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    • A Fast Continuous Max-Flow Approach to Non-Convex Multilabeling Problems 

      Bae, Egil; Yuan, Jing; Tai, Xue-Cheng; Boykov, Yuri (The authors, 2011)
      This work addresses a class of multilabeling problems over a spatially continuous image domain, where the data fidelity term can be any bounded function, not necessarily convex. Two total variation based regularization terms ...
    • Fast Image Segmentation Using Variational Optimization Methods With Edge Detector 

      Stanislaus, Mary Gerina (The University of Bergen, 2014-06-02)
      In this work, we apply techniques in variational optimization to image segmentation. We study three different segmentation models: one is based on the active contour method, the second is based on a piecewise constant level ...
      Master thesis
    • Feasibility of simplified integral equation modeling of low-frequency marine CSEM with a resistive target 

      Bakr, Shaaban Ali; Mannseth, Trond (Society of Exploration Geophysicists, 2009)
      We have assessed the accuracy of a simplified integral equation (SIE) modeling approach for marine controlledsource electromagnetics (CSEM) with low applied frequencies and a resistive target. The most computationally ...
      Peer reviewedJournal article
    • Field-case simulation of CO2-plume migration using vertical-equilibrium models 

      Nilsen, Halvor Møll; Herrera, Paulo; Ashraf, Seyed Meisam; Ligaard, Ingeborg S.; Iding, Martin; Hermanrud, Christian; Lie, Knut-Andreas; Nordbotten, Jan Martin; Dahle, Helge K.; Keilegavlen, Eirik (Elsevier, 2011)
      When injected in deep saline aquifers, CO2 moves radially away from the injection well and progressively higher in the formation because of buoyancy forces. Analyzes have shown that after the injection period, CO2 will ...
      Journal article
    • Finite volume hydromechanical simulation in porous media 

      Nordbotten, Jan Martin (Wiley, 2014-05-27)
      Cell-centered finite volume methods are prevailing in numerical simulation of flow in porous media. However, due to the lack of cell-centered finite volume methods for mechanics, coupled flow and deformation is usually ...
      Journal article
    • Finite-Element Modelling of Buoyancy-Driven Flow in Natural Geothermal Systems 

      Saltnes, Marie Horn (The University of Bergen, 2010-05-27)
      Finite element modelling of buoyancy driven flow in geothermal systems is presented in this thesis. The main focus is on the development of a numerical modelling tool. The program developed is tested for classical benchmarks ...
      Master thesis
    • The Flow of Quasiconformal Mappings on S³ with Contact structure and a Family of Surfaces on the Heisenberg Group 

      Lavrichenko, Ksenia (The University of Bergen, 2011-05-31)
      Master thesis
    • Fully-implicit simulation of vertical-equilibrium models with hysteresis and capillary fringe 

      Nilsen, Halvor Møll; Lie, Knut-Andreas; Andersen, Odd (Springer, 2016-02)
      Geological carbon storage represents a new and substantial challenge for the subsurface geosciences. To increase understanding and make good engineering decisions, containment processes and large-scale storage operations ...
      Journal article
    • GAMLSS-modeller i bilforsikring 

      Røyrane-Løtvedt, Hallvard (The University of Bergen, 2012-06-01)
      I denne oppgaven tester jeg ulike modeller for prediksjon av total skadeutbetaling fra forsikringsselskap til forsikringstaker i et poliseår. Modellene som testes hører til rammeverket Generalized Additive Models for ...
      Master thesis
    • Gasslekkasjar i Marine miljø 

      Aase, Stig Andre (The University of Bergen, 2012-06-19)
      I denne masteroppgåva studerast fluidstrøymingar gjennom marine sediment, og målet er å vurdere om ein enkel matematisk modell klarar å beskrive og bevare karakteristiske trekk for prosessen. Denne drøftinga vil baserast ...
      Master thesis
    • General Slit Stochastic Löwner Evolution and Conformal Field Theory 

      Tochin, Alexey (The University of Bergen, 2016-01-22)
      Doctoral thesis
    • Generated Sound Waves in Corrugated Pipes 

      Lillejord, Arve (The University of Bergen, 2012-06-01)
      This paper studies sound waves generated in corrugated pipes by using computational fluid dynam- ics. The author did not have any prior experience in computational fluid dynamics and therefore a substantial part was ...
      Master thesis
    • Generating function and volume preserving mappings 

      Xue, Huiyan; Zanna, Antonella (The American Institute of Mathematical Sciences, 2014-03)
      In this paper, we study generating forms and generating functions for volume preserving mappings in Rn. We derive some parametric classes of volume preserving numerical schemes for divergence free vector fields. In passing, ...
      Peer reviewed
    • Genotyping errors in a calibrated DNA register: implications for identification of individuals 

      Haaland, Øystein; Glover, Kevin; Seliussen, Bjørghild Breistein; Skaug, Hans J. (BioMed Central, 2011-04-20)
      Background: The use of DNA methods for the identification and management of natural resources is gaining importance. In the future, it is likely that DNA registers will play an increasing role in this development. Microsatellite ...
      Peer reviewedJournal article
    • Geological Storage of CO2: Sensitivity and Risk Analysis 

      Ashraf, Meisam (The University of Bergen, 2014-04-10)
      Geological CO2 storage has the potential to be a key technology for prevention of industrial CO2 emission into the atmosphere. A successful storage operation requires safe geological structures with large storage capacity. ...
      Doctoral thesis
    • Geometric and Spectral Properties of Hypoelliptic Operators 

      Eik, Stine Marie (The University of Bergen, 2017-07-26)
      Master thesis
    • Global Minimization for Continuous Multiphase Partitioning Problems Using a Dual Approach 

      Bae, Egil; Yuan, Jing; Tai, Xue-Cheng (Springer Verlag, 2010)
      This paper is devoted to the optimization problem of continuous multi-partitioning, or multi-labeling, which is based on a convex relaxation of the continuous Potts model. In contrast to previous efforts, which are ...
      Peer reviewedJournal article
    • Gode rank 1 latticereglar av høg dimensjon 

      Topphol, Vegard (The University of Bergen, 2011-06-01)
      Oppgåva omhandlar numeriske integrasjonsreglar av trigonometrisk grad kalla latticereglar, med særskild fokus på å utvikle og teste algoritmer for å finne gode latticereglar av rank 1. For at teksten skal kunne stå ...
      Master thesis
    • Gonality of Points in Brill-Noether Loci of the Moduli Space of Curves 

      Sæbø, Gard (The University of Bergen, 2012-05-31)
      In this masterthesis we study the geometry of the points in the Brill-Noether locus. Typically, we want to study the gonality of points in this locus, that can be seen as projective curves. We also study what curves ...
      Master thesis
    • Good ethics or political and cultural censoring in science? 

      Torrissen, Ole; Glover, Kevin; Haug, tore; Misund, Ole Arve; Skaug, Hans J.; Kaiser, Matthias (2012)
      Peer-reviewed journals are the cornerstones to communicating scientific results. They play a crucial role in quality assurance through the review process, but they also create opportunities for discussions in the scientific ...
      Journal article