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    • Dark matter and fundamental physics with the Cherenkov Telescope Array 

      Doro, M; Conrad, J.; Emmanoulopoulos, D.; Sanchez-Conde, M.A.; Barrio, JA; Birsin, E.; Bolmont, J.; Brun, P.; Colafrancesco, S.; Connell, S.H.; Contreras, JL; Daniel, M.K.; Fornasa, M.; Gaug, M.; Glicenstein, J.F.; Gonzalez-Munoz, A.; Hassan, T; Horns, D.; Jacholkowska, A; Jahn, C.; Mazini, R; Mirabal, N.; Moralejo, A; Moulin, E.; Nieto, D; Ripken, J.; Sandaker, Heidi; Schwanke, U; Spengler, G.; Stamerra, A; Viana, A.; Zechlin, H.S.; Zimmer, S. (Elsevier, 2013-03)
      The Cherenkov Telescope Array (CTA) is a project for a next-generation observatory for very high energy (GeV–TeV) ground-based gamma-ray astronomy, currently in its design phase, and foreseen to be operative a few years ...
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    • Dark Matter Searches with ATLAS and Fermi 

      Morå, Knut Dundas (The University of Bergen, 2013-06-03)
      This thesis presents Dark matter inspired searches for supersymmetry with a one-tau analysis at ATLAS, which excludes a region close to that of allowed dark matter densities at m_0 ~ 400 GeV, m_1/2 ~ 600 GeV, tan \beta = ...
      Master thesis
    • Dawn-dusk asymmetries in the coupled solar wind-magnetosphere-ionosphere system: a review 

      Walsh, Andrew P.; Haaland, Stein; Forsyth, Colin; Keesee, Amy M.; Kissinger, Jennifer; Li, Kun; Runov, Andrei; Soucek, Josef; Walsh, Brian M.; Wing, Simon; Taylor, Matthew G.G.T. (Copernicus Publications, 2014-07-01)
      Dawn–dusk asymmetries are ubiquitous features of the coupled solar-wind–magnetosphere–ionosphere system. During the last decades, increasing availability of satellite and ground-based measurements has made it possible to ...
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    • Decontamination of persistent organic pollutants in fishmeal and fish oil. Process optimization and modeling 

      Oterhals, Åge (The University of Bergen, 2011-10-07)
      Persistent organic pollutants (POPs) are fat soluble chemical substances that persist in the environment and bioaccumulate in the food chain. Through long-range environmental transportation by air, water and migratory ...
      Doctoral thesis
    • Default-mode network functional connectivity is closely related to metabolic activity 

      Passow, Susanne; Specht, Karsten; Adamsen, Tom Christian; Biermann, Martin; Brekke, Njål; Craig-Craven, Alexander Richard; Ersland, Lars; Grüner, Renate; Kleven-Madsen, Nina; Kvernenes, Ole Heine; Schwarzlmüller, Thomas; Olesen, Rasmus Aamand; Hugdahl, Kenneth (John Wiley & Sons, 2015-06)
      Over the last decade, the brain's default-mode network (DMN) and its function has attracted a lot of attention in the field of neuroscience. However, the exact underlying mechanisms of DMN functional connectivity, or more ...
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    • Design and implementation of fast and sparsified readout for Monolithic Active Pixel Sensors 

      Torheim, Olav (The University of Bergen, 2010-11-26)
      This thesis focuses on the development of smart pixel readout architectures that should ultimately be targeted for the Micro-Vertex Detector (MVD) of the CBM (Compressed Baryonic Matter) experiment. The technical challenge ...
      Doctoral thesis
    • Design og studier av lydkilde for SOBER-prosjektet 

      Pedersen, Audun (The University of Bergen, 2002)
      An ultrasonic sound source was constructed for the University of Bergen’s participation in the Sonic Boom European Research project. A piezoceramic disc was chosen as the active element and some of its properties were ...
      Master thesis
    • Design, implementation and testing of SRAM based neutron detectors 

      Velure, Arild (The University of Bergen, 2011-06-01)
      Neutrons of thermal and high energies can change the value of a bit stored in a Static Random Access Memory (SRAM) memory chip. The effect is non destructive and linearly dependent on the amount of incoming particles, which ...
      Master thesis
    • Designing and Development of Readout and Configuration Program for the MXGS-Instrument 

