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  • Thermodynamic and Kinetic Modeling of CH4/CO2 Hydrates Phase transitions 

    Kvamme, B.; Baig, K.; Qasim, M.; Bauman, J. (International Energy and Environment Foundation (IEEF)., 2013)
    Natural gas hydrates in reservoirs are thermodynamically unstable due to exposure to mineral surfaces and possibly undersaturated phases of water and hydrate formers. Changes in global temperatures also alter the ...
    Journal article
  • Nano to Micro Scale Modeling of Hydrate Phase Transition Kinetics 

    Baig, Khuram (The University of Bergen, 2017-05-23)
    Doctoral thesis
  • Construction of a plan library for high risk prostate cancer patients in proton therapy 

    Abal, Bonny (The University of Bergen, 2017-06-27)
    High-risk prostate cancer patients can receive treatment of both the pelvic lymph nodes and seminal vesicles, in addition to the prostate based on an estimated risk of lymph node spread. Due to the large volume being ...
    Master thesis
  • Azimuthal anisotropy of charged jet production in $\sqrt{s_{\rm NN}}=2.76$ TeV Pb–Pb collisions 

    Adam, Jaroslav; Adamová, Dagmar; Aggarwal, Madan M.; Aglieri Rinella, Gianluca; Agnello, Michelangelo; Agrawal, Nikita; Ahammed, Zubayer; Ahn, Sang Un; Akindinov, Alexander; Alam, Sk Noor; Alme, Johan; Helstrup, Håvard; Hetland, Kristin Fanebust; Kileng, Bjarte; Altinpinar, Sedat; Djuvsland, Øystein; Haaland, Øystein Senneset; Huang, Meidana; Lønne, Per-Ivar; Nystrand, Joakim; Rehman, Attiq ur; Røhrich, Dieter; Tambave, Ganesh Jagannath; Ullaland, Kjetil; Velure, Arild; Wagner, Boris; Zhang, Hui; Zhou, Zhuo; Arsene, Ionut Christian; Bätzing, Paul Christoph; Dordic, Olja; Lindal, Svein; Mahmood, Sohail Musa; Milosevic, Jovan; Qvigstad, Henrik; Richter, Matthias Rudolph; Røed, Ketil; Skaali, Toralf Bernhard; Tveter, Trine Spedstad; Wikne, Jon Christopher; Zhao, Chengxin; Langøy, Rune; Lien, Jørgen André; Aleksandrov, Dimitry; Alessandro, Bruno; Alexandre, Didier; Alfaro, Molina; Zhu, Hongsheng; Alici, Andrea; Alkin, Anton; ALICE, Collaboration (Elsevier, 2016-02)
    This paper presents measurements of the azimuthal dependence of charged jet production in central and semi-central $\sqrt{s_{\rm NN}}=2.76$ TeV Pb–Pb collisions with respect to the second harmonic event plane, quantified ...
    Journal article
  • Effects of an Arctic under-ice bloom on solar radiant heating of the water column 

    Taskjelle, Torbjørn; Granskog, Mats A.; Pavlov, Alexey K.; Hudson, Stephen R.; Hamre, Børge (Wiley, 2017-01)
    The deposition of solar energy in the upper Arctic Ocean depends, among other things, on the composition of the water column. During the N-ICE2015 expedition, a drift in the Arctic pack ice north of Svalbard, an under-ice ...
    Journal article
  • Recalibration of the MEPED Proton Detectors Onboard NOAA POES Satellites 

    Ødegaard, Linn-Kristine Glesnes (Universitetet i Bergen (UiB), 2013-07-04)
    In this thesis we have calibrated energetic proton data from the solid state detectors of the MEPED instrument onboard the satellites NOAA 15, 16, 17, 18, and MetOp 02. All these satellites are part of the NOAA/POES program, ...
    Master thesis
  • Energetic particle precipitation into the middle atmosphere - optimization and applications of the NOAA POES MEPED data 

    Ødegaard, Linn-Kristine Glesnes (The University of Bergen, 2016-09-09)
    This thesis has been a part of the research in the Q3 group of the Birkeland Centre for Space Science, which focus on the larger question "What are the effects of particle precipitation on the atmosphere?". An ...
    Doctoral thesis
  • Energetic electron precipitation in weak to moderate corotating interaction region-driven storms 

    Ødegaard, Linn-Kristine Glesnes; Tyssøy, Hilde Nesse; Søraas, Finn; Stadnes, Johan; Sandanger, Marit Irene (Wiley, 2017-03)
    High-energy electron precipitation from the radiation belts can penetrate deep into the mesosphere and increase the production rate of NOx and HOx, which in turn will reduce ozone in catalytic processes. The mechanisms for ...
    Journal article
  • Study of meso-scale reversed flow events in the polar ionosphere by SuperDARN radars 

