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    • Femtosecond-pulse-train ionization of Rydberg wave packets 

      Simonsen, Sigrid Ina; Sørngård, Stian Astad; Førre, Morten; Hansen, Jan Petter (American Physical Society, 2012-10-09)
      We calculate, based on first-order perturbation theory, the total and differential ionization probabilities from a dynamic periodic Rydberg wave packet of a given n-shell exposed to a train of femtosecond laser pulses. ...
      Peer reviewedJournal article
    • The global potential for carbon capture and storage from forestry 

      Ni, Yuanming; Eskeland, Gunnar; Giske, Jarl; Hansen, Jan Petter (Springer, 2016-02-26)
      Background: Discussions about limiting anthropogenic emissions of CO2 often focus on transition to renewable energy sources and on carbon capture and storage (CCS) of CO2. The potential contributions from forests, forest ...
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    • High-order harmonic generation from graphene: Strong attosecond pulses with arbitrary polarization 

      Sørngård, Stian Astad; Simonsen, Sigrid Ina; Hansen, Jan Petter (American Physical Society, 2013-05-03)
      We explore high-order harmonic generation (HHG) from a graphene sheet exposed to intense femtosecond laser pulses based on the Lewenstein model. It is demonstrated that the HHG cutoff frequency increases with graphene ...
      Peer reviewedJournal article
    • Interatom intrashell blockade 

      Sælen, L.; Simonsen, Sigrid Ina; Hansen, Jan Petter (American Physical Society, 2011-01-07)
      We demonstrate a feature of the Rydberg blockade mechanism which occurs between two initially excited circular Rydberg atoms. When both atoms are exposed to weak time-dependent electric fields, it is shown that the ...
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    • Optical velocity meter based on Ramsey oscillations in a double-grating setup 

      Preclíková, Jana; Kozák, Martin; Fregenal, Daniel; Hansen, Jan Petter (American Physical Society, 2014-04)
      We propose a method for measuring velocities of atoms or molecules in a gas phase based on time-resolved laser experiments. Two intensity gratings of electromagnetic field with variable time delay τ are created by interfering ...
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