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    • Karakterisering av silika nanopartikler for økt oljeutvinning 

      Pettersen, Birgitte (The University of Bergen, 2014-09-01)
      Anvendelsen av silika nanopartikler for EOR-formål krever stabile dispersjoner ved typiske reservoarforhold. Optimale silikadispersjoner vil være stabile over lengre tid ved nøytrale pH- verdier og høye elektrolyttko ...
      Master thesis
    • L0/L1 trigger generation by the ALICE PHOS detector 

      Liu, Lijiao (The University of Bergen, 2011-12-14)
      Quark-Gluon Plasma (QGP) is a phase that exists above a critical temperature and corresponding energy density according to the theory of Quantum Chromo-Dynamics (QCD). The studies of the QGP help us to understand the ...
      Doctoral thesis
    • Long-range interactions and dynamics of excited atoms 

      Simonsen, Sigrid Ina (The University of Bergen, 2010-06-10)
      A study of the dynamics of excited hydrogenic atoms, with emphasis on analytical and numerical calculations of the time-independent and the time-dependent Schrõdinger equation. A short description of Rydberg atoms and their ...
      Master thesis
    • Low Salinity Waterflood in Combination with Surfactant/Polymer: Effect of Brine Composition 

      Mjøs, Jon Endre Seljeset (The University of Bergen, 2014-06-02)
      The effect of low salinity water (LSW) on enhanced oil recovery has been known for decades. Although much research is done on the topic, a general agreement of the prevailing mechanism for the low salinity effect has still ...
      Master thesis
    • Low Salinity Waterflood in Combination with Surfactant/Polymer; Effect of Surfactant Slug Size 

      Al-Ajmi, Adnan Ibrahim Ahmed (The University of Bergen, 2014-06-02)
      In last years, there has been a growing interest in the effect of reducing salinity of injected water in oil recovery. Many studies have showed that low salinity waterflooding is a promising method that can lead to a ...
      Master thesis
    • Low-energy surface vibration measurements on the alpha-quartz (0001) surface 

      Luneng, Jenny Louise (The University of Bergen, 2011)
      Despite the enormous range of usages, only little is known about the dynamic and structural properties of quartz (SiO2) surfaces on the atomic scale. The main reason for this is probably that quartz is an insulator, with ...
      Master thesis
    • Læring av matematikk gjennom prosjekter i teknologi og design 

      Kolstø, Stein Dankert (Caspar forlag og kursvirksomhet, 2006)
    • Læring av naturfag og matematikk gjennom prosjekter i teknologi og design 

      Kolstø, Stein Dankert (The University of Bergen, 2006)
      Jeg nærer en uro. Fagområdet teknologi og design skal inkluderes i matematikkfaget, samt i naturfag og kunst og håndverk. Men vil elevene kunne lære naturfag og matematikk eller få økt innsikt i hvordan anvende naturfag ...
      Journal article
    • Marine seismics with a pulsed combustion source and Pseudo Noise codes 

      Askeland, Bjørn; Hobæk, Halvor; Mjelde, Rolf (Springer, 2007-03)
      There has been an ongoing debate for years of how dangerous seismic surveys are with respect to marine life. Marine seismics is today dominated by airgun technology, where high energy is generated by a release of compressed ...
      Journal articlePeer reviewed
    • Måling av akustisk spreiing fra makrellbein 

      Nesse, Tonje Lexau (The University of Bergen, 2006-06)
      Master thesis
    • Måling av forholdet mellom ladning og masse for elektronet - Utførelse og laboratorieveiledning 

      Olausen, Anita (The University of Bergen, 2010-05-31)
      Hensikten med denne masteroppgaven er å lage en laboratorieveiledning til en øvelse i et fag for laveregradstudenter ved Universitetet i Bergen. Foruten å finne en interessant fysisk verdi er hovedhensikten at studentene ...
      Master thesis
    • Measurement of conductivity of intumescing materials 

      Krohn, Anne Beth Auklend (The University of Bergen, 2009-06-01)
      The main objective of this thesis was to develop a test method for finding the thermal conductivity of intumescing materials to be used in numerical simulations. When simulating for instance fire exposure to a construction ...
      Master thesis
    • Measurement of electrons from beauty hadron decays in pp collisions at root √s=7 TeV 