    Reed, Kristian (The University of Bergen, 2017-06-29)
    In this study we have investigated Reversed Flow Events (RFEs) in the northern hemisphere polar cap. A RFE is an ∼50-250 km wide flow channel that opposes the large scale background flow. A total of 57 new RFEs were ...
    Master thesis
  • Onset of Spontaneous Imbibition 

    Føyen, Tore Lyngås (The University of Bergen, 2017-06-22)
    The spontaneous imbibition process in porous media is an important recovery mechanism and is governed by capillary forces that arise when two immiscible fluids are present in the pore space. This thesis presents new ...
    Master thesis
  • A study of temperature profiles in ceiling jets under horizontal unconfined ceilings with the CFD tools FLACS and FDS 

    Øvrebø, Tone (The University of Bergen, 2017-06-22)
    The key to controlling accidental fires, is early detection by the correct placement of devices such as smoke detectors and sprinkler systems. Smoke is accompanied by a temperature rise, brought about by the ceiling jet ...
    Master thesis
  • Construction and evaluation of a temperature dependent laminar burning velocity model for inerted hydrogen, methane and carbon monoxide mixtures 

    Tolaas, Jon Toppe (The University of Bergen, 2017-06-22)
    The laminar burning velocity is an important mixture property providing information about different gas mixtures’ reactivity. It is extensively used in the computational fluid dynamics (CFD) program FLACS to calculate ...
    Master thesis
  • Pore-Level Interpretation of Methane Hydrate Growth and Dissociation with Deionized and Saline Water 

    Iden, Eirik Johan (The University of Bergen, 2017-06-22)
    Natural gas hydrates are solid crystalline compounds composed of water and gas molecules, located in vast amounts around the world, in subsurface permafrost and oceanic environments. With an increasing demand of energy ...
    Master thesis
  • Estimation of In-situ Polymer Rheology by Simulation of Radial Flow Experiment 

    Nielsen, Tonje (The University of Bergen, 2017-06-22)
    Most experiments about in-situ rheology of polymer flow in porous media presented in literature is executed on linear cores and hence, performed during steady state conditions where the pressure drop is constant over the ...
    Master thesis
  • A Numerical and Experimental Study of the Dispersion of a Dust Layer by a Rarefaction Wave 

    Hauge, Sindre Brugrand (The University of Bergen, 2017-06-22)
    In recent years, dynamics of dust lifting behind a passing shock wave have been studied extensively. Few studies have focused on the problem of dust lifting by a rarefaction wave. The aim of this study was to create a ...
    Master thesis
  • Influence of Residual Oil on Polymer Injectivity 

    Jacobsen, Jørgen Gausdal (The University of Bergen, 2017-06-22)
    Because a significant fraction of the world’s light oil reservoirs has already been produced, the technical and economic challenges of developing heavy oil fields is now unavoidable [1]. Water flooding has proven to be a ...
    Master thesis
  • Monte Carlo based comparison of constant vs. variable RBE for proton therapy patients 

    Søbstad, Johan Martin (The University of Bergen, 2017-06-21)
    Around the world, the use of protons as an alternative to photons radiation therapy of cancer is becoming more widespread. The motivations for this is that protons enable a reduction of the radiation dose to health tissue ...
    Master thesis
  • Use of market ready light dosimeters for patients with erythropoietic protoporphyria disorder 

    Nedrebø, Svein (The University of Bergen, 2017-06-21)
    Erythropoietic protoporphyria (EPP) disorder causes severe pain in the skin when patients are overexposed to light, particularly blue light. These patients can only stay exposed to sunlight for a short amount of time, and ...
    Master thesis
  • A new population of Terrestrial Gamma-ray Flashes 

    Berge, Nini Lykke Susanne Aandahl (The University of Bergen, 2017-06-21)
    Terrestrial Gamma-ray Flashes (TGFs) consist of large numbers of highenergy photons produced in thunderstorms in connection with the lightning flash, and are the most energetic photon phenomenon naturally occurring ...
    Master thesis
  • A Numerical Study of Exercise Induced Laryngeal Obstruction using Fluid-Structure Interaction 

    Lied, Maren Roll (The University of Bergen, 2017-06-20)
    During inhalation, the pressure in the lungs decreases relative to the atmospheric air pressure, so that the atmospheric air is sucked into the lungs. During strenuous exercise, exposed individuals may experience that the ...
    Master thesis

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