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    • R-parity violating chargino decays at the LHC 

      Bomark, Nils-Erik; Kvellestad, Anders; Lola, Smaragda; Osland, Per; Raklev, Are (Springer, 2014-12)
      Supersymmetric models with R-parity violation (RPV) have become more popular following the lack of any excess of missing energy events at the 8 TeV LHC. To identify such models, the suggested searches generally rely on the ...
      Journal article
    • Radiation treatment monitoring using multimodal functional imaging: PET/CT (18F-Fluoromisonidazole & 18F-Fluorocholine) and DCE-US 

      Arteaga-Marrero, Natalia; Brekke Rygh, Cecilie; Mainou-Gomez, Jose Francisco; Adamsen, Tom Christian; Lutay, Nataliya; Reed, Rolf K; Olsen, Dag Rune (BioMed Central, 2015-12-18)
      Background: This study aims to assess the effect of radiation treatment on the tumour vasculature and its downstream effects on hypoxia and choline metabolism using a multimodal approach in the murine prostate tumour model ...
      Journal article
    • The Randall-Sundrum radion: Production Through Gluon Fusion, and Two-Photon Decay 

      Dvergsnes, Erik Wolden (The University of Bergen, 2000)
      Master thesis
    • Rapidity and transverse-momentum dependence of the inclusive J/$\mathbf{\psi}$ nuclear modification factor in p-Pb collisions at $\mathbf{\sqrt{\textit{s}_{NN}}}=5.02$ TeV 

      Adam, Jaroslav; Adamová, Dagmar; Aggarwal, Madan M.; Aglieri Rinella, Gianluca; Agnello, Michelangelo; Agrawal, Nikita; Ahammed, Zubayer; Ahmed, Ijaz; Ahn, Sang Un; Aimo, Ilaria; Alme, Johan; Helstrup, Håvard; Hetland, Kristin Fanebust; Kileng, Bjarte; Altinpinar, Sedat; Djuvsland, Øystein; Haaland, Øystein Senneset; Huang, Meidana; Lønne, Per-Ivar; Nystrand, Joakim; Rehman, Attiq ur; Røhrich, Dieter; Ullaland, Kjetil; Velure, Arild; Wagner, Boris; Zhou, Zhuo; Arsene, Ionut Christian; Bätzing, Paul Christoph; Dordic, Olja; Lindal, Svein; Mahmood, Sohail Musa; Milosevic, Jovan; Qvigstad, Henrik; Richter, Matthias; Røed, Ketil; Skaali, Toralf Bernhard; Tveter, Trine Spedstad; Wikne, Jon Christopher; Zhao, Chengxin; Langøy, Rune; Lien, Jørgen André; Aiola, Salvatore; Ajaz, Muhammad; Akindinov, Alexander; Alam, Sk Noor; Aleksandrov, Dimitry; Alessandro, Bruno; Alexandre, Didier; Alfaro, Molina; Alici, Andrea; ALICE, Collaboration (Springer, 2015-06)
      We have studied the transverse-momentum ($p_{\rm T}$) dependence of the inclusive J/$\psi$ production in p-Pb collisions at $\sqrt{s_{\rm NN}} = 5.02$ TeV, in three center-of-mass rapidity ($y_{\rm cms}$) regions, down to ...
      Journal article
    • Reaching towards higher masses of supersymmetric particles decaying to tau leptons 

      Olsen, Agnethe Seim (The University of Bergen, 2014-06-30)
      This thesis presents an optimisation of the search for SUSY in final states with one tau lepton, jets and missing transverse energy. The SUSY model considered is mSUGRA with the parameter values: A_0 = -2m0, tan(beta) ...
      Master thesis
    • Reactive transport modelling of hydrate phase transition dynamics in porous media 

      Vafaei, Mohammad Taghi (The University of Bergen, 2015-03-27)
      Gas hydrate is believed to be so abundant in nature that some estimates suggest it contains more than two times equivalent energy of the whole fossil fuels on Earth. Besides, reservoir hydrates have other important aspects ...
      Doctoral thesis
    • Reactive Transport of CO2 in Saline Aquifers with implicit geomechanical analysis 

      Kvamme, Bjørn; Liu, Shunping (Elsevier, 2009)
      Geological storage of CO2 in saline aquifers is a promising way to reduce the concentration of the greenhouse gas in the atmosphere. Injection of CO2 will, however, lead to dissolution of minerals in regions of lowered pH ...
      Journal article
    • Recalibration of the MEPED Proton Detectors Onboard NOAA POES Satellites 

      Ødegaard, Linn-Kristine Glesnes (Universitetet i Bergen (UiB), 2013-07-04)
      In this thesis we have calibrated energetic proton data from the solid state detectors of the MEPED instrument onboard the satellites NOAA 15, 16, 17, 18, and MetOp 02. All these satellites are part of the NOAA/POES program, ...
      Master thesis
    • Reciprocity calibration method for ultrasonic piezoelectric transducers in air 

      Mosland, Eivind (The University of Bergen, 2013-06-17)
      The conventional three-transducer reciprocity calibration method for use in gas at ambient pressure and temperature is studied. Modifications are introduced, introducing correction factors for absorption in air, diffraction ...
      Master thesis
    • Reciprocity calibration of ultrasonic piezoelectric disks in air 

