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    • Teknologi for MRI av hjernens funksjon og biokjemiske sammensetning 

      Linge, Jørn (The University of Bergen, 2018-04-07)
      This thesis is divided into two parts. The first part addresses synchronisation between the rate of frequency the MR system used for fMRI examinations at Haukeland universitetssjukehus operates on (10 Mhz) and the sampling ...
      Master thesis
    • Temperatur og salinitets påvirkning på viskositeten til delvis hydrolyserte polymer med og uten hydrofobe substituenter 

      Svendsen, Per Erik (The University of Bergen, 2017-09-15)
      I denne oppgaven sammenlignes viskositetsutviklingen som funksjon av temperatur for to hydrofobisk modifiserte polyelektrolytter og en polyelektrolytt uten hydrofobe substituenter. Målingene er utført ved to ulike ...
      Master thesis
    • Temperature induced color change in gold nanoparticle arrays: Investigating the annealing effect on the localized surface plasmon resonance 

      Holm, Vårin Renate Andvik; Greve, Martin Møller; Holst, Bodil (AIP Publishing, 2016)
      The localized surface plasmon resonance (LSPR) effect in metal nanoparticles is important for a range of applications, including photovoltaics and sensors. The actual LSPR effect is difficult to predict, because it can ...
      Journal article
    • Temporal characteristics and energy deposition of pulsating auroral patches 

      Humberset, Beate Krøvel; Gjerløv, Jesper; Samara, Marilla; Michell, Robert; Mann, Ian R. (Wiley, 2016-07-23)
      We present a careful statistical analysis of pulsating aurora (PA) using all-sky green line (557.7 nm) images obtained at 3.3 Hz. Six well-defined individual PA patches are identified and extracted using a contouring ...
      Journal article
    • Teoretisk- och Praktisk Analys av Avsäkrings- och Fackelsystemet på Isokrackeranläggningen, Preemraff Lysekil 

      Marston, Emma Ulrika (The University of Bergen, 2017)
      I processindustrin finns krav på att säkerhetsventiler ska finnas installerade på processenheter där trycket av någon orsak kan överskrida designtrycket av enheten. Det är av stor vikt att dessa säkerhetsventiler har ...
      Master thesis
    • Testing Fluorescence Lifetime Standards using Two-Photon Excitation and Time-Domain Instrumentation: Fluorescein, Quinine Sulfate and Green Fluorescent Protein 

      Kristoffersen, Arne Skodvin; Hamre, Børge; Erga, Svein Rune; Frette, Øyvind (Springer, 2018-09)
      It is essential for everyone working with experimental science to be certain that their instruments produce reliable results, and for fluorescence lifetime experiments, information about fluorescence lifetime standards is ...
      Journal article
    • Testing Fluorescence Lifetime Standards using Two-Photon Excitation and Time-Domain Instrumentation: Rhodamine B, Coumarin 6 and Lucifer Yellow 

      Kristoffersen, Arne Skodvin; Hamre, Børge; Erga, Svein Rune; Frette, Øyvind (Springer, 2014-05-28)
      Having good information about fluorescence lifetime standards is essential for anyone performing lifetime experiments. Using lifetime standards in fluorescence spectroscopy is often regarded as a straightforward process, ...
      Journal article
    • Testing hadronic interaction models using a highly granular silicon-tungsten calorimeter 