      Alme, Johan; Erdal, Hege Austrheim; Helstrup, Håvard; Hetland, Kristin Fanebust; Kileng, Bjarte; Altinpinar, Sedat; Djuvsland, Øystein; Fehlker, Dominik; Haaland, Øystein Senneset; Huang, Meidana; Langøy, Rune; Lien, Jørgen; Liu, Lijiao; Nystrand, Joakim; Røed, Ketil; Røhrich, Dieter; Skjerdal, Kyrre; Szostak, Artur Krzysztof; Ullaland, Kjetil; Wagner, Boris; Yang, Shiming; Øvrebekk, Gaute; Dordic, Olja; Eyyubova, Gyulnara; Kværnø, Henning; Lindal, Svein; Løvhøiden, Gunnar; Milosevic, Jovan; Nilsson, Mads Stormo; Qvigstad, Henrik; Richter, Matthias; Skaali, Toralf Bernhard; Tveter, Trine Spedstad; Wikne, Jon Christopher; Abelev, Betty; Adam, Jaroslav; Adamová, Dagmar; Adare, Andrew Marshall; Aggarwal, Madan M.; Aglieri Rinella, Gianluca; Agocs, Andreas Gabor; Agostinelli, Andrea; Aguilar Salazar, Saul; Ahammed, Zubayer; Ahmad, Nazeer; Ahmad Masoodi, Arshar; Ahn, Sang Un; Akindinov, Alexander; Aleksandrov, Dimitry; Alessandro, Bruno; ALICE, Collaboration (Elsevier, 2013-04-10)
      The production cross section of electrons from semileptonic decays of beauty hadrons was measured at mid-rapidity (|y| < 0.8) in the transverse momentum range 1 < pT <8 GeV/c with the ALICE experiment at the CERN LHC in ...
      Journal article
    • Measurement of non-linear acoustoelastic effect in steel using acoustic resonance 

      Eldevik, Simen (The University of Bergen, 2014-09-25)
      Non-destructive stress measurements of structures are increasingly valued by the industry. Ultrasonic methods have the advantage that acoustic waves propagate with ease through materials, making it possible to probe the ...
      Doctoral thesis
    • Measurement of radon concentrations and temperature profiles in boreholes 

      Rashed, Mayasa (The University of Bergen, 2013-08-16)
      This thesis is based on a research project aimed at measuring temperature gradients and radon concentrations in boreholes. This was done by observing radon activity and temperature profiles in twelve boreholes that were ...
      Master thesis
    • Measurement of seawater by refractometric methods 

      Børve, Kristian (The University of Bergen, 2013-08-23)
      The aim of this work has been to design and test a refractometer for accurate measurement of seawater refractive index. The goal was to create a refractometer with a cylindrical embodiment and measure refractive ...
      Master thesis
    • Measurement of seawater refractive index and salinity by means of optical refraction 

      Tengesdal, Øyvind Aasen (The University of Bergen, 2012-05-22)
      The aim of this work has been to construct and test a compact refractometer for accurate measurement of seawater refractive index and salinity. The specific goal was to measure the refractive index of the water sample with ...
      Master thesis
    • Measurement of the top quark pair production charge asymmetry in proton-proton collisions at √s = 7 TeV using the ATLAS detector 

      Buanes, Trygve; Burgess, Thomas; Eigen, Gerald; Kastanas, Alex; Liebig, Wolfgang; Lipniacka, Anna; Rosendahl, Peter Lundgaard; Sandaker, Heidi; Sjursen, Therese B.; Stugu, Bjarne; Tonoyan, Arshak; Ugland, Maren; Bugge, Lars; Cameron, David Gordon; Czyczula, Zofia; Gjelsten, Børge Kile; Gramstad, Eirik; Lund, Esben; Ould-Saada, Farid; Pajchel, Katarina; Pedersen, Maiken; Pylypchenko, Yuriy; Read, Alexander Lincoln; Røhne, Ole Myren; Smestad, Lillian; Stapnes, Steinar; Strandlie, Are; Aad, Georges; Abajyan, Tatevik; Abbott, Brad; Abdallah, Jalal; Abdel Khalek, Samah; Abdinov, Ovsat Bahram oglu; Aben, Rosemarie; Abi, Babak; Abolins, Maris; AbouZeid, Hass; Abreu, Henso; Adamczyk, Leszek; Adams, David; Addy, Tetteh N.; Adelman, Jareed; Adomeit, Stefanie; Adye, Tim; Agatonovic-Jovin, Tatjana; Aguilar Saavedra, Juan Antonio; Agustoni, Marco; Ahles, Florian; Ahmad, Aharrouche; Aielli, Giulio; ATLAS, Collaboration (Springer, 2014-02)
      This paper presents a measurement of the top quark pair ( tt¯ ) production charge asymmetry A C using 4.7 fb−1 of proton-proton collisions at a centre-of-mass energy s√ = 7 TeV collected by the ATLAS detector at the LHC. ...
      Journal article
    • The measurements on the branching fractions and asymmetries of B→Kℓ+ℓ- and B→K*ℓ+ℓ- decays 

      Sun, Liang (The University of Bergen, 2008-11-14)
      Doctoral thesis