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    • A brief history of climate – the northern seas from the Last Glacial Maximum to global warming 

      Eldevik, Tor; Risebrobakken, Bjørg; Bjune, Anne Elisabeth; Andersson, Carin; Birks, Harry John Betteley; Dokken, Trond Martin; Drange, Helge; Glessmer, Mirjam Sophia; Li, Camille; Nilsen, Jan Even Øie; Otterå, Odd Helge; Richter, Kristin; Skagseth, Øystein (Elsevier, 2014-12)
      The understanding of climate and climate change is fundamentally concerned with two things: a well-defined and sufficiently complete climate record to be explained, for example of observed temperature, and a relevant ...
      Journal article
    • Effect of uneven sampling along an environmental gradient on transfer-function performance 

      Telford, Richard J.; Birks, Harry John Betteley (Springer, 2011-04-27)
      We investigate the effect that uneven sampling of the environmental gradient has on transfer-function performance using simulated community data. We find that cross-validated estimates of the root mean squared error ...
      Peer reviewedJournal article
    • Effects of within-lake variability of fossil assemblages on quantitative chironomid-inferred temperature reconstruction 

      Heiri, Oliver; Birks, Harry John Betteley; Brooks, Stephen J.; Velle, Gaute; Willassen, Endre (Elsevier, 2003)
      We studied the effects of within-lake variation of subfossil chironomid assemblages on chironomid-inferred temperatures in five lakes in southern Norway. In each lake six replicate surface-sediment samples in the deepest ...
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    • The intercept is a poor estimate of a calibrated radiocarbon age 

      Telford, Richard J.; Heegaard, Einar; Birks, Harry John Betteley (Arnold Publishers, 2004)
      Intercept-based methods of generating a point estimate of a calibrated radiocarbon date are very popular, but exhibit undesirable behaviour. They are highly sensitive to the mean of the radiocarbon date and to adjustments ...
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