      Bilki, Burak; Repond, J; Schlereth, J; Xia, L; Deng, Z; Li, Y; Wang, Y; Yue, Q; Yang, Z; Eigen, Gerald; Mikami, Y; Price, T; Watson, NK; Thomson, MA; Ward, DR; Benchekroun, D; Hoummada, A; Khoulaki, Y; Carloganu, C; Chang, S; Khan, A; Kim, DH; Kong, DJ; Oh, YD; Blazey, GC; Dyshkant, A; Francis, K; Lima, JGR; Salcido, P; Zutshi, V; Boisvert, V; Green, B; Misiejuk, A; Salvatore, F; Kawagoe, K; Miyazaki, Y; Sudo, Y; Suehara, T; Tomita, T; Ueno, H; Yoshioka, T; Apostolakis, J; Folger, G; Ivantchenko, V; Ribon, A; Uzhinskiy, V; Cauwenbergh, S; Tytgat, M; Zaganidis, N; Hostachy, JY; Morin, L; Gadow, K; Göttlicher, P; Gunter, C; Kruger, K; Lutz, B; Reinecke, M; Sefkow, F; Feege, N; Garutti, E; Laurien, S; Lu, S; Marchesini, I; Matysek, M; Ramilli, M; Kaplan, A; Norbeck, E; Northacker, D; Onel, Y; Kim, EJ; Van Doren, B; Wilson, GW; Wing, M; Bobchenko, B; Chadeeva, M; Chistov, R; Danilov, M; Drutskoy, A; Epifantsev, A; Markin, O; Mizuk, R; Novikov, E; Popov, V; Rusinov, V; Tarkovsky, E; Besson, D; Popova, E; Gabriel, M; Kiesling, C; Simon, F; Soldner, C; Szalay, M; Tesar, M; Weuste, L; Amjad, MS; Bonis, J; Callier, S; Conforti Di Lorenzo, S; Cornebise, P; Doublet, Ph; Dulucq, F; Faucci-Giannelli, M; Fleury, J; Frisson, T; Kegl, B; Van Der Kolk, N; Li, H; Martin-Chassard, G; Richard, F; De La Taille, C; Pöschl, R; Raux, L; Rouene, J; Seguin-Moreau, N; Anduze, M; Balagura, V; Becheva, E; Boudry, V; Brient, JC; Cornat, R; Frotin, M; Gastaldi, F; Magniette, F; Matthieu, A; Mora De Freitas, P; Videau, H; Augustin, JE; David, J; Ghislain, P; Lacour, D; Lavergne, L; Zacek, J; Cvach, J; Gallus, P; Havranek, M; Janata, M; Kvasnicka, J; Lednicky, D; Marcisovsky, M; Polak, I; Popule, J; Tomasek, L; Tomasek, M; Ruzicka, P; Sicho, P; Smolik, J; Vrba, V; Zalesak, J; Jeans, D; Götze, M (Elsevier, 2015-09)
      Journal article
    • Testing the presence of CP violation in the 2HDM 

      Grzadkowski, Bohdan; Øgreid, Odd Magne; Osland, Per (PoS - Proceedings of Science, 2015-04-27)
      We review CP properties of the Two-Higgs-Doublet model. In particular, we show that sponta- neous CP violation occurs in the parameter space on the border between regions allowing explicit CP violation and those where ...
      Conference object
    • Theoretical studies of CO2 hydrates formation and dissociation in cold aquifers using RetrasoCodeBright simulator 

      Jemai, Khaled; Kvamme, Bjørn; Vafaei, Mohammad Taghi (World Scientific and Engineering Academy and Society, 2014)
      Abstract: - Hydrates of CO2 and water can form during aquifer storage if the reservoir has regions where conditions of pressure and temperature are inside the hydrate forming conditions. A very common assumption is that ...
      Journal article
    • Theoretical studies of Methane Hydrate Dissociation in porous media using RetrasoCodeBright simulator 

      Chejara, Ashok; Kvamme, Bjørn; Vafaei, Mohammad Taghi; Jemai, Khaled (Elsevier, 2012)
      Methane hydrates in reservoir are generally not in chemical equilibrium, there may be several competing hydrate phase transitions like for instance hydrate dissociation due to pressure or temperature changes, hydrate ...
      Journal article
    • Thermally excited 630.0 nm emissions in the polar ionosphere 

      Kwagala, Norah Kaggwa (The University of Bergen, 2018-08-24)
      This thesis investigates the importance and significance of thermally excited 630.0 nm emissions in the cusp and polar ionosphere. Thermal excitation by heated ambient electrons in the cusp and polar ionosphere is a rarely ...
      Doctoral thesis
    • Thermodynamic and Kinetic Modeling of CH4/CO2 Hydrates Phase transitions 

