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    • Large mesopelagic fishes biomass and trophic efficiency in the open ocean 

      Irigoien, Xabier; Klevjer, Thor A.; Røstad, Anders; Martinez, U.; Boyra, G.; Acuna, J. L.; Bode, A.; Echevarria, F.; Gonzalez-Gordillo, J. I.; Hernández-León, Santiago; Augsti, S.; Aksnes, Dag Lorents; Duarte, C. M.; Kaartvedt, Stein (Nature Publishing Group, 2014-02-07)
      With a current estimate of ~1,000 million tons, mesopelagic fishes likely dominate the world total fishes biomass. However, recent acoustic observations show that mesopelagic fishes biomass could be significantly larger ...
      Journal article