. As such, establishing fish farms in ...
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    • Notochord development in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.): exploring molecular pathways and putative mechanism of segmentation 

      Wang, Shou (The University of Bergen, 2014-03-07)
      Background: A key feature of the vertebrate body plan is the repeated compartments made up of individual vertebra, blood vessels, peripheral nerves and muscle. The vertebral column comprises a series of bony vertebral ...
      Doctoral thesis
    • Novel and Unexpected Microbial Diversity in Acid Mine Drainage in Svalbard (78° N), Revealed by Culture-Independent Approaches 

      Garcia-Moyano, Antonio; Austnes, Andreas Erling; Lanzén, Anders; Gonzalez-Toril, Elena; Aguilera, Ángeles; Øvreås, Lise (MDPI - Open Access Publishing, 2015-10-13)
      Svalbard, situated in the high Arctic, is an important past and present coal mining area. Dozens of abandoned waste rock piles can be found in the proximity of Longyearbyen. This environment offers a unique opportunity for ...
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    • Nutrient pathways through the microbial food web: principles and predictability discussed, based on five different experiments 

      Thingstad, Tron Frede; Cuevas, Luis Antonio (Inter-Research, 2010-11-11)
      Although explanatory and predictive powers are 2 closely interconnected aspects of conceptual and mathematical models of complex systems, the two are not equivalent. The 2 aspects are discussed here for the microbial ...
      Peer reviewedJournal article
    • Nutrigenomic study of lipid metabolism in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) : the effects of dietary plant oil inclusion 

      Jordal, Ann-Elise Olderbakk (The University of BergenNasjonalt institutt for ernærings- og sjømatforskning (NIFES), 2006-09-08)
      The two dietary trials conducted in the present study (Papers I-III) used dietary rapeseed oil fed in a regression design and a full plant oil blend replacement for fish oil, respectively. The metabolic response of Atlantic ...
      Doctoral thesis
    • Nutritional and environmental impacts on skin and mucus condition in Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar L.) 

      Jensen, Linda Beate (The University of Bergen, 2015-10-09)
      The skin and associated mucus layer of Atlantic salmon constitutes its first line of defence against the aqueous environment. Through intensive farming, a range of stressors including both mechanical and environmental ...
      Doctoral thesis
    • Observation on the survival of Francisella noatunensis in water and in blue mussel (Mytilus edulis) 

      Wangen, Ingvild Helland (The University of Bergen, 2009-06-09)
      Francisellosis was discovered in farmed Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua) in the western parts of Norway in 2004. The bacterium Francisella noatunensis was identified as the causative agent. Today, francisellosis is known as one ...
      Master thesis
    • The occurrence, pathology and morphological development of Paranucleospora theridion in salmon louse (Lepeophtheirus salmonis) 

      Økland, Arnfinn Lodden (The University of Bergen, 2012-06-04)
      In 2003 a microsporidian parasite was discovered in salmon lice (Lepeophtheirus salmonis). The same parasite was later described from Atlantic salmon (Salmo salar) and salmon lice and was identified as Paranucleospora ...
      Master thesis
    • The ocean sampling day consortium 