      Sharma, Arun Kumar (The University of Bergen, 2011-10-14)
      The Atmosphere-Space Interactive Monitor (ASIM) is a project running under the guideline and financial support of the European Space Agency (ESA). The ASIM instrument consists of several high resolution, optical cameras ...
      Master thesis
    • Detection of CO2 in N2 and H2O using photoacoustics 

      Holm, Vårin Renate Andvik (The University of Bergen and Victoria University, 2013-06-03)
      Photoacoustic spectroscopy is a technique where absorbed modulated light is released as heat, causing thermal expansion which can be detected using an acoustic transducer. It can be used to determine the absorption spectra ...
      Master thesis
    • Detection of low energy antiproton annihilations in a segmented silicon detector 

      Aghion, Stefano; Gligorova, Angela; Huse, Torkjell; Pacifico, Nicola; Røhne, Ole Myren; Sandaker, Heidi; Zavatarelli, S. (IOP Publishing, 2014-06)
      The goal of the AEḡIS experiment at the Antiproton Decelerator (AD) at CERN, is to measure directly the Earth’s gravitational acceleration on antimatter by measuring the free fall of a pulsed, cold antihydrogen beam. The ...
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    • Determination of the minimum ignition energy (MIE) of premixed propane/air 

      Ngo, My (The University of Bergen, 2009-06-12)
      This Master thesis describes an experimental study aimed at determining the minimum ignition energy (MIE) of premixed propane/air mixtures. Two fundamentally different circuits have been employed for creating the sparks ...
      Master thesis
    • Determining the fibrillar orientation of bast fibres with polarized light microscopy: the modified Herzog test (red plate test) explained 

      Haugan, Einar; Holst, Bodil (JohnWiley & Sons Ltd on behalf of Royal Microscopical Society, 2013)
      The identification of bast fibre samples, in particular, bast fibres used in textiles, is an important issue in archaeology, criminology and other scientific fields. One of the characteristic features of bast fibres is ...
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    • Developing calibrated ultrasound equipment for sonoporation research 

      Yddal, Torstein (The University of Bergen, 2015-03-29)
      Sonoporation is the transient formation of pores in cells, due to the application of ultrasound or ultrasound in combination with microbubbles. This increases drug uptake. Nevertheless, the ideal parameters for sonoporation ...
      Master thesis
    • Development and data analysis of a position detector for AEḡIS (Antimatter Experiment: Gravity, Interferometry, Spectroscopy) 

      Gligorova, Angela (The University of Bergen, 2015-03-13)
      AEḡIS (Antimatter Experiment: Gravity, Interferometry, Spectroscopy) is an antimatter experiment based at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research, whose goal is to carry out the first direct measurement of the ...
      Doctoral thesis
    • Development and Integration of on-line Data Analysis for the ALICE Experiment 

      Richter, Matthias (The University of Bergen, 2009-04-24)
      The ALICE detector setup is a dedicated experiment in Heavy Ion Physics, located at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at the European Organization for Nuclear Research (CERN)/ Geneva. Its various sub-detectors are ...
      Doctoral thesis
    • Development of Electronic Ground System Equipment for the ASIM Project 

      Bjørnsen, Thomas (The University of Bergen, 2013-06-03)
      ASIM (Atmosphere Space Interaction Monitor) is an instrument designed to monitor X-ray and gamma-ray bursts of terrestrial origin. ASIM is divided into two parts; Modular X-ray and Gamma-ray Sensor detect photons in ...
      Master thesis
    • Development, use, and validation of the CFD tool FLACS for hydrogen safety studies 

      Middha, Prankul (The University of Bergen, 2010-06-18)
      Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) calculations for gas explosion safety have been widely used for doing risk assessments within the oil and gas industry for more than a decade. Based on predicted consequences of a range ...
      Doctoral thesis
    • Diagnosing CP properties of the 2HDM 

      Grzadkowski, Bohdan; Øgreid, Odd Magne; Osland, Per (Springer, 2014-01)
      We have investigated a Two-Higgs-Doublet Model (2HDM), focusing on CP violation. Various scenarios with spontaneous and explicit breaking of CP have been considered. Some features of CP violation related to a choice of the ...
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    • Diffusion as an Oil Recovery Mechanism During CO2 Injection in Fractured Reservoirs 

      Lie, Stig Holme (The University of Bergen, 2013-11-19)
      This thesis is part of an ongoing study of enhanced oil recovery by CO2 injection in the Reservoir Physics research group at the Department of Physics and Technology (IFT) at the University of Bergen. This work investigates ...
      Master thesis