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  • Visualization Space Exploration : Theoretical and Practical Viewpoints 

    Bolte, Fabian (The University of Bergen, 2020-11-20)
    Visualizations are graphical representations of data that have been used in a wide-ranging field of applications to provide a quick overview over data-inherent information. By taking advantage of human perceptual capabilities, ...
    Doctoral thesis
  • Modelling the structure, function and evolution of Polycomb/Trithorax Response Elements 

    Bredesen, Bjørn Andre (The University of Bergen, 2020-11-20)
    The correct development of animals and plants depends on carefully coordinated gene regulation. Polycomb/Trithorax Group (PcG/TrxG) proteins are conserved epigenetic regulators that are recruited to Polycomb/Trithorax ...
    Doctoral thesis
  • Development and application of computational methods for NGS-based microbiome research 

    Xue, Yaxin (The University of Bergen, 2020-11-05)
    The advance of DNA sequencing technologies has dramatically expanded our knowledge of microbial community composition and their functions from diverse environments. The most common Next Generation Sequencing (NGS)-based ...
    Doctoral thesis
  • Computing Twitter Influence with a GPU 

    Lindberg, Amund (The University of Bergen, 2020-09-01)
    Master thesis
  • Biomarker Discovery Using Statistical and Machine Learning Approaches on Gene Expression Data 

    Zhang, Xiaokang (The University of Bergen, 2020-10-30)
    My PhD is affiliated with the dCod 1.0 project ( decoding the systems toxicology of Atlantic cod (Gadus morhua), which aims to better understand how cods adapt and react to the stressors in the ...
    Doctoral thesis
  • Kernelization for Balanced Graph Clustering 

    Steinvik, Andreas (The University of Bergen, 2020-10-03)
    The problems of Balanced Graph Clustering ask whether it is possible to modify a graph such that it becomes a cluster graph where no cluster has a size larger than a given multiplicative factor or absolute difference ...
    Master thesis
  • Scalable Readout for Proton CT 

    Skjolddal, Øistein Jelmert (The University of Bergen, 2020-10-02)
    Denne oppgaven er en del av arbeidet med å utvikle en prototype detektor for proton CT. Den tar for seg første del av data prosessering nødvendig får rekonstruksjon og analyse av dataene og debugging av systemet..
    Master thesis
  • Synthesizing Skin Lesion Images Using Generative Adversarial Networks 

    Fossen-Romsaas, Sondre; Storm-Johannessen, Adrian (The University of Bergen, 2020-10-02)
    According to the World Health Organization cancer is the second leading cause of death globally [1], and the most common cancer in the world is skin cancer [2]. To get a skin cancer diagnosis, a patient will usually mention ...
    Master thesis
  • Machine learning and electronic health records 

    Stavland, Sivert (The University of Bergen, 2020-10-02)
    In this work, we investigate the benefits and complications of using machine learning on EHR data. We survey some recent literature and conduct experiments on real data collected from hospital EHR systems.
    Master thesis
  • Augmented Reality in Historical Museum: A case study at Fjell Fortress 

    Ghimire, Anil (The University of Bergen, 2020-09-09)
    Over the years, there has been development in using the technologies in historical museums for various reasons. The recent development of smartphones and computer graphics has enabled us to provide a new way of interaction ...
    Master thesis
  • Symmetric Ciphers for Fully Homomorphic Encryption 

    Thorvaldsen, Håkon (The University of Bergen, 2020-08-28)
    Fully homomorphic encryption is the latest addition to the world of cryptography. It is a type of encryption that allows operations to be done on ciphertexts, which is not possible with traditional encryption. The field ...
    Master thesis
  • A Weather/Mobility Analysis using Machine Learning 

    Apeland, Kenneth (The University of Bergen, 2020-08-25)
    Master thesis
  • MedUse: A Visual Analysis Tool for Medication Use Data in the ABCD Study 

    Bartsch, Hauke; Garrison, Laura; Bruckner, Stefan; Wang, Ariel; Tapert, Susan F.; Grüner, Renate (Eurographics, 2019)
    The RxNorm vocabulary is a yearly-published biomedical resource providing normalized names for medications. It is used to capture medication use in the Adolescent Brain Cognitive Development (ABCD) study, an active and ...
    Peer reviewedJournal article
  • Model-based Visualization for Medical Education and Training 

    Smit, Noeska Natasja; Lawonn, Kai; Kraima, Annelot; DeRuiter, Marco; Bruckner, Stefan; Eisemann, Elmar; Vilanova, Anna (Eurographics, 2019)
    Anatomy, or the study of the structure of the human body, is an essential component of medical education. Certain parts of human anatomy are considered to be more complex to understand than others, due to a multitude of ...
    Peer reviewedJournal article
  • Interpolation-based Decoding of Nonlinear Maximum Rank Distance Codes 

    Li, Chunlei (IEEE, 2019)
    In this paper, we formulate a generic construction of MRD codes that covers almost all the newly found MRD codes. Among those MRD codes, we particularly investigate the encoding and decoding of a family of nonlinear MRD ...
    Peer reviewedJournal article
  • Clustering to Given Connectivities 

    Golovach, Petr; Thilikos, Dimitrios M. (Schloss Dagstuhl – Leibniz Center for Informatics, 2019)
    We define a general variant of the graph clustering problem where the criterion of density for the clusters is (high) connectivity. In Clustering to Given Connectivities, we are given an n-vertex graph G, an integer k, and ...
    Peer reviewedJournal article
  • Associations Between Natural Physiological and Supraphysiological Estradiol Levels and Stress Perception 

    Leeners, Brigitte; Krüger, Tillman H.C.; Geraedts, Kirsten; Tronci, Enrico; Mancini, Toni; Egli, Marcel; Röblitz, Susanna; Saleh, Lanja; Spanaus, Katharina; Schippert, Cordula; Zhang, Y; Ille, Fabian (Frontiers, 2019-06-11)
    Stress is a risk factor for impaired general, mental, and reproductive health. The role of physiological and supraphysiological estradiol concentrations in stress perception and stress processing is less well understood. ...
    Peer reviewedJournal article
  • Covering Vectors by Spaces in Perturbed Graphic Matroids and Their Duals 

    Fomin, Fedor; Golovach, Petr; Lokshtanov, Daniel; Saurabh, Saket; Zehavi, Meirav (Dagstuhl Publishing, 2019)
    Perturbed graphic matroids are binary matroids that can be obtained from a graphic matroid by adding a noise of small rank. More precisely, an r-rank perturbed graphic matroid M is a binary matroid that can be represented ...
    Peer reviewedJournal article
  • Cyclability in Graph Classes 

    Crespelle, Christophe Dominique; Feghali, Carl; Golovach, Petr (Dagstuhl Publishing, 2019)
    A subset T subseteq V(G) of vertices of a graph G is said to be cyclable if G has a cycle C containing every vertex of T, and for a positive integer k, a graph G is k-cyclable if every subset of vertices of G of size at ...
    Peer reviewedJournal article
  • Integer Programming Formulations for the Shared Multicast Tree Problem 

    Ivanova, Marika; Haugland, Dag (Springer, 2019)
    We study the shared multicast tree (SMT) problem in wireless networks. To support a multicast session between a set of network nodes, SMT aims to establish a wireless connection between them, such that the total energy ...
    Peer reviewedJournal article

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