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    • Biological transformation of Arctic dissolved organic matter in a NE Greenland fjord 

      Paulsen, Maria Lund; Müller, Oliver; Larsen, Aud; Møller, Eva Friis; Middelboe, Mathias; Sejr, Mikael Kristian; Stedmon, Colin A. (Wiley, 2018-12-07)
      Arctic waters are often enriched with terrestrial dissolved organic matter (DOM) characterized by having elevated visible wavelength fluorescence (commonly termed humic-like). Here, we have identified the sources ...
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    • Carbon Bioavailability in a High Arctic Fjord Influenced by Glacial Meltwater, NE Greenland 

      Paulsen, Maria Lund; Nielsen, Sophia Elisabeth Bardram; Müller, Oliver; Møller, Eva Friis; Stedmon, Colin A.; Juul-Pedersen, Thomas; Markager, Stiig; Sejr, Mikael Kristian; Delgado Huertas, Antonio; Larsen, Aud; Middelboe, Mathias (Frontiers, 2017-06-08)
      The land-to-ocean flux of organic carbon is increasing in glacierized regions in response to increasing temperatures in the Arctic (Hood et al., 2015). In order to understand the response of the coastal ecosystem metabolism ...
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    • Heterogeneous distribution of plankton within the mixed layer and its implications for bloom formation in tropical seas 

      Calbet, Albert; Agersted, Mette Dalgaard; Kaartvedt, Stein; Møhl, Malene; Møller, Eva Friis; Enghoff-Poulsen, Søren; Paulsen, Maria Lund; Solberg, Ingrid; Tang, Kam W.; Tönnesson, Kajsa; Raitsos, Dionysios E.; Nielsen, Torkel Gissel (Nature Publishing Group, 2015-06-11)
      Intensive sampling at the coastal waters of the central Red Sea during a period of thermal stratification, prior to the main seasonal bloom during winter, showed that vertical patches of prokaryotes and microplankton ...
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