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    • Biochemical and cellular analysis of Ogden syndrome reveals downstream Nt-acetylation defects 

      Myklebust, Line Merethe; Van Damme, Petra; Støve, Svein Isungset; Dörfel, Max J; Abboud, Angèle; Kalvik, Thomas Vikestad; Grauffel, Cédric; Jonckheere, Veronique; Wu, Yiyang; Swensen, Jeffrey; Kaasa, Hanna; Liszczak, Glen; Marmorstein, Ronen; Reuter, Nathalie; Lyon, Gholson J; Gevaert, Kris; Arnesen, Thomas (Oxford University Press, 2014-12-03)
      The X-linked lethal Ogden syndrome was the first reported human genetic disorder associated with a mutation in an N-terminal acetyltransferase (NAT) gene. The affected males harbor an Ser37Pro (S37P) mutation in the gene ...
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    • Characterization of hARD2, a processed hARD1 gene duplicate, encoding a human protein N-α-acetyltransferase 

      Arnesen, Thomas; Betts, Matthew J.; Pendino, Frédéric; Liberles, David A.; Anderson, Dave; Caro, Jaime; Kong, Xianguo; Varhaug, Jan Erik; Lillehaug, Johan (BioMed Central, 2006-04-25)
      Background: Protein acetylation is increasingly recognized as an important mechanism regulating a variety of cellular functions. Several human protein acetyltransferases have been characterized, most of them catalyzing ...
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    • Downregulation of N-terminal acetylation triggers ABA-mediated drought responses in Arabidopsis 

      Linster, Eric; Stephan, Iwona; Bienvenut, Willy V.; Maple-Grødem, Jodi; Myklebust, Line Merethe; Huber, Monika; Reichelt, Michael; Sticht, Carsten; Møller, Simon Geir; Meinnel, Thierry; Arnesen, Thomas; Giglione, Carmela; Hell, Rüdiger; Wirtz, Markus (Nature Publishing Group, 2015-07-17)
      N-terminal acetylation (NTA) catalysed by N-terminal acetyltransferases (Nats) is among the most common protein modifications in eukaryotes, but its significance is still enigmatic. Here we characterize the plant NatA ...
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    • First Things First: Vital Protein Marks by N-Terminal Acetyltransferases 

      Aksnes, Henriette; Drazic, Adrian; Marie, Michael Bruno Eric; Arnesen, Thomas (Elsevier, 2016-09)
      N-terminal (Nt) acetylation is known to be a highly abundant co-translational protein modification, but the recent discovery of Golgi- and chloroplast-resident N-terminal acetyltransferases (NATs) revealed that it can also ...
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    • HIV-1 Rev oligomerization is not obligatory in the presence of an extra basic domain 

      Furnes, Clemens; Arnesen, Thomas; Askjaer, Peter; Kjems, Jørgen; Szilvay, Anne Marie (BioMed Central, 2005-06-10)
      Background: The HIV-1 Rev regulatory protein binds as an oligomeric complex to viral RNA mediating nuclear export of incompletely spliced and non-spliced viral mRNAs encoding the viral structural proteins. However, the ...
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    • The Human N-Alpha-Acetyltransferase 40 (hNaa40p/ hNatD) Is Conserved from Yeast and N-Terminally Acetylates Histones H2A and H4 

      Hole, Kristine; Van Damme, Petra; Dalva, Monica; Aksnes, Henriette; Glomnes, Nina; Varhaug, Jan Erik; Lillehaug, Johan; Gevaert, Kris; Arnesen, Thomas (Public Library of Science, 2011-09-15)
      Protein Na-terminal acetylation (Nt-acetylation) is considered one of the most common protein modification in eukaryotes, and 80-90% of all soluble human proteins are modified in this way, with functional implications ...
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    • Massively parallel sequencing identifies a previously unrecognized X-linked disorder resulting in lethality in male infants owing to amino-terminal acetyltransferase deficiency 

      Rope, Alan F.; Wang, Kai; Evjenth, Rune; Xing, Jinchuan; Johnston, Jennifer J.; Swensen, Jeffrey J.; Johnson, W. E.; Moore, Barry; Huff, Chad D.; Bird, Lynne M.; Carey, John C.; Opitz, John M.; Stevens, Cathy A.; Schank, Christa; Fain, Heidi D.; Robison, Reid; Dalley, Brian; Chin, Steven; South, Sarah T.; Pysher, Theodore J.; Jorde, Lynn B.; Hakonarson, Hakon; Lillehaug, Johan; Biesecker, Leslie G.; Yandell, Mark; Arnesen, Thomas; Lyon, Gholson J. (BioMed Central, 2011-09-19)
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    • The N-terminal acetyltransferase Naa10 is essential for zebrafish development 