      Kopf, Anna; Bicak, Mesude; Kottmann, Renzo; Schnetzer, Julia; Kostadinov, Ivaylo; Lehmann, Katja; Fernandez-Guerra, Antonio; Jeanthon, Christian; Rahav, Eyal; Ullrich, Matthias; Wichels, Antje; Gerdts, Gunnar; Polymenakou, Paraskevi; Kotoulas, Giorgos; Siam, Rania; Abdallah, Rehab Z; Sonnenschein, Eva C; Cariou, Thierry; O’Gara, Fergal; Jackson, Stephen; Orlic, Sandi; Steinke, Michael; Busch, Julia; Duarte, Bernardo; Caçador, Isabel; Canning-Clode, João; Bobrova, Oleksandra; Marteinsson, Viggo; Reynisson, Eyjolfur; Loureiro, Clara M; Luna, Gian M; Quero, Grazia M; Löscher, Carolin R; Kremp, Anke; DeLorenzo, Marie E; Øvreås, Lise; Tolman, Jennifer; LaRoche, Julie; Penna, Antonella; Frischer, Marc; Davis, Timothy; Katherine, Barker; Meyer, Christopher P; Ramos, Sandra; Magalhães, Catarina; Jude-Lemeilleur, Florence; Aguirre-Macedo, Ma L; Wang, Shiao; Poulton, Nicole; Jones, Scott; Collin, Rachel; Fuhrman, Jed A; Conan, Pascal; Alonso, Cecilia; Stambler, Noga; Goodwin, Kelly; Yakimov, Michael M; Baltar, Federico; Bodrossy, Levente; Van De Kamp, Jodie; Frampton, Dion M; Ostrowski, Martin; Van Ruth, Paul; Malthouse, Paul; Claus, Simon; Deneudt, Klaas; Mortelmans, Jonas; Pitois, Sophie; Wallom, David; Salter, Ian; Costa, Rodrigo; Schroeder, Declan C; Kandil, Mahrous M; Amaral, Valentina; Biancalana, Florencia; Santana, Rafael; Pedrotti, Maria L; Yoshida, Takashi; Ogata, Hiroyuki; Ingleton, Tim; Munnik, Kate; Rodriguez-Ezpeleta, Naiara; Berteaux-Lecellier, Veronique; Wecker, Patricia; Cancio, Ibon; Vaulot, Daniel; Bienhold, Christina; Ghazal, Hassan; Chaouni, Bouchra; Essayeh, Soumya; Ettamimi, Sara; Zaid, El H; Boukhatem, Noureddine; Bouali, Abderrahim; Chahboune, Rajaa; Barrijal, Said; Timinouni, Mohammed; El Otmani, Fatima; Bennani, Mohamed; Mea, Marianna; Todorova, Nadezhda; Karamfilov, Ventzislav; ten Hoopen, Petra; Cochrane, Guy; L’Haridon, Stephane; Bizsel, Kemal C; Vezzi, Alessandro; Lauro, Federico M; Martin, Patrick; Jensen, Rachelle M; Hinks, Jamie; Gebbels, Susan; Rosselli, Riccardo; De Pascale, Fabio; Schiavon, Riccardo; dos Santos, Antonina; Villar, Emilie; Pesant, Stéphane; Cataletto, Bruno; Malfatti, Francesca; Edirisinghe, Ranjith; Silveira, Jorge A H; Barbier, Michele; Turk, Valentina; Tinta, Tinkara; Fuller, Wayne J; Salihoglu, Ilkay; Serakinci, Nedime; Ergoren, Mahmut C; Bresnan, Eileen; Iriberri, Juan; Nyhus, Paul A F; Bente, Edvardsen; Karlsen, Hans E; Golyshin, Peter N; Gasol, Josep M; Moncheva, Snejana; Dzhembekova, Nina; Johnson, Zackary; Sinigalliano, Christopher D; Gidley, Maribeth L; Zingone, Adriana; Danovaro, Roberto; Tsiamis, George; Clark, Melody S; Costa, Ana C; El Bour, Monia; Martins, Ana M; Collins, R E; Ducluzeau, Anne-Lise; Martinez, Jonathan; Costello, Mark J; Amaral-Zettler, Linda A; Gilbert, Jack A; Davies, Neil; Field, Dawn; Glöckner, Frank O (BioMed Central, 2015-06-19)
      Ocean Sampling Day was initiated by the EU-funded Micro B3 (Marine Microbial Biodiversity, Bioinformatics, Biotechnology) project to obtain a snapshot of the marine microbial biodiversity and function of the world’s oceans. ...
      Journal article
    • Of tests, trochs, shells, and spicules: Development of the basal mollusk Wirenia argentea (Solenogastres) and its bearing on the evolution of trochozoan larval key features 

      Todt, Christiane; Wanninger, Andreas (BioMed Central, 2010-01-26)
      Background The phylogenetic status of the aplacophoran mollusk taxon Solenogastres (Neomeniomorpha) is controversially discussed. Some authors propose the clade to represent the most basal branch within Mollusca, while ...
      Peer reviewedJournal article
    • OikoBase: a genomics and developmental transcriptomics resource for the urochordate Oikopleura dioica 

      Danks, Gemma Barbara; Campsteijn, Coen; Parida, Mruyunjaya; Butcher, Stephen; Doddapaneni, Harsha; Fu, Bolei; Petrin, Raul; Metpally, Raghu; Lenhard, Boris; Wincker, Patrick; Chourrout, Daniel; Thompson, Eric; Manak, J Robert (Oxford University Press (OUP), 2013-11-26)
      We report the development of OikoBase (<a href=""target="blank">, a tiling array-based genome browser resource for Oikopleura dioica, a ...
      Journal article