      Andersen, Kenneth Kirkeng (The University of Bergen, 2015-11-20)
      The phase response of a transducer acting as a transmitter or receiver of sound is important in many industrial applications, such as fiscal measurements of natural gas, therein multipath ultrasonic transit-time flow meters, ...
      Master thesis
    • Reconstruction of primary vertices at the ATLAS experiment in Run 1 proton-proton collisions at the LHC 

      Aaboud, Morad; Aad, Georges; Abbott, Brad; Abdallah, Jalal; Abdinov, Ovsat Bahram oglu; Abeloos, Baptiste; Aben, Rosemarie; AbouZeid, Hass; Abraham, Nadine L.; Abramowicz, Halina; Buanes, Trygve; Dale, Ørjan; Eigen, Gerald; Kastanas, Alex; Liebig, Wolfgang; Lipniacka, Anna; Martin dit Latour, Bertrand; Mæland, Steffen; Smestad, Lillian; Stugu, Bjarne; Yang, Zongchang; Zalieckas, Justas; Bugge, Magnar Kopangen; Cameron, David Gordon; Catmore, James Richard; Feigl, Simon; Franconi, Laura; Garonne, Vincent; Gjelsten, Børge Kile; Gramstad, Eirik; Morisbak, Vanja; Nilsen, Jon Kerr; Ould-Saada, Farid; Pajchel, Katarina; Raddum, Silje Hattrem; Read, Alexander Lincoln; Røhne, Ole Myren; Sandaker, Heidi; Serfon, Cédric; Stapnes, Steinar; Strandlie, Are; Abreu, Henso; Abreu, Rômulo F.; Abulaiti, Yiming; Acharya, Bobby S.; Adamczyk, Leszek; Adams, David; Adelman, Jareed; Adersberger, Michael; ATLAS, Collaboration (Springer, 2017-05)
      This paper presents the method and performance of primary vertex reconstruction in proton--proton collision data recorded by the ATLAS experiment during Run 1 of the LHC. The studies presented focus on data taken during ...
      Journal article
    • Recreating the top quark: Commissioning and monitoring of the ATLAS Inner Detector and search for New Physics with heavy particles. 

      Tonoyan, Arshak (The University of Bergen, 2012-02-03)
      The ATLAS (A Toroidal Lhc ApparatuS) experiment is one of the two general purpose experiments at the Large Hadron Collider (LHC) at CERN, the European Organization for Nuclear Research. The LHC is a proton-proton and ...
      Doctoral thesis
    • Reduction of noise in seismic hydrophone arrays modelling of breathing waves and adaptive noise cancelling 

      Bjelland, Cato (The University of Bergen, 1993-04)
      Doctoral thesis
    • Rheological properties of hydrophobically modified anionic polymers: The effect of varying salinity in polymer solution 

      Time, Peter Aarrestad (The University of Bergen, 2017-06-16)
      A new class of polymers, named ‘hydrophobically modified water-soluble polymers’, has been developed as an alternative to the more commonly used polyelectrolytes in enhanced oil recovery (EOR) applications. These polymers ...
      Master thesis
    • Rheology of Synthetic Polymers in Porous Media 

      Larsen, Jørgen Omre (The University of Bergen, 2014-06-02)
      This master thesis is written out of the Centre for Integrated Petroleum Research (UNI CIPR) at the University of Bergen (UiB). The aim of this study has been to describe the polymer rheology of the high molecular ...
      Master thesis
    • Risiko for spredning av flammer og røyk gjennom brannskiller ved endringer i bruk av sprinkler og røykkontroll i boligkvarter på petroleumsinnretninger. 

      Hauken, Jan-Øivind (The University of Bergen, 2016-09-27)
      Målet med oppgaven har vært å undersøke hvordan endringer i bruk av sprinkler og brannspjeld i boligkvarter på petroleumsinnretninger, har påvirket risiko for spredning av flammer og røyk gjennom ventilasjonskanaler. ...
      Master thesis
    • Rotation and Polarization in Heavy Ion Collisions 

      Xie, Yilong (The University of Bergen, 2017-12-19)
      Doctoral thesis
    • Rotation and Turbulence in Peripheral Heavy Ion Collisions 

      Wang, Du-Juan (The University of Bergen, 2014-12-16)
      In our computational fluid dynamics (CFD) calculations the Kelvin-Helmholtz instability (KHI) starts to develop in peripheral collisions. At high energies the shear viscosity of the Quark Gluon Plasma (QGP) flow is ...
      Doctoral thesis
    • Rotation and Turbulent Instability in Peripheral Heavy Ion Collisions 

      Csernai, Laszlo; Wang, Du-Juan (EDP Sciences, 2014-04-29)
      In recent years fluid dynamical processes became a dominant direction of research in high energy heavy ion reactions. The Quark-gluon Plasma formed in these reactions has low viscosity, which leads to significant fluctuations ...
      Conference object
    • Rotation in an exact hydrodynamical model 

      Csernai, Laszlo; Wang, Du-Juan; Csörgo, T. (American Physical Society, 2014-08-01)
      We study an exact and extended solution of the fluid dynamical model of heavy ion reactions and estimate the rate of slowing down of the rotation due to the longitudinal and transverse expansion of the system. The initial ...
      Journal article