      Ree, Rasmus Moen; Myklebust, Line Merethe; Thiel, Puja; Foyn, Håvard; Fladmark, Kari Espolin; Arnesen, Thomas (Portland Press Limited, 2015-08-06)
      N-terminal acetylation, catalysed by N-terminal acetyltransferases (NATs), is among the most common protein modifications in eukaryotes and involves the transfer of an acetyl group from acetyl-CoA to the α-amino group of ...
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    • N-terminal modifications of cellular proteins: the enzymes involved, their substrate specificities and biological effects 

      Varland, Sylvia; Osberg, Camilla; Arnesen, Thomas (Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim, 2015-06-16)
      The vast majority of eukaryotic proteins are N-terminally modified by one or more processing enzymes. Enzymes acting on the very first amino acid of a polypeptide include different peptidases, transferases, and ligases. ...
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    • NAA10 mutation causing a novel intellectual disability syndrome with Long QT due to N-terminal acetyltransferase impairment 

      Casey, Jillian P.; Støve, Svein Isungset; McGorrian, Catherine; Galvin, Joseph; Blenski, Marina; Dunne, Aimee; Ennis, Sean; Brett, Francesca; King, Mary D.; Arnesen, Thomas; Lynch, Sally Ann (Nature Publishing Group, 2015-11-02)
      We report two brothers from a non-consanguineous Irish family presenting with a novel syndrome characterised by intellectual disability, facial dysmorphism, scoliosis and long QT. Their mother has a milder phenotype including ...
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    • NatF Contributes to an Evolutionary Shift in Protein N-Terminal Acetylation and Is Important for Normal Chromosome Segregation 

      Van Damme, Petra; Hole, Kristine; Pimenta-Marques, Ana; Helsens, Kenny; Vandekerckhove, Joël; Martinho, Rui G.; Gevaert, Kris; Arnesen, Thomas (Public Library of Science, 2011-07-07)
      N-terminal acetylation (N-Ac) is a highly abundant eukaryotic protein modification. Proteomics revealed a significant increase in the occurrence of N-Ac from lower to higher eukaryotes, but evidence explaining the underlying ...
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    • A novel human NatA N-alpha-terminal acetyltransferase complex: hNaa16p-hNaa10p (hNat2-hArd1) 

      Arnesen, Thomas; Gromyko, Darina; Kagabo, Diane; Betts, Matthew J.; Starheim, Kristian Kobbenes; Varhaug, Jan Erik; Anderson, Dave; Lillehaug, Johan (BioMed Central, 2009-05-29)
      Background: Protein acetylation is among the most common protein modifications. The two major types are post-translational Nε-lysine acetylation catalyzed by KATs (Lysine acetyltransferases, previously named HATs (histone ...
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    • De novo missense mutations in the NAA10 gene cause severe non-syndromic developmental delay in males and females 

      Popp, Bernt; Støve, Svein Isungset; Endele, Sabine; Myklebust, Line Merethe; Hoyer, Juliane; Sticht, Heinrich; Azzarello-Burri, Silvia; Rauch, Anita; Arnesen, Thomas; Reis, André (Nature Publishing Group, 2015)
      Recent studies revealed the power of whole-exome sequencing to identify mutations in sporadic cases with non-syndromic intellectual disability. We now identified de novo missense variants in NAA10 in two unrelated individuals, ...
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    • The protein N-alpha-terminal acetyltransferase hNaa10p (hArd1) is phosphorylated in HEK293 cells 

      Målen, Hiwa; Lillehaug, Johan; Arnesen, Thomas (BioMed Central, 2009-03-02)
      Background: The hNaa10p (hArd1) protein is the catalytic subunit of the human NatA Nα- terminal acetyltransferase complex. The NatA complex is associated with ribosomes and cotranslationally acetylates human proteins ...
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    • Specificity and Versatility of Substrate Binding Sites in Four Catalytic Domains of Human N-Terminal Acetyltransferases 

      Grauffel, Cédric; Abboud, Angèle; Liszczak, Glen; Marmorstein, Ronen; Arnesen, Thomas; Reuter, Nathalie (Public Library of Science, 2012-12-28)
      Nt-acetylation is among the most common protein modifications in eukaryotes. Although thought for a long time to protect proteins from degradation, the role of Nt-acetylation is still debated. It is catalyzed by enzymes ...
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    • Towards a Functional Understanding of Protein NTerminal Acetylation 

      Arnesen, Thomas (Public Library of Science, 2011-05-31)
      Protein N-terminal acetylation is a major modification of eukaryotic proteins. Its functional implications include regulation of protein–protein interactions and targeting to membranes, as demonstrated by studies of ...
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