      Kvamme, B.; Baig, K.; Qasim, M.; Bauman, J. (International Energy and Environment Foundation (IEEF)., 2013)
      Natural gas hydrates in reservoirs are thermodynamically unstable due to exposure to mineral surfaces and possibly undersaturated phases of water and hydrate formers. Changes in global temperatures also alter the ...
      Journal article
    • Tilstandsovervåkning av undervanns motordrift med lange forsyningskabler 

      Stjernberg, Stian (The University of Bergen, 2010-06-01)
      Hensikten med denne mastergradsoppgaven er å sette opp et testanlegg bestående av forsyningskabel og induksjonsmotor for å teste om tilstandsovervåkning kan utføres ved strømanalyse av lange forsyningskabler. Det skal ...
      Master thesis
    • Time domain simulations of preliminary breakdown pulses in natural lightning 

      Carlson, Brant Edward; Liang, Can; Bitzer, Phillip M.; Christian, Hugh J. (Wiley, 2015-06)
      Lightning discharge is a complicated process with relevant physical scales spanning many orders of magnitude. In an effort to understand the electrodynamics of lightning and connect physical properties of the channel to ...
      Journal article
    • Time-dependent angular analysis of the decay B0s→J/ψϕ and extraction of ΔΓ s and the CP-violating weak phase ϕ s by ATLAS 

      The ATLAS Collaboration; Aad, Georges; Abajyan, T.; Abbott, Brad; Abdallah, Jalal; Abdel Khalek, Samah; Abdelalim, A. A.; Buanes, Trygve; Burgess, Thomas; Eigen, Gerald; Kastanas, Alex; Liebig, Wolfgang; Lipniacka, Anna; Rosendahl, Peter Lundgaard; Sandaker, Heidi; Sjursen, Therese B.; Stugu, Bjarne; Tonoyan, Arshak; Ugland, Maren (Springer Verlag, 2012-12)
      A measurement of B0s→J/ψϕ decay parameters, including the CP -violating weak phase ϕ s and the decay width difference ΔΓ s is reported, using 4.9 fb−1 of integrated luminosity collected in 2011 by the ATLAS detector from ...
      Peer reviewedJournal article
    • To Measure the Efficiency of Energy Transfer Systems Under External 

      Joshi, Pramanand (Universitetet i Bergen (UiB), 2014-06-03)
      Transfer of power wirelessly through magnetic resonance is a hot topic these days not only for low power consumer electronics like laptops, cell phones etc. but also for high power applications like electric cars, trains ...
      Master thesis
    • Transduser med stabil åpningsvinkel over et stort frekvensområde. Design, konstruksjon og eksperimentelle målinger 

      Sæther, Mathias (The University of Bergen, 2009-11-14)
      Denne oppgaven tar sikte på å finne en mulig transduserkonstruksjon hvis hensikt er å lette arbeidet ved klassifisering av fiskesorter. Mer vil bli sagt om bakgrunn og motivasjon, men hovedmålet i denne oppgaven er å lage ...
      Master thesis
    • Transport and storage of CO2 in natural gas hydrate reservoirs 

      Ersland, Geir; Husebø, Jarle; Graue, Arne; Kvamme, Bjørn (Elsevier, 2009-02)
      Storage of CO2 in natural gas hydrate reservoirs may offer stable long term deposition of a greenhouse gas while benefiting from methane production, without requiring heat. By exposing hydrate to a thermodynamically preferred ...
      Journal article
    • Transport mechanisms for CO2-CH4 exchange and safe CO2 storage in hydrate-bearing sandstone 

      Birkedal, Knut Arne; Hauge, Lars Petter; Graue, Arne; Ersland, Geir (MDPI, 2015-06-08)
      CO2 injection in hydrate-bearing sediments induces methane (CH4) production while benefitting from CO2 storage, as demonstrated in both core and field scale studies. CH4 hydrates have been formed repeatedly in partially ...
      